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  1. Love that Baby Bee! I have the Hogan 'Baby Ben' version and put it back in the bag this past season. Great stuff, GLWS and the surgery!
  2. I just got the set in from Golfworks. I just went for it as they are "13 for the price of 9" at the moment. I can already tell they will be solid. I'll have to mess with tape layers a bit to get the right size, as I normally play midsize or standard w/ a good # of wraps
  3. Hi guys. I've read through the whole thread and appreciate some good info on these shafts. I'm wondering if someone can give a sense of comparison between the original NV green and the 15th anniversary NV green. Looking at the spec sheet, it looks like the 15th anny comes out to be slightly lower in torque w/ a bit higher kick pt. I have an original NV 85X in a driver playing about 1 or 1.5" shorter than stock length. It has been a favorite club and 'old reliable' for me. I'm looking at trying the 15th anny in another head and think it could be great, but I'm a little worried that
  4. I'm sad that snow is here in MN, because I was just getting started with this concept and seeing some awesome improvement. It's actually been so good that I've needed to keep reminding myself to be patient. I'm too eager to have the changes be permanent, while we all know it takes time. To help with this, I've been trying to spend a lot of time with a 7 or 8-iron hitting it about 60%. I forget which video it was featured in, but I think this was Monte's suggestion when working through any swing change.
  5. Thanks for the feedback and good to know on the UTx/Crossline comparison. Looking forward to trying them out.
  6. I'm curious about this shaft as well. Interested in it as an option for another hybrid
  7. Thanks! Glad to hear they're working out for you. I've been reading that they have less taper, which I prefer and that way I don't feel like I have to be as precise adding progressive tape to the lower hand.
  8. Did you ever end up giving these a try? Really curious about them vs. offerings from GP and Lamkin
  9. I can definitely see (and feel) getting tense with that move. A little more repetition should help alleviate this and make things a bit more fluid. I don't want to overcomplicate things for you (so feel free to ignore this as you work on 1 piece at a time), but one part of the lesson that seems to help me in getting from cast A to the impact is feeling that lead knee flex/back knee lose a little flex, which is discussed in "backswing B" and the transition. With this in mind during the drills, I feel like it's a little more fluid/natural to then turn through to that good impact pos
  10. If you're talking about feeling like you're working too hard during the drill for cast A (which I think is what you mean), I think this is normal. I haven't spent a ton of time on it yet, but have tried it and can see where you're coming from. A couple of reasons why: Simply doing a drill that involves moving off of a static position (as you noted) takes extra focus in itself The fact that you're attempting to train your hands to do something new (or at least "different" than what you might be used to) while letting your body react takes a toll physically, as well as on your brain
  11. Would you say the Crossline Cord midsize has any less taper than that of some of gold pride offerings?
  12. Fellow MN WRXer here! I'm over in east St. Paul Enjoy giving the OO mini a go before we dip back into the cold
  13. I'm liking them a lot and at the moment, I'm torn on whether or not to pick up a stash for the full set. In terms of firmness, if you were to put Z-grip cord at level 5 (firmest) and Tour Velvet BCT at level 1, I would put these at about a 2.5. The rubber compound has some give to it that the Z-grip cord does not have. Though softer than ZCord, I do think the V55 would be pretty rough on the hands if you play more than a couple times/week, but this would be more due to the aggressive cord and texture. Hope this helps! I know ultimately you'll have to get your hands on
  14. I've tinkered a lot with driver setup this year... will spare all the details, but one fun experiment has stood out to me and stayed in the bag the most. I picked up an 8.5* 905R w/ an NV 85 X and cut it about an inch to 43.5" - total weight comes in around 355g or closer to 360 w/ a little lead tape. This setup has (by far) given me the most consistent center-face strikes, tightest dispersion and consistent distance (mainly due to the center face strikes). Distance-wise, I am leaving some on the table, but not an outrageous amount. I'll take that if I'm finding the center of the
  15. I'm curious about this as well. All I've been doing is soap/water, something to clean out the grooves, and a little toothpaste for a light abrasive to use on deeper scuffs/scratches (though you have to be a little careful using too much paste/pressure with crowns of woods). Lastly, just making sure everything is nice and dry. This is probably overkill, but I've now been storing the 2 bags I have with the rain covers on/sealed. I had an issue with mice one winter and somehow one of them fell into one of the bags.
  16. Great question. It ends up being about perfect for what I like in terms of firmness. The rubber compound has some give to it and the reduced taper helps too. 5 is probably the max # of wraps I would add for this grip though. Could possibly go 1 or 2 more. Some other grips, especially full cord ones, get to be a bit too firm for me w/ this many wraps. I get that balancing demand/production costs keep brands from offering certain grip models in midsize, but I wish it was a default
  17. I'm with you on having a midsize option for the non-cord version As far as that new Plus2 version, a couple weeks ago I put one on my driving iron w/ +5 wraps and have been really happy with it. I'm a fan of the cord version, but I've been steering myself towards something a little softer to save the hands/joints. The Z Plus2 might go on the full set for me next season.
  18. @DaltonSTL I was thinking of this today and wanted to update given that I’ve been able to get a pretty good feel for the V55 cord now. My short take is that the V55 cord falls somewhere between the Z-grip cord and the Tour Velvet BCT in terms of both texture and firmness. Some details: The surface pattern has fairly deep cuts, they are deeper than the TV BCT and standard TV. It reminds a bit of some of the patterning used for the Golf Pride VDR (V55 texture may have inspired the VDR). Firmness-wise, they are softer than Z cord, but slightly firm
  19. In short, yes - LH taylormade clubheads will accept RH taylormade adapters and vice versa. The main thing is that the markings will play to the opposite when you make adjustments. The lie/loft at the 'Std Loft' position will be the same, but say if you want your Left handed club (w/ RH adapter) to play 2* lower and open, you would set it to 2* HIGHER I have a couple RH adapter shafts I play in my lefty TM 5 wood and OO mini
  20. This^ was a huge reason why I held out on a driving iron for so long. The 2018 X Forged UT was what I've been waiting for. Picked one up slightly used this year and I love it.
  21. I think it could create a larger gap for some than others. I find that since I hit the 22* hybrid pretty high, there is less of a gap between it and my 5 iron than I would have thought. I can get a bit more out of the 5 by keeping the trajectory down. I could probably go without the 4-iron and am considering it, but right now it still gets quite a bit of use. Lately I've been going from 18* DI straight to the longest club in the bag (which I've been messing with this whole season between mini driver, driver and strong 3 wood) I've seen some others go with a bit more loft when drop
  22. This is a super interesting post to me because I find myself in this exact dilemma! My driving iron and long irons are easily my best clubs from the tee. I had a 16* low launching hybrid in the bag a few years ago that was money when I could catch it right, but I just never got comfortable with it. Right now, I'm bagging exactly what you listed: a 22* hybrid AND an 18* driving iron. This seems weird to me "on paper," but nearly every time I hit the course w/o the 22* hybrid, I regret it. It's just a lot easier to trust that club for long shots from the rough and other bad lies, eve
  23. Love this thread! Playing a set of MP-57s that I picked up second hand maybe 7 or 8 years ago. I haven't been able to justify a new set since I played sparingly for a stretch of time. Just obtained some MP-32s thanks to a fellow WRXer and can't wait to work those into the bag next season.
  24. Crazy reading this, as I've actually been hesitant to move on from the backswing piece. I've had one of my best seasons ever scoring-wise, but feel like my ball-striking has not been as solid as it has been in the past. I'm truly shocked by what the backswing part alone has done to help me (re)dial in some consistency.
  25. I don't think it's a re-post! I was searching to see if anyone else had tried these out so I'm glad to see your post. I was ordering a couple V55 cord to try out and came across the Z plus2. I was intrigued as I'm a fan of the Zgrip cord and typically add some wraps to the lower hand. This is an early impression from me as I've only hit about a dozen shots with it, but right off the bat I'm a fan. Great traction, more forgiving than the cord version, and I really dig the reduced taper w/o feeling too mushy in the low hand. I normally play midsize so I did have to build
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