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  1. You and me both! Loving that finish so I'm really bummed at this...
  2. 1. City, State - St. Paul, MN 2. Handicap - 10 3. Have you tried other training aids before? - Yes 4. What do you look for in a training aid and why would you like to try this product? - Something that takes minimal setup is a plus. I've been been fascinated by the force/motion associated with good golf swings and I'm interested to see if the lagshot helps apply proper forces more naturally. 5. Are you willing to watch (and follow) the training videos? - Yes 6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? - Yes!
  3. Very similar to what @me05501 said, I highly suggest shorter range sessions with hitting fewer balls and slowing things down (at least finding a rhythm) with more focus and intention. Everyone will be different, but this should allow you to practice consistently w/ less wear and tear and in my experience has been better for me personally in making swing changes stick. For the range session itself, in nearly all cases, I like to start with shorter swings w/ a short iron or pw/gw - typically no further than lead arm parallel. I'm usually hitting those at about (in my mind) 50-60% effort so I can build a rhythm and good contact with that, then I'll slowly ramp it up. If working on drills, many say it's important to alternate between reps of those and some "normal" swings to attempt to apply the feel. I don't think there are exact numbers for this, but think 4-5 balls w/ the drill and then 5 normal swings
  4. Looks to be the stock shaft for the Japan release of the MP 223 https://www.mizunoshop.net/f/pn-5KJXS31606?disp=prodtransflg2
  5. Agreed - good to see the Sub 70s! I may give their wedges a go and would love to see more lefty iron options - which sounds like it may be the case in 2022
  6. I've been using 47, 52, 56, 60 for the longest time and could return to that. This past season I've gone with 47, 53, 58. I've changed my grip and am (still) working to overhaul my swing, so this setup has been great for working on partial wedges and better distance control
  7. This will depend on your location, but for a single wedge this should be cheap. The shop I've used will bend for $4/club
  8. These aren't golf-specific, but they're my favorite pair of longer shorts by far. Pokhara Short from Sherpa Adventure Gear - 12" inseam. I've never tried anything quite like them. They are lightweight with a little bit of stretch, but don't feel overly technical. They're a bit more fitted than other shorts I've tried. https://www.sherpaadventuregear.com/collections/mens-shorts/products/pokhara-short-mens You can find them for cheaper on other sites like here <-- just a heads up at this link, the color options look to be mismarked. I have the kharani color which is the grey, not blue
  9. Long-shot, but wondering if anyone is willing to part ways with the 6 and 5i from the SEL set. Open to full clubs or heads only. Preferably in good or better condition, but open to all.
  10. After a lefty Titleist 906f4 13.5* X or S-flex - open to any shaft at this point or head only
  11. Under Armour HOVR Forge RC Spikeless golf shoes Black/Photon Blue/White Men's Size 11 Worn for 2, 9-hole rounds riding and 1, 18-hole walking (put on for the rounds and taken off right after) I love these shoes, but opting for a half size larger. Light use and in excellent shape, not overly broken in, very clean. Some marking and scuffing you'd expect from the amount they've been used. Message with any questions or if you need more photos. Asking $75 shipped OBO CONUS
  12. I have the 2000 Anser 2x as well and it is also my baby! I just cannot give that thing up and it has been my go-to for a long time. However... I've discovered that I'm more consistent rolling a mallet, at least at the moment, so it is out of the bag for the time being
  13. Titleist TS2 8.5* with Evenflow T1100 75g 6.5 X Extremely clean, only blemish I can find is very small "chip"/imperfection on the top line that has been there since I got this. Visible up close, but does not take away from the look at address. See photos. The head has been hot melted to a weight of 200g by the original owner. There is a small amount of hot melt sitting in the neck where you connect the shaft adapter. It has not given me any problems, but want to make sure this is known in case it bothers anyone. Shaft measures ~43.5" from tip to grip end to play at ~44.5". Grip is a brand new Lamkin Crossline 58R std with 1 extra wrap (Film plastic protector still on the back weight that I just never removed, if you are wondering from the photos) SOLD
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