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  1. I wouldn't say a hacker cannot hit a titleist. Actually, I think the problem is that people cannot hit the titleist because they are being told that they can't hit it. If it looks the best to them, the titleist should work just as well as any other driver out there, with the right shaft/loft.
  2. leftymatt

    2nd Swing

    This is a shame. I've got great trade in value at the second swing near me.
  3. I really don't think it matters. As long as you are hitting something you like/hitting it well.
  4. Sometimes I toy around with an old titleist 2-iron that I have. It really goes if i'm swinging well. But that's why I like the hybrid, it's so forgiving.
  5. i actually picked up the 905s not too long ago not exactly the newest club, but it's long and looks beautiful if somethin works for you, stick with it also--with the limit on the COR level, you can't really go wrong--as long as you find the correct launch, feel, looks--even if it is a few years old
  6. never hurts to try some stuff out find something that looks good and performs well for you---there are so many good hybrids out there
  7. tiger actually plays the t-60 (not sq)
  8. I'd like to hit this. I play the dual right now, but the looks of this are great. By the way how's the launch/ballflight/trajectory compared to the other hybrids you listed?
  9. great driver, and a nice boring trajectory I was worried that I might need the 905t for higher launch, but i've been hitting the longest drives of my life with this club! also a very good looking club with the true pear profile highly recommended club give it a shot when demoing other drivers
  10. i like the look of the face hopefully i'll get to hit this one in the near future?
  11. Have you hit the 905s? I am guessing my SS is a tad under yours, but this is a great medium launch driver. I love the trajectory.
  12. I am just itchin to hit this fairway. I was close to at a demo day at one of the local places I play at. But they had no lefty fairways! I wasn't surprised, but still. I've been lookin around and i'm not replacing my trusty gbb, until I hit something amazing.
  13. that putter is ill i have an old anser which i like but i think that would be a nice upgrade
  14. very nice set up especially the driver that green is done nicely as well
  15. leftymatt

    yes! sophia

    anyone use it?i've been looking into one of these anyone use it and how do u like it?
  16. just got the 905s actually--and absolutely love it
  17. I think you might wanna look at a regular shaft or tip soft, somethin like that will add launch for u.
  18. most places i can't drive because it's 18 (i'm 16) --but i really like just walking, sometimes i walk when others ride--it can only benefit u in the long run
  19. Here are some pics of this tourstage ball i got from massy's caddie. I know, quality isn't that great. But has anyone ever seen this ball? It has xx-01 on one side, a red sight line on the other, and his name massy on another.
  20. Same here. I used to worry about the distance, but just watching my ball flight has made a huge difference.
  21. leftymatt


    big difference?I know this has probably been brought up already. Anyone play the e5/e6 and see a big difference in how each one plays?
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