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  1. Just in case you guys don't have enough keys and other stuff in your pockets, you can now have a flower to carry around everywhere. For the 98% of people that don't realize it has anything to do with golf (or a golf company more accurately), they will wonder why you have a rubber flower key fob. Maybe you can use it as a small putting disk. That seems better. Nobody wants a bigger pocket bulge.
  2. Not me. I'll blow loads of money on clubs no problem, but not a bag (unless it was going to charity I suppose). Hard to beat a vessel if you are wanting to $500+ on a bag anyways. I Can't blame the flippers, there's real money to be made on them. I did think about getting a knock off one a handful of months ago for the mancave, think they are roughly $210-300 shipped from China but for that price, I'd just get another nice quality Titleist staff bag and use it. Op, I do love the color scheme you picked, looks great. Enjoy.
  3. You say Brooksie one more time and you will be escorted off this site.... haha! (Sweet putter and Brooks doesn't use the long neck version to answer the question above.)
  4. Agree with JY. I've updated everything else in the bag except my mp64's. Found what I was looking for and stopped looking.
  5. Wound up playing the Palm Beach Par 3 and Abacoa. Thanks for the recommendations! The par 3 was very pretty and right close to where we were staying. Had lunch in the clubhouse. Had to laugh when I realized every other table was filled with 60+ year old ladies, haha. Either way, the course was a lot of fun for my wife and I. Perfect late afternoon relaxing round. Greens were a little slow, but otherwise the course was awesome. Abacoa's greens were incredible. It's been a while since I've played a course with such good greens. They were super fast and smooth on every hole. Incredi
  6. hot dang! Had no idea this was on Friday. That tears up my theory. I'll delete.
  7. Mashed Potatoes.
  8. Getting banned from the pga wouldn't be the worst thing ever... Say you are 23, very talented but broke.... Rather than struggle your way up the korn ferry and pga and hope for a break out win, you get offered $1 million and end up going and playing 3 or 4 years on the SGL. Between sponsorships and tournament winnings, you clear $5 million after costs, taxes, caddies, agent, etc in your bank. You are then 27, have $5 million net worth. You could live off the interest, never work a job unless you wanted to and drink beer and play small cash or for fun games at your lo
  9. totally agree. They don't even need to offer $10 mil. Just start a tour with quality courses/coverage and there will be guys lined up down the street to play on it if they can make a decent living after all the travel costs. Heck, offering them free travel and hotel stays would be a smart move. Rather than pick off the top players, they should be sniping up and comers, then focus on keeping them when they are in their prime and famous. In 10 or 20 years, this tour would/could compete directly with the pga if ran well.
  10. I know the vast majority of players who want to make it on the pga are forced to go through the korn ferry tour (among other tours). (unless you do awesome in a couple sponorship events some get). (I'm not certain on this, but I'm pretty sure that's how it is for "most"). They really force their hand and a lot of guys really struggle to make a decent living playing on the korn ferry. Obviously the top guys on the pga make a lot of money with sponorships and fly in private learjets from event to event. They have way more money and have a crew of employees to manage
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