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  1. Love this. I have the heel-shafted Baby Ben that I put back in the bag last season.
  2. I wouldn't say you're an outlier! My sense from reading this thread and having worked through the concepts tells me plenty of people are benefiting from the back swing pieces. I think it comes down to what your backswing has looked like prior to applying Monte's concepts For the longest time, I convinced myself that I didn't need to spend much time working on my backswing. I had committed to what felt natural and then focused on impact from there. My mind has completely changed on this... I recorded my swing DTL last year for the first time in a long time and it was extremely telli
  3. @hometeamdawg thank you for the alert on the Wosports deal! I've been using a GPS watch (S20) since last season and it has been perfect for what I need. However, I've wanted a rangefinder at least for certain situations and this was a great option.
  4. Long-shot, but looking for a 59* or 61* cobra trusty rusty in good to mint condition. The pre-rust copper version is what I'm after, but may be interested in the black/chrome.
  5. I hear you on the trial and error. I'm in the same spot usually going with +2 or 3 on the lower hand. Might still give one of these crossline plus a try on a wedge or something.
  6. Thanks for the response and yes that makes sense. It sounds like you've figured out that with your swing/release, a reduced-taper grip is not the way to go. Do you build up the lower hand on your standard crosslines?
  7. @jah7838 are you still using the Crossline Plus? Curious how they have held up over time and any long-term opinions. I've been playing UTx primarily but considering a switch.
  8. @RobYakes I agree with all of that on the 360 genesis cord. I picked up a few via eBay that were the TM MG2 red version. I typically like something firmer, but I've been impressed by them. Soft feel with plenty of traction. I'm holding out hope that Lamkin will bring them out in midsize though, as I feel like they are fairly skinny (unless this was just the MG2 version?)
  9. Have you used the Players Cord+ at all in the past? I'm interested in trying the TS1 midsize for comparison. I love the Players Cord+ but since they've only made them in standard, I find myself needing to add more wraps than I'd like to get to a good diameter in the upper hand. Curious how the TS1 mid would compare to this specifically
  10. I know I'm late on this, but I'm about 99% sure the grip on the P770s is a plus2 I asked GP if the Callaway version on their newest ranges was the same because I found a set of 8 pulls. They said the Callaway version was standard taper, but indicated that the Plus2 is used by TM. Too bad I had already bought the Callaway pulls before they responded
  11. playing 4 including the PW: 47, 52, 56, 60 - this has been the case for a long time I think if I played a little more aggressively on par 5s, I'd consider dropping one, but even so, I like having these options. With that being said, one of my goals/experiments for 2021 is to work on hitting a greater variety of shots with fewer clubs (which will definitely apply to the wedges).
  12. You have no idea how excited I am to read this I've made some huge strides with my swing recently and played some of my best golf ever this past season. Despite this, I still get in my head once in a while and question whether or not I would be better off committing to interlock or overlap. This isn't to say my grip can't improve, but it's fun to hear others have success w/ the 10 finger Also - same experience here getting a bit steep with wedges
  13. I'm in the long backswing boat, as well What has been most eye-opening to me are two things: how steep my backswing has been (and consequently, the downswing) and how cupped my lead wrist is (was) at the top of the backswing. Flattening out the lead wrist has been a very weird feeling to me, but I know it needs to happen so I'm really focusing on that. Two suggestions: If you haven't done so yet, record yourself from a couple of different angles. This may not be the case for everyone, but I was shocked at what I'm actually doing versus what I'm feeling.
  14. Would love to see this, as well. I picked up a few std size to try out and have been playing them w/ about 5 additional wraps. Solid grip. Still not sure they are my fave, but if I ultimately commit to a softer option they are a contender
  15. Glad you pointed this out. I agree with what @MrHateCoffee commented in that what you're seeing is people's excitement from early success (myself included). I think this happens because parts of this concept can legitimately give you instant improvement when you focus on 1 or 2 things. The reality is that bad swing habits come back so quickly and I'm speaking from experience. In one of the vids Monte did with Brendon's Be Better Golf series, he said that even he still occasionally fights the urge to pull the handle of the club toward the ball in the down swing I'm willing to bet th
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