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  1. Nice post! I look for students that are open and ready to learn. I look for students that don’t tell me what they do “wrong” or what some other pro has told or taught them. I look for students that are willing to put time in on what we learn and I do mean “We”. I learn as much from my students as they do from me. I look for students that are not so hard on themselves about learning. It’s something new and it’s going to take time and effort. I look for feedback. I want honesty and dialogue. I will say things three different ways. If one doesn’t click, you have to tell me you don’t get it. Th
  2. I have been teaching for many years and can’t bring myself to sell a package of lessons. How do I know how many lessons it’s going to get you where you want to be? I could sell you six lessons and you get it and do the work in two. Now I have to find something to talk to you about for four more lessons or just watch you hit balls...that is a waste of time for both of us. If you are a beginning golfer, that is a different story. In my opinion, the swing has not been taught the way it should be for many years. Hence the problem finding a teacher that can make it possible for the average player t
  3. Still play my SB-1’s and get more compliments on them then any other iron I have played.
  4. Just played ASU Karsten for the first time. Very impressed.
  5. Schill!!! Schill alert!!!?? ??? J.B. Just picked one up and I have never been this happy with a driver. Haven’t paid much attention to TE over the years. This feels as good and gives me better numbers than anything I have tried. Solid and very easy to swing. Give it a try.
  6. Lived in Sydney for 3 years. If I can be of any help, pm me. Great courses and pretty easy to find places to play.
  7. Just put my MP 14's back in the bag with the 3 iron. Hit them just as far and a great deal more accurate. Besides, they're too darn pretty not to play...
  8. Look up Chilicothe, Missouri. They have a stay and play package that is a really good deal. It's closer than KC and the town is a nice sleepy little golf town. All the hotels participate in the stay and play. not a bad track either. You'd think someone would have some insight... :(
  9. Been in the industry for many years. Spent the last 10 as a teaching pro only. Lots of hours, lots of people. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
  10. Dark blue Jones stand bag (minus the legs) in pretty much pristine shape for $6.99. This is the larger carry model. Now to find the legs...
  11. Didn't take the time to read the whole thread. If I missed this I apologize... alignment sticks really kind of drive me nuts. Not so much the sticks, just the misuse of them. Probably my own peeve.
  12. Worked at Olympic Hills for a few years and the membership there is great. You would have plenty of folks around your age and they are good people. Golden Valley has a good solid memebership too. Nothing wrong with the others, but the members are a little more mature (like myself) and it may be a little tougher to "break in". There are no other facilities (pool, tennis) at OH, just a 1st class course.
  13. Over the years I've used mesh tape in the above decribed method and had no problems. About 5 years ago I started using ashtray sand (fine vs coarse) and found it to be much easier to work with. Less of a mess. You can mix it right in the epoxy and it's cheaper than shafting beads. Give the shaft a twirl once it's in to distribute it evenly. Epoxy still bonds solid.
  14. This is not the case. It all goes through the same area on somewhat similiar lines. International travel can be different routing. Behind the scenes there is very little difference in handling on any checked baggage other than live animals and human remains. Golf bags travel a different route for oversized baggage. Bigger belts to handle travel cases.
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