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  1. putter or rescue so easy to hit, so forgiving
  2. 905s best i've ever owned
  3. beautiful club i love the look of the 906f2, but i think this would perform even better for some titleist needs to sell
  4. 56 and driver were bought preowned irons, 4 wood, and 60 are hand-me-downs 52 was a free gift from embassy suites hybrid and putter were the only things I bought new full price
  5. nothin better than the loud sound of your driver--it just makes hitting that long ball ten times better
  6. it's the only taylormade i've actually considered in a while great looking and i hear nothing but good things
  7. i'd say always use a tee---even if you have to jam it in the ground for short irons on down you might as well have the perfect lie if you are allowed
  8. i use a 4 wood and it fits in nicely--and i still hit it a long way it's also nice to have all the wedges i do for many distances
  9. zero friction u can play round after round and not break one i've actually hit much better drives with these tees
  10. hopefully they release this d4
  11. I like the look of the D2 MUCH more than the D1. The D1 is just a little too different compared with the classic titleist look.
  12. i think i'm gonna regrip with some of those multi compounds nice set and i love the look of those wedges
  13. pretty cool concept...but i'm not likin the sasquatch look... is there gonna be a version that's shorter from front to back (like the difference between the k and e, t and s)?????
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