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  1. Man honestly I don't think I wanna X flex but the X forged are in great shape for their age... If you are interested I can send you some pictures and I'd be welling to sell them if the offer is right, they are 4-PW I think I have the 3 but I'll have to look the have pretty new grips on 7-pw, have grips for the other just haven't installed yet.. All have PX 6.0 flighted shafts
  2. What is your ball flight and swing tempo? the reason I'm wanting to trade to 6.0 is because I can swing the s* out of these irons and they are stiff enough to take it. But I lose too much in ballstriking so I was hoping a little bit softer set would force me to control tempo if that makes sense. That make sense. I have a quick tempo b/c I have a shortened swing due to back problems and my ball flight is high I hit some what of a rainbow type shot
  3. Wish they weren't X100 b/c I've been looking to trade a set of 09 X forged w/PX 6.0s, X100 might be too macho for me
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