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  1. 3-GW project x 6.0 1/2" over up 2 good shape asking $ shipped conus are OBO. Please text if you need anymore pics or offers will check on here also. 307-299-2402 350$
  2. Sqareback and piretti gone shoot me some offers on the 2.5.
  3. 1. Piretti Matera 375 gram 35 inch good shape 1 ding will show in pics. SOLD 2. Scott Cameron Newport 2.5 35 inch maybe has hit 10 balls on putting green bought 2 weeks ago. 300$ 3. 2016 Scotty Cameron select square back 35 inch great shape no head cover. SOLD Needing to get rid of some putters all prices are negotiable shoot me some offers. I am quick to answer texts #307-299-2402 but I do check this. Add 10$ east of the Mississippi river.
  4. Trell I think the x5 was cut down selling for a friend didn't look to hard at it.
  5. 1. Callaway epic 44.5 playing rogue max 65 stiff great shape 9 degree comes withcobra headcover. 175$ shipped. 2 Ping g ls tec stock length alta 55 stiff 9 degree 125$ shipped. 3 scotty cameron futura x12 35 inch one nick on back but great shape. 250$ shipped 4. Scotty cameron futura x 35 inch was a dual balance cut down to 35 which makes it a heavy head great shape. 200$ shipped 5. Scotty cameron futura x5 35 inch great shape comes with headcover. 200$ shipped. 6. Ping 35 inch Scottsdale tr b60 putter no headcover 80$ shipped. The best way to get ahold of me if you want more pics are for anyt
  6. 1. Cobra utility 3 used for 3 rounds beautiful shape stiff smac wrap 780 f4. Sold. 2. Titleist 816 h1 19* fujikura speeder 8.8 stuff has hit maybe 10 balls. 100$ 3. Cobra f8 + diamana d+ 60 stiff perfect condition 220$ 4. Scotty Cameron phantom x12 34" stick pistellero grip just hit 30 putts with it I need a 35". Sold All prices are with shipping, prices are also obo so shoot some offers. Best way to reach me is text 3072992402. I will also check this periodically. Shipping to continental us only thanks for looking.
  7. This is a basically new club 35 inch. 200$ text for quick response. 3072992402
  8. My attempt at sarcasm boys sorry make offers don't need these anymore....
  9. 1. The unicorn 2016 m2 bought as backup to gamer maybe has 50 balls. Fujikura pro 60 stiff standard length. 225 obo 2. 35" 2 ball with midsize pure grip excellent shape. 200 obo. 3. 35" Mizuno a304 super rare and nice go back to this one often. 175 obo 4. 34" Exo indianapolis basically new. 250 obo 5.35" bettinardi model 1 excellent shape 150 obo. No suprises here all in good shape its best to text 307-299-2402. I check this regularly but always have phone on me. Buy with confidence. They have original headcovers. Will provide more pics this uploader sorda sucks.
  10. All drivers gone, futura is still there got a guy dealing on the whiteboards might have one of them left.
  11. Every year i buy and try 5 new drivers these are the ones that did not make it in the bag. They have only been hit a few times. Rogue sub zero with black evenflow 75 6.0. Ping g400 lst with shaft options for buyer stock tour stiff our whiteboard 73 stiff plays 44.75, whiteboard 73 xstiff plays 45. Cobra f8 and f8+, f8 has nv green stiff plays at 45". F8+ xstiff green stock length. Scotty futura. Rogue sub 325$ Ping lst 325$ Cobras 275$ Scotty futura 100$ You can text 3072992402 for faster responses. Conus only. Shoot offers obo on everything.
  12. Thanks for all the help guys, found a club builder that i could send them to . If they dont turn out, i am just biting the bullet and try to do myself ie. powder and cork method and get a swingweight scale.
  13. I live in rural Wyoming and was wanting to know if anybody new of a place I could send my clubs to get them swingweighted. I have Cobra Forged Tec with px 6.0 and they just feel to light. I dont want to go the lead tape method I would like tip weights to get them around d6. I have experimented reshafting before and it didnt work out so good dont have a swingweight scale either any advice appreciated.
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