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  1. These were not on my radar, but I was in store exchanging something and after holding one in hand, I was sold on at least trying one out I've played firmer/corded grips for a while, but I've been thinking about trying something a little easier on the hands. Especially while practicing a lot more these days
  2. This a good question and I wish I had a straight answer for you. I think it's going to be a little bit personal and you could go either way. The NTC involves fewer drills overall, but the thing is, something in later segments of the efficient swing may click well for you. Personally, I have jumped around a little too much due to my excitement/interest in the concepts, as well as slight lack of patience. My overall advice would be for whatever you dive into on the transition piece/downswing, stick with one at least for a while versus inter-mixing the two series'
  3. For many people, a single extra wrap will likely not be that noticeable and may have virtually no effect on how you hold the club/release/etc. How it feels will depend on what you use for the that extra layer in terms of its thickness, as in thin traditional masking tape, build-up specific tape or an extra layer of double-sided tape. Many pros are sensitive to any amount of change in tape wraps, though I'm sure some folks on the forums can tell the difference as well. I'm always a little conscious of the wrap number and what I prefer since I change my own grips, but if you were to
  4. +1 on this. The Genesis cord are a very different grip than UTx. I'm surprised how soft the Genesis is. I think they will appeal to the right person. I've enjoyed trying them out, but have found they are really not for me.
  5. True Temper Dynamic Gold .355 tip S300 pulls from a 'standard' length set - 7 shafts from 4-PW set, plus a Dynamic Gold Wedge Flex shaft for the GW Grips are Golf Pride Tour Velvet Plus4 Standard in excellent shape. Grip on the GW shaft is a Mizuno TV and should be replaced. Tip weights in the 4,6, and 9i shafts See photos and respond with any questions. Price - SOLD Measured lengths as follows: GW - 33.75" PW - 34 7/16" 9 - 34.75" 8 - 35 3/16" 7 - 35 5/8" 6 - 36 3/8" 5 - 36 13/16" 4 - 37 7/16"
  6. I lost some motivation to use this aid consistently, but I'm back to it and going to commit to using it at least a couple nights a week until the snow is gone here in MN. One thing I've been incorporating into some of the reps is the "step drill" sequencing drill. After I get lined up with the wall, I bring my lead foot closer to my back foot, then I use the step drill for the "backswing." I feel like this helps me feel a solid pivot/pressure shift. I don't think this is necessary to do with the device, but I don't see any harm in incorporating it? Especially if keeping the focus o
  7. I think the MCC is a good grip, but their lifespan is a letdown if you play often (even with washing them regularly). Do you play the regular Crossline or the cord version?
  8. These two are a close comparison in many ways and I'd argue that if you like one, you will like the other at least to some extent. They are almost interchangeable IMO. Crossline cords are slightly, slightly softer (still firm). They have a little less taper and are thicker overall being .58R. You can feel the cord a bit more on the surface with crosslines. Independent of the cord, they both have good texture, but Z-grip probably has a slight edge. I've played both and like both. I lean toward the Crossline because they are slightly softer and I find it easier to dial in
  9. This post alone has saved me. I've been planning to order one of the Billy Bob's weights specifically for the Super I'm sorry this happened and thank you for the warning!
  10. I've played with a KBS Tour in my 56* for quite a few years and have had no complaints. Spin/feel have been excellent. This year I'm actually going the opposite direction as you and I'm going to give DG a try across the board for wedges since I'm also switching to new irons shafts in the AMT X100. Will be curious to see how you like the 130X! I think with the higher balance point of that shaft, it could be a good transition if you're planning to play them a bit longer.
  11. I typically prefer something a little more compact, but these look fantastic. Wish I would have caught these sooner, as my money's already in on a different build for my next set
  12. I played UTx and tried a few others last season, most of which I really liked. Doing a bit of a reset this year and going crossline cord midsize on the full set
  13. Love this. I have the heel-shafted Baby Ben that I put back in the bag last season.
  14. I wouldn't say you're an outlier! My sense from reading this thread and having worked through the concepts tells me plenty of people are benefiting from the back swing pieces. I think it comes down to what your backswing has looked like prior to applying Monte's concepts For the longest time, I convinced myself that I didn't need to spend much time working on my backswing. I had committed to what felt natural and then focused on impact from there. My mind has completely changed on this... I recorded my swing DTL last year for the first time in a long time and it was extremely telli
  15. @hometeamdawg thank you for the alert on the Wosports deal! I've been using a GPS watch (S20) since last season and it has been perfect for what I need. However, I've wanted a rangefinder at least for certain situations and this was a great option.
  16. I hear you on the trial and error. I'm in the same spot usually going with +2 or 3 on the lower hand. Might still give one of these crossline plus a try on a wedge or something.
  17. Thanks for the response and yes that makes sense. It sounds like you've figured out that with your swing/release, a reduced-taper grip is not the way to go. Do you build up the lower hand on your standard crosslines?
  18. @jah7838 are you still using the Crossline Plus? Curious how they have held up over time and any long-term opinions. I've been playing UTx primarily but considering a switch.
  19. @RobYakes I agree with all of that on the 360 genesis cord. I picked up a few via eBay that were the TM MG2 red version. I typically like something firmer, but I've been impressed by them. Soft feel with plenty of traction. I'm holding out hope that Lamkin will bring them out in midsize though, as I feel like they are fairly skinny (unless this was just the MG2 version?)
  20. Have you used the Players Cord+ at all in the past? I'm interested in trying the TS1 midsize for comparison. I love the Players Cord+ but since they've only made them in standard, I find myself needing to add more wraps than I'd like to get to a good diameter in the upper hand. Curious how the TS1 mid would compare to this specifically
  21. I know I'm late on this, but I'm about 99% sure the grip on the P770s is a plus2 I asked GP if the Callaway version on their newest ranges was the same because I found a set of 8 pulls. They said the Callaway version was standard taper, but indicated that the Plus2 is used by TM. Too bad I had already bought the Callaway pulls before they responded
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