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  1. This is my first time selling so bear with me a little bit if this isn’t the prettiest of ads. All prices will include shipping to anywhere in North America and am open to some negotiation. Brand New 2016 TM M1 9.5* - Kuro Kage 60G X-Stiff – MCCPlus 4 Grip This club is brand new and ready for the season to start. Club plays at just over 44 3/4” and will come with head cover and tool. Sorry no splitting the head and shaft at this point. $OLD Slightly Used 2016 TM 15* 3 Wood Head This club was hit probably 10-15 times in a simulator and just wasn’t for me. As you can see it had a Tour AD shaft on it so I got that pulled and will use that in my new F2. Has four small sky marks on the toe from one shot as you can see in the photos. Other than that the club looks brand new! Head will also come with the head cover. $OLD. Slightly Use Titleist 917D2 8.5* Head I bought this club on here a couple of weeks ago and ended up choosing the 9.5* instead so now it’s time for this one to go. When I purchased it, it was lightly hit and I haven’t even hit a ball with it. Club will come with head cover, wrench, and both sets of 12G weights. $330 shipped.
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