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  1. 1. Gig Harbor WA 2. 0.5 3. ZX7 3. Yes 4. Mizuno MP 20 MB 4-Pw 5. They remind me a lot of the 745’s which were my favorite set. Clean lines and the offset was minimal. Looked great 6. Absolutely. I do that now anyway.
  2. Still about $100 over priced. I think their fairway woods are better than their drivers. Their shaft options suck.
  3. It looks like they went back to a more 745 look for face and top shape of face. 765&785 were disappointing. Looking to order my X7 set
  4. How much longer would that take? I needed kinda fast and I wanted an alughtment cover but didn’t want to pay $47 so this wasn’t too bad.
  5. Well kinda but if you don’t hit the $200 then it’s $65 for cheapest form of shipping. I ordered the bag and a alignment cover and it came out to $238 with tax.
  6. I admitted it was my fault. Not complaining at all. If anything it has saved me money and Mods have been very helpful with this case. I pointed it out because it does state that in my profile and want people here to know why I got suspended. Not Following rules and scamming others is a big difference and I didn’t want anyone here to think I got suspended for cheating another member and yet accusing someone for scamming or anything like that. Yes you can shut down. Thank you
  7. I was a bit upset at first but rules are rules. Repeat offender. I’m ok now also because I don’t have as much gear to sell as I did. The suspension has saved me a lot of money actually
  8. And 30 days before selling same item. I mean you will gather a few up in 6 years of constant selling. I had a 7 day suspension first time like 3 years ago and this one. I still sell on other forums but yea I didn’t follow the rules. One of them was complete brain fart. I chose the pic from camera roll that I had actually sold.
  9. Well I’m suspended for not waiting 24 hours to start new post and 30 days. I’ll be back selling 2023. I can say I may have not followed the BST rules but never have I cheated another person on here.
  10. Accept it and move on. Sucks but maybe the easiest thing to do.
  11. Buyer does but there’s a section in PayPal you can request refund on shipping upto $30. Separate area but the guy said they would honor it.
  12. These things are a pain in the Word not allowed. I will show him how to ship in the appropriate box and get a decent rate. He should pay me for that. I paid $16.70 to ship.
  13. Had to get supervisor and he said yea the condition of shaft is not usable. Sending it back in a coffin
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