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  1. The Hogan Hawk is a great ball; actually it's what i've been playing these days. It spins/feels just as good as the prov1, and is long. Plus at 24.99 a doz, you can't beat it.
  2. thought about this today: Normally I play a nicer ball and it's worth it for the feel/spin/etc. But anyone else hit their longest ever with a top flite?
  3. what about the mickelson style? will they be selling that?
  4. I love how you can get your real time equipment and sponsors. Loads of fun in this game. I shoot like mid to high 40's. But I wish I had one of those 360's the graphics are incredible. O well my gamecube will do and it's not worth the 400 or so for the 360.
  5. Would they let me get my swing speed measured at austads or somethin like that? I don't want to pay or anything. Where does everybody get measured?
  6. 4 iron usually for all conditions---possibly 5, but that'd be pushin it a little
  7. 905s = awesome club just copped one recently and i'm driving the ball better than ever
  8. Now that you point it out, I have noticed the ZF to be more durable. Thanks to all.
  9. I've played and had success with both tees. Just wondering if anyone thinks one is truly better. Thoughts and comments appreciated.
  10. B330 or B330s = good golf balls I think both of these are good for every aspect of the game. And it's nice to have two choices--I like the spin/feel of the "s" a little more.
  11. I think it'd be smart to go for the 4i if you are replacing your 3 iron.
  12. I think that would be a good switch. I play a 4 wood/hybrid and this gives me the extra room for another wedge. Depending one your game of course, I think it'd be a fine move.
  13. Nice set lovin the wedges you should try the rescue dual
  14. leftymatt


    I doubt that those sparks will damage the club. But I got a couple huge marks on my 454, when I was launching balls at the lake. Fun, but not worth it. I hit a couple small rocks in the ground and made some permanent black marks on the bottom of club. Thank god I got it cheap and used.
  15. I'd say that you couldn't make the assumption that he hates the new sq. He probably just wasn't used to the look and everything, and probably wanted to stick with the usual to perform at his best. You never know. Over time he may love it.
  16. Those are nice. Definately want one. Thanks for the pics.
  17. I have cg10 satin 52, RAC chrome 56, and 588 60
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