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  1. lol Wilson has been irrelevant for years. Pretty much anything they do at this point is better than whatever they have been doing. They make great stuff and sell none of it. I have no problem with this plan (if they actually stick with it... remember when they had rick shiels do like 1 promo for the duo?). I'm guessing there is some sort of metric that shows that Manolos IG following is more valuable than TXGs youtube following. andnd maybe that the TXG crowd isnt really winnable compared to whatever we want to call the IG crowd. For reference I don't follow that dude but his content does entertain me. I also noticed he is doing some hype stuff on tour now. Guy is only going up
  2. I just went from zx7 to blueprint. Excited to see what my scoring average does. I went to zx7 from 620mb and saw no statistical improvement really, despite maybe some added confidence and really loving them. A terrible shot screwed me no matter what club was in my hands. I'm about a 1 cap and iron striking is the weakest part of my game. I've been on the hunt for some iron tech to help me and magically cure my iron suckyness. P790, p770, mp20MMC, 785, zx7... Nope. Theres no magic cure. Figure I may as well stick with my Nike OBs and blueprints
  3. Zx7 with recoil 110 f4 - SOLD Standard LLL. In great shape. Pretty mint. No dings or anything. Gamed for half a season, I'm just going back to blades. Z785 with kbs flt r+ - $500 Standard LLL. Bought as a demo set to see if I wanted zx7. I'm great shape. 2 tiny dings that I tried to capture in pics. Myspider x - $175 plays slightly under 34 inches. Bend neck with a white t-line. Pretty mint. Has a black shrink wrap on the shaft. You can feel where it starts under the grip. Would need a thicker grip or to be removed if it bothers you. TM Soto - $75 34 inches. I didn't game much. No headcover. These shoes just need to go so feel free to offer whatever. Figure getting them off to someone on WRX is better than goodwill or something. Jordan IV black grape size 10.5 - SOLD Not worn much but one of the rounds was basically in a dirt bowl. Can't be bothered to clean them Gfore MG4+ size 10.5 - SOLD Not worn much and in good shape. These run small so they don't really fit me.
  4. This is pretty interesting Dave, but I'd say maybe ask your group to pick the busiest time of day and then go out. There are some crazy slow rounds, and I'm guessing if you play it right you might be sitting 5 minutes on every tee. Another option is to let the group behind you through every few holes. That is like a guaranteed 8 minute sit. All of this depends on your friends being willing of course
  5. I just spent the last few years playing with mostly randoms, as I had to move temporarily. One thing I noticed was must people have no idea what you're doing. The amount of times I've heard "you had a nice swing, you must have broken 90 easily!" Only to be thinking "wowser I just struck the ball as well as I can and finished even..." Then thought to myself, wow I have no idea what those dudes shot. Don't worry about it. No one cares, just have fun
  6. It was really 10 ft but I shortened it for WRX. But tour average is 80% inside 5 ft so surely you aren't saying you are better than that right? I must be misunderstanding
  7. The question we ask around my club is would you rather hit it 250 center fairway every time or never miss a putt inside 6 ft. I'm taking putting
  8. Yeah I have 2 of their putter covers. So well made, and great designs. They are huge though. Like the blade covers are better fits on my mallet
  9. This is a really fascinating discussion because I (like i said in my previous post) spend a lot of time worrying about what my swing looks like, thinking if it looks right then my ball striking will improve. the reality is I play with a lot of great players who all have wildly different swings. Here are some stats for you though that I thought were interesting. My last 2 rounds at my home course: Didn't strike irons well, but kept the ball more or less in front of me, no penalties. Chipped and putted well, helped by the fact that I was never too far off the green Date: 11/7 Score: 72 Putts: 27 GIR: 50% FIR: 71% Struck the ball great, was more or less stress free Date: 11/2 Score: 72 Putts: 31 GIR: 78% FIR: 79% Overall when I saw this I was realizing, there are a lot of ways to play great golf. it can be ball striking, or shortgame. but keeping the ball in play and not taking penalties are crucial. having a repeatable swing is vital to this
  10. Best bit of advice is hit 1,000,000 balls. Your swing looks pretty good based on the video, I can see the point about your right leg straightening too much but that's about it. But at the end of the day its about finding a way to make good contact. Most useful thing I did on my way down from the maximum handicap was just beating balls. When I was trying to get from about a 18 to a 10 I was probably hitting 200-500 balls a day. Some were going left, some were going right... but you hit that many balls and you eventually figure out how to find the sweet spot. I have watched maybe every single golf video made, and video my swing religiously to try to make sure I am getting into the right positions, and have found that there is no correlation between a perfect looking swing and good golf (for me anyways). I have to remind myself to go back to what works and just hit the ball however I can. Once I got to single digits and better I stopped hitting so many balls, but when things start to go wrong I go back to pounding balls until I figure it out.
  11. Fun topic, but yeah I think you should be posting all of those rounds for the reasons listed above. You can decide what you want to do and what not to do. Someone gives you a 1 footer? Pick it up and move on based on the rulebook guidance. Someone gives you a 4 footer? Count it for your competition, then put it back down and putt out for your posting score. You can decide what you want to do, I'd be shocked if people thought you were bagging for playing by the rules. Not surprised by people thinking you're bagging by not posting. Also, breakfast balls are an interesting topic. Part of me thinks if you take a breakfast ball you are abandoning the round before you get to a hole where you must post (7). Then you are just starting a new round. Our MGA has men's nights with a $10 buy in, and I sort of think we should let people take a breakfast ball if they need it, knowing that they need to buy in a second time.
  12. I have winter stroller mitts that I have attached to my push cart. When I carry I use football fanny pack hand warmers
  13. I went from Titleist 620mb to srixon zx7. No difference at all. A bad shot with either is a bad shot. I like the srixons more because at least when I have a bad day I can't say "I wonder what would have happened if I weren't playing blades." But my scores haven't improved. I don't think the clubs make any difference, but the confidence factor is real For reference I got to a +2 with blades, but was playing every day. I'm now a 1-2 playing once a week with zx7. Play what you like. I throw my Nike original ones in from time to time and see no drop in scores
  14. This drives me nuts. If you're a Titleist fan why aren't you playing their stuff?
  15. Bunch of Items for sale 1. Titleist TSI3 Driver 9* - Kuro Kage 50g Stiff with Tour Velvet Midsize - $420 OBO 2. Titleist TS2 3 Wood 15* - Kuro Kage 55g Stiff with NDMC Midsize - $170 OBO 3. Titleist 818 Hybrid 19* - PX 6.0 with NDMC Midzize - $100 OBO 4. Titleist 620 MB Irons - 5-PW - KBS C-Taper Lite X Stiff (Soft Stepped) - $700 OBO (These are 1* strong, and I installed heads myself with metal ferrules, so not sure what swingweight is). 5. Srixon z785 Irons - 5-PW with zu65 4 Iron - Black Onyx KBS FLT Reg+ shafts - $500 OBO 6. TM Gapr Combo Set - Will come with PX Evenflow 6.0 and a Gapr 4 hi head and Gapr 3 mid head - $150 OBO Will ship USPS Priority and hopefully same day. Feel free to ask any questions, but the TSI is in great shape, Always covered all of my woods. TS2 has seen more play but is good. Both Iron Sets are pretty clean, with a few dings that I tried to capture on the 785
  16. I'm only 2 rounds in but both stability and traction are better in mg4+ than roshe. Might be a bit heavier tho. I never really had big traction issues with roshe but always felt like I might roll an ankle
  17. i mean thats obviously a terrible photoshop job. colorway might be real but in what world would nike release a colorway with a completely different soleplate?
  18. Man you should return them and then get the fakes on dh gate. Hit the seller with negative rep too. He will continue to hit people with fakes who don't know the difference, and doing that can help those people out. I wear a pair of fake xi that a friend got on dh gate and didn't fit. Love them. They finally have a tiny rip in them after 2 years and probably 20 wears. Pretty good for 38$.
  19. I have 2 of the ones from last year (Nike Sport Golf Shoe Tote). They are nice enough. not sure they are any better than any generic amazon bag or string bag but they work for me.
  20. Nike React Ace Tour Women's Golf Shoe I'll definitely try to get a pair in women's 12 when there release
  21. This might have been answered already, but in theory we are supposed to do swing speed training 3x a week right? Does anyone know if we can do more? for reference I probably play 4-5x a week, so i could in theory train every 5x a week. I am also lifting weights again after a 13 month hiatus due to covid. For reference my i am a ~0 cap, swing speed right at 100 with carry right at 240. I did my first session (after a brutal workout) and swing speed before was around 98, and after was around 100. These were real swings on the range, needing to hit a target. so I wasnt just smashing.
  22. i used to wear an older verision of huaraches (i played lacrosse) and they were perfectly fine. not sure about waterproofing so i only wore them on dry summer days. no issues with slipping or stability
  23. yeah i have both. i dont sweat much so not a huge deal for me but the nylons are very nice
  24. This. I have about 5 pairs and they are perfect. these are the ones i have, but you can get any inseam length Amazon Brand - Goodthreads Men's Slim-Fit 7" Inseam Lightweight Comfort Stretch Oxford Short"
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