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  1. Ping TiSi Tec 12* strong 3 wood - asking SOLD LS3 hosel code: which is left-handed, std lie, square Playing length is ~43.5" (maybe slightly shorter) Shaft: Ping TFC 169F Tour Stiff GP Tour Wrap Jumbo grip (I may have a midsize or std to replace with at asking price) Excellent shape. Very clean overall, especially the crown. Face has the most wear. This is a tough one to part with, but it has not seen the light of day for quite a while. With that, I'm hoping someone get some use out of it! The current shaft was installed by Ping after it was sent to
  2. Feet together is a solid one. I had never tried the 9-3 drill until this season - using that now and maybe more of an "8-4" to start out. Some form of that has been awesome and I think it's one of the best ways to start a range session. My release has always been on the flippy side, which I have made work with good timing, but it no doubt leads to some inconsistency. I really want to get away from this and recently discovered that alignment stick or coming off the butt of the club drill - going to try and put some time in with this one, but would love to hear of other
  3. Thanks for the photos! Address position/profile looks nearly identical to the 2018 UT (a great thing IMO). Doesn't look as good from the back, but being able to tweak SW w/o lead tape is a plus I'm late to the X UT party. I've held out until this year buying a driving iron and have always used a cavity back 2, 3, or 4-iron for tight fairways. Just put the 2018 version in play this season and absolutely love it
  4. I really dig this advice and find it has worked well for me. There is definitely value in filling gaps, but it isn't everything.
  5. If you are looking for 'tack' specifically, I think UTx is a great option. Overall, I don't know that I would call UTx soft, at least overall - it is definitely on the firm side which I like (updating this as I agree with someone's comment on torque further down). The outer-layer does have a unique feel to it - tack/traction/slightly soft with the benefits of cord. A couple others I'd throw out there that I've been trying lately: Lamkin Taylormade Genesis Crossline Cord (the grip that comes std on MG2 wedges) - If someone were to ask me about the "softest" cord grip available,
  6. Appreciate the replies. I've borrowed a friend's Garmin Approach S20 and it has been great. I'm liking how simple it is and the ability to just turn the wrist and get a number. Accuracy has been good and coming from using only yardage markers since I started playing golf, it has helped me focus in more on each shot. It's a strong contender, but I'd love something universal that I can use for trail runs/hikes.
  7. I have the exact same question. Have been looking at universal options and haven't found much feedback. Good to know on the Vivo 4!
  8. Thanks for kicking this off. Had heard of all except for Haywood, great looking stuff! I reached out to both Hogan and Sub 70 earlier this season asking if they had any plans to release other lefty iron options, especially closer to the players category. Hogan said not likely for a long time and Sub 70 said they were planning to soon (though I took that with a grain of salt). Would love to try something from any of these brands, but prefer lower profile/less offset.
  9. I would say that the type of pain you describe more often comes more from hitting a lot of balls, whether from more frequent rounds or range sessions w/o enough rest. But if you are playing no more than usual, the grip size could have an effect on that. It's hard to know without some more detail, but the grip change could have slightly altered your release or how you 'hold on' through impact, which I could see putting some more stress on your tendons. That's a tricky one, especially if the larger grips have been working. My advice would be to give yourself a little more rest betwee
  10. ^Appreciate the feedback. Glad to hear it's helping! I've had some success going w/ a normal jumbo/oversize on the driver. From that experience, I can completely see the value in added consistency and minimizing the big misses by going Jumbomax. This is dumb (since I can just pull the grip off if I have issues...), but I have this slight 'fear' of going Jumbomax with the driver only. I guess I don't want to mess with my overall grip too much as my fairway, irons/wedges have been great with midsize, sometimes an extra wrap or two. I'm sure it's completely doable and mig
  11. Do you only have the Jumbomax on your driver? Or the full set? I'm interested in trying it out on driver, as well. Not so sure about the rest of the bag. Curious if anyone plays it on driver only without issue
  12. Another vote for paying more attention to shaft weight and leaning towards heavier to start with, at your speed. Dialing that in should help you w/ consistent contact and if you ended up with something a little softer or stiffer than your stats call for, you shouldn't face drastic limitations in terms of distance/accuracy. Speaking from past experience having played with a hand-me-down, then pre-owned iron set while drastically improving my swing timing and ball-striking.
  13. Yes! Late this season I've been playing the 75g 6.5 in an M5 5 wood head, set to 17.5. Picked this up on a whim - threw a bid at the combo on eBay as I had been after a 5 wood head to try out. The shaft was a bonus. I was a little unsure about the combo for a few reasons, but honestly, I'm digging it now that I've dialed it in. I'm no expert and haven't had it on a launch monitor, just basing this off of feel. It's profile is listed as "stiff throughout" and that's what I picked up on immediately, even just handling the club and building up to a full-swing. Makes it seem like it
  14. Debating picking up a couple to try out. If I do, I'll report back
  15. Did you ever give the V55 a try? I've been curious about this exact same comparison.
  16. For quite a while, I've gone with the same midsize grip model/amount of build-up, at least on the irons through wedges. But this season I have been a grip ho... trying a handful of new models, varied the amount of build-up high and low, different core sizes... it has to stop ? I think I'm finally on the last grip model I've wanted to try (words of a true equipment ho). Planning to go consistent size/model/tape with all after this recent testing phase.
  17. I don't think you're crazy (or maybe I'm also crazy?) I've tinkered with a few new grips this year and have been able to hit the ball well with nearly all of them. The TV 360 in particular has been weird for me - especially with the longer clubs. I've tried to convince myself this is all mental/feel, but based on the experience, I wouldn't rule out the possibility that it could actually have an effect on delivering the club for someone.
  18. Love the thread! I have a Great Big Bertha Ti 4 wood with the Warbird sole ('96 or '97 I think?) that I inherited a while ago and I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. I mess with the top clubs in the bag more than anything and every time I bring this thing back out, I start to think of how much money I could have saved if I just let it be. It has the original firm flex UL graphite shaft that has worked well. Like another post above, it forces me to smooth out the swing a bit - probably a good thing anyway
  19. Nice! Did you add any head weight after with cutting the shaft down? Going to give it a go at stock length, but definitely would consider cutting mine down too. Still waiting on the 17* to show up that I ordered direct from Callaway around June 5th
  20. Long-shot, but does anyone play the Genesis cord w/ a few extra wraps? Really want to try these out, but I normally play midsize, occasionally w/ an extra wrap. Since they're .58R I don't think I'd need to add a crazy amount of tape to get them to a good size
  21. (not sure if this falls in popular/unpopular... maybe both?) Don't ditch the lob wedge. The 60 degree saves me the most strokes of any club, including full to near-full swing approaches and around the greens with awkward lies
  22. Thanks for the reply! Looking forward to hearing how the SM work out for you on the full set.
  23. @aaronpoling thanks for the heads up on the re-stock! Out of curiosity, what is your glove size? I realize it's going to come down more to preference/feel, but just wondering as I'm considering SM and MD in the ultralite
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