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  1. @aaronpoling thanks for the heads up on the re-stock! Out of curiosity, what is your glove size? I realize it's going to come down more to preference/feel, but just wondering as I'm considering SM and MD in the ultralite
  2. I've tinkered with 'traditional' oversize/jumbos on the driver and have liked the results. I've been wanting to try out the JMX ultralite medium, but man... I really picked a bad time to make the jump with Bryson-mania and now the drop of that TXG video Large is in stock, but I really think Medium is going to be the limit so I've been waiting on that size
  3. ^I'm in a similar boat. It's rare for me to get through a full round with consistent control playing a "standard" length/head-size driver. I'll usually catch 1-2 great ones, but long-iron off the tee just gives me much more confidence/control and usually enough length for the courses I play. About 2 weeks in with the 11.5 Mini head playing about 43.5" and it has been fun. If I had a little more patience and put some work hitting driver, I might find a better setup in a full-size head with a shorter shaft. But so far, I have noticeably better control with this Mini setup, which has had a dire
  4. In short - these forums have been incredibly helpful as my time playing golf ebbs and flows and I seek feedback for club-fitting and tinkering w/ equipment old and new. So... THANK YOU to many out there who take the time to post reviews, answer questions and provide feedback. It is appreciated more than you know. For those who are interested: I've loved the game since the early/mid-90s when I had the chance to watch multiple years in-person at the NEC World Series of Golf tourney, more recently known as the Bridgestone Invitational (Firestone CC in Akron). My father worked at Akron General M
  5. I'm here as I was searching for some feedback on Rife putters in general. Just won an eBay auction for a Vault 002 Iconic One black. I've tinkered a little with the putter over the years, but I keep going back to my ss Anser 2x from 2000. I decided it was time to try another blade in the same shape. I've had my eyes on a Bettinardi or Scotty, but the Iconic One was a great deal
  6. I was excited to see some revived discussion on the One Mini. I have a barely-used GD YS-7 wood shaft laying around that fits me really well. It came from a strong 3 wood I used to game. The old hosel on that head had to be re-set by Ping and they opted to install one of their own shafts. Anyway, for years I’ve been contemplating finding the ‘perfect’ fairway head for that shaft to put in the bag as a reliable tee club. I’ve always had relative consistency with every club in my bag except for the driver, so I have constantly tinkered with that set up. I have an 11.5 One Mini head on the way,
  7. [quote name='pga43' timestamp='1351960255' post='5886455'] [quote name='leftymatt' timestamp='1351958353' post='5886359'] Sorry for the awful images. But couldn't mistake this club during live footage. Maybe this is old news? [attachment=1406899:photo 1.JPG][attachment=1406901:photo 2.JPG] [/quote] Phil had that Titleist club in the bag since the Deutshe Bank (FedEx Cup) tournament so really is old news. Like the Callaway people said, Phil has a very flexible contract which allows him to use whatever equipment that will help him win. [/quote] Thought that might be so. Thanks for
  8. Sorry for the awful images. But couldn't mistake this club during live footage. Maybe this is old news?
  9. [quote name='nacho' timestamp='1349536510' post='5758591'] Where are you in mn I'm in little falls [/quote] Nice just moved from Minneapolis to Woodbury
  10. [quote name='tomc262' timestamp='1349489026' post='5757083'] [quote name='llamont' timestamp='1349477629' post='5756397'] I'm digging the crated vinyl collection... Nice clubs too. [/quote] +1 on the vinyl! [/quote] [quote name='freddyottawa' timestamp='1349524522' post='5758093'] +2 on the vinyl, mine is stored the exact same way! Loving the irons, I think they look awesome without the paintfill, I would be tempted to leave them as is. That Anser looks sweet as well. Great setup. [/quote] Awesome to get some cheers for the vinyl! The collection isn't huge but I enjoy it.
  11. I've enjoyed checking out everyones' bags so I thought it was about time to contribute. Recent college grad, just got back into the game after about a 5 year absence. Not too serious about my game, but it's helped me enjoy playing a lot more. Here's the set I've put together over the past 8 years or so. Recent pickups include the MP-57s, Adams 16* and the TiSI Tec 12* fairway. Driver: Titleist 905s 10.5* Aldila NV-S 1H: Adams Idea Pro a12 16* Aldila RIP Proto S 4H: Rescue Dual 22* stock S Irons: Mizuno MP-57 4-PW DG S300 Wedges: Cleveland CG10 Satin 52*, TM RAC Chrome 56*, Cleveland 588
  12. Diggin' the lime 57s! Just removed the paintfill from mine and debating if I want to add a new color
  13. Very nice! I'm diggin the rac blacks too. I'm still playing a rac chrome 56
  14. Very nice set up. Good to see the D2 workin well--what had you been hitting before it?
  15. beautiful still a big fan of s-58/s-59 look though
  16. i'd like to hit the d2 and 905r side by side get fit into one of those... and i'm good
  17. i agree. i just made a post on domestic and import. incredible carry on this ball i could not believe it. it just goes and goes! not a bad feel too -- and it shouldn't hurt the wallet too much. i think this definately plays similar to or better than the nxt
  18. leftymatt

    nike JUICE

    A friend of mine gave me one the other day so I decided to play it. Boy was it LONG. The carry was incredible and it had decent check on the greens as well. This beats the hell out of the MOJO in my book. And they're a good value as well.
  19. anyone know how much the new nxt tour will sell for? the old version is a good ball--it's a good way to go if you aren't willing to pay for prov's.
  20. a pretty nice ball i would compare it to the callaway hx hot it's long and the feel/spin aren't bad either--a good ball for the money pinnacle exception, hogan hawk also good budget balls
  21. Wow sometimes you can't listen to the salesmen The ones at my local shop don't know as much as one would think. Sometimes I even want to step in and tell the customers what to try as they are being helped.
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