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  1. I went from Titleist 620mb to srixon zx7. No difference at all. A bad shot with either is a bad shot. I like the srixons more because at least when I have a bad day I can't say "I wonder what would have happened if I weren't playing blades." But my scores haven't improved. I don't think the clubs make any difference, but the confidence factor is real For reference I got to a +2 with blades, but was playing every day. I'm now a 1-2 playing once a week with zx7. Play what you like. I throw my Nike original ones in from time to time and see no drop in scores
  2. This drives me nuts. If you're a Titleist fan why aren't you playing their stuff?
  3. Bunch of Items for sale 1. Titleist TSI3 Driver 9* - Kuro Kage 50g Stiff with Tour Velvet Midsize - $420 OBO 2. Titleist TS2 3 Wood 15* - Kuro Kage 55g Stiff with NDMC Midsize - $170 OBO 3. Titleist 818 Hybrid 19* - PX 6.0 with NDMC Midzize - $100 OBO 4. Titleist 620 MB Irons - 5-PW - KBS C-Taper Lite X Stiff (Soft Stepped) - $700 OBO (These are 1* strong, and I installed heads myself with metal ferrules, so not sure what swingweight is). 5. Srixon z785 Irons - 5-PW with zu65 4 Iron - Black Onyx KBS FLT Reg+ shafts - $500 OBO 6. TM Gapr Combo Set - Will come with PX Evenflow 6.0 and a Gapr 4 hi head and Gapr 3 mid head - $150 OBO Will ship USPS Priority and hopefully same day. Feel free to ask any questions, but the TSI is in great shape, Always covered all of my woods. TS2 has seen more play but is good. Both Iron Sets are pretty clean, with a few dings that I tried to capture on the 785
  4. I'm only 2 rounds in but both stability and traction are better in mg4+ than roshe. Might be a bit heavier tho. I never really had big traction issues with roshe but always felt like I might roll an ankle
  5. i mean thats obviously a terrible photoshop job. colorway might be real but in what world would nike release a colorway with a completely different soleplate?
  6. Man you should return them and then get the fakes on dh gate. Hit the seller with negative rep too. He will continue to hit people with fakes who don't know the difference, and doing that can help those people out. I wear a pair of fake xi that a friend got on dh gate and didn't fit. Love them. They finally have a tiny rip in them after 2 years and probably 20 wears. Pretty good for 38$.
  7. I have 2 of the ones from last year (Nike Sport Golf Shoe Tote). They are nice enough. not sure they are any better than any generic amazon bag or string bag but they work for me.
  8. Nike React Ace Tour Women's Golf Shoe I'll definitely try to get a pair in women's 12 when there release
  9. This might have been answered already, but in theory we are supposed to do swing speed training 3x a week right? Does anyone know if we can do more? for reference I probably play 4-5x a week, so i could in theory train every 5x a week. I am also lifting weights again after a 13 month hiatus due to covid. For reference my i am a ~0 cap, swing speed right at 100 with carry right at 240. I did my first session (after a brutal workout) and swing speed before was around 98, and after was around 100. These were real swings on the range, needing to hit a target. so I wasnt just smashing.
  10. i used to wear an older verision of huaraches (i played lacrosse) and they were perfectly fine. not sure about waterproofing so i only wore them on dry summer days. no issues with slipping or stability
  11. yeah i have both. i dont sweat much so not a huge deal for me but the nylons are very nice
  12. This. I have about 5 pairs and they are perfect. these are the ones i have, but you can get any inseam length Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Slim-Fit 7" Inseam Lightweight Comfort Stretch Oxford Short"
  13. OK last post and I will leave you all alone. 9 more holes alone today and i compared the ksig to the tp5 which is more or less my gamer. I will just give you the highlights: No reason to think its any shorter than anything else. it also felt softer than tp5 when struck well, and harder when struck poorly if that makes sense. off the driver it definitely kept up with the TP5, it was never really more than 3 yards shorter, and on one hole it was about 10 yards longer (when i thought i hit both balls well). too wet to really tell what sort of spin i was getting with my wedges but it was again similar to the TP5. Confirmed gamer for 2021
  14. Haha yeah didn't even think about that, I'll call it titleist... I like the tour soft but it's not close to the kirkland. I had a few balls rip back on greens with the kirkland. I only see that with urethane balls, never seen it with the tour soft. Played 9 more. Couldn't head 2 head but I hit some great tee shots with the kirkland. It was exactly where I would have expected them to be distance wise. Irons all went the right number as well. Very happy
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