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  1. I have had the 6s blue and now have the 6s and 7s black. The 6s blue I really struggled with. I snap hooked a lot of shots. It gets really soft about 10" up the shaft, which drove me nuts. The black is more uniform throughout, which I prefer. I honestly hit my evenflow white just as good/consistant (if not better) but I do really enjoy the ventus black. It really entices me to swing harder. I expect to have more back pains very soon, haha.
  2. I just wanna know what the next project is that has you rushing this sweet driver/shaft setup off so fast. Because this setup right here is the top head of last year with one of the best shafts in the industry according to rumors (if not THE BEST). There's only 1 thing that would cause this...a custom putter. DM me details! I'd say GLWS but you won't need it.
  3. Free Range Cattle for sure! All the other cattle were envious.
  4. Push it, push it real good. Awesome setup, love the couch. I need that in my next house with a garage door opening to a huge field.
  5. Technically.... if he had never been in that car, he would be fine right now. haha.
  6. I'd bet the blue vokeys would outsell the black vokeys if they were the same price and available at the same stores, pro shops, and websites. I think you are right about the raw version though.
  7. I completely agree. This would be like titleist releasing a custom color TSI driver head for $687.50 versus $550 for the normal black. That's quite a jump. Honestly releasing the blue version the 2nd year is a great idea but I'd think it'd be a great idea at $159 or maybe $175. All I know is I've owned like 15 vokey wedges and none have ever been the premium raw or blue version. I'd be 100% cool with titleist dropping the black and chrome versions and just mass producing the blue and raw. OR better yet, rotate 3 of the 5 options every other version (s
  8. Ahhhhh, interesting and evil. Man, maybe I need to check out mizuno wedges next go round. Have played exclusively vokeys for the past 8 years or so.
  9. Terrible comparison, removing the black paint is easier than making a sandwich. I think 99% of people would spend 3 minutes of their time to save $40+. They simply don't know that's an option.
  10. I don't understand why anyone would pay an upcharge for the raw wedges when you can just buy the black wedges and easily remove the paint in a matter of hours letting it soak in vinagar (I think, I can't remember what I used). It's silly. Get a raw wedge in 1 easy step. Could probably sandblast the other 2 options to get the same thing if wanted. I buy a ton of golf stuff so when I complain about something like this it's my way of saying, I don't support this pricing concept and therefore don't buy premium vokeys brand new. It's just losing easy business for Titlei
  11. I know, I know...it's petty but I'm gonna say it.... Slate blue AND raw vokey wedges shouldn't be a premium. Both should simply be part of their normal lineup. Do you guys agree or disagree?
  12. Appears to be plated in platinum and 24K Gold. I'd estimate it's worth between $20,000 and $30,000. ok, teasing, probably worth about $250-300 if I had to guess.
  13. Perfect man for the job...
  14. I'd recommend buying 10 or 15 putters that gain your interest. Play 1 round with each then resale the 9 or 14 that don't make the bag. Then you'd be welcome to the golfwrx family with open arms.
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