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  1. You'd think so but so far is definitely hasn't based on the last scotty release. As long as there's someone willing to pay more than retail for something, there will likely always be flippers. Then again, if the economy turns for the worse, these unnecessary premium products will be the first thing buyers cut out of their budget. That's part of the reason flippers like to sell their product the moment they get it (along with freeing up their cash flow). All I can think is what an accounting nightmare for these flippers when tax season comes due next April.
  2. man, really thought we would have heard something by now. I tried 3 or 4 service reps on their website and none will spell the beams.
  3. That's awesome man. I got beat by a girl one time so I asked her out. haha. We went on a few dates but she was just in a different place in life than me. She had a great game though and was a really nice person. I don't remember her name otherwise I'd look her up to see if she ever made it on tour.
  4. I recommend a hybrid or 7 wood behind one which she prefers. I would also recommend you let her hit some different options rather than guessing and buying her a random club.
  5. I have a tsi3 16.5* 4 wood with a ad-hd 7x shaft and really enjoy it. The ad-di was too spinny for me and I hated the kick point. The hd has treated me a lot better. Feels more stable throughout the shaft yet gives a high mid-trajectory ball flight, which holds the green when it lands. I'd recommend trying it.
  6. Looks like PV is now $325 for non-hotel guests. Is getting a tee time for 4 people nearly impossible without staying at their hotel? Is there a walking option? Is it discounted? I'm guessing a discounted replay option is probably out the window... the more I read and hear, it sounds like it might be better to wait another couple years to let the hype die down some.
  7. 1. Sign up for the Precision Pro email newsletter HERE! DONE 2. Did you sign up for the email newsletter? YES 3. What is your favorite feature of the ACE Smart Speaker? GETTING DISTANCES TOLD TO YOU 4. Do you listen to music while you play and practice? YES I DO. THANKS.
  8. Interesting details from this week: 1) the 5 circle t putters sold out in about 15 seconds yesterday with the first 2 selling out 1 second before the other 3. 2) so far there have been 63 sold 2022 staff bags on ebay and another 49 available for sell. 2a) with not counting how many were sold on fb or other avenues, this shows these bags really aren't that limited (especially when you consider this is only the first 2 days since it's release) 2c) If a bag sold on ebay sells for $2300, the seller will net around $485 to $615 profit after you factor in the ebay fees, shipping fees and taxes on profits.
  9. I had espn+ 2 years ago (at $50 or $60/year price, they increased it since). It was pretty worthless at the time to the point that I honestly stopped even using it for the most part. Seems like it's gotten a little better with the pga additions but there's something special about not financially supporting ESPN/DISNEY.
  10. Your local fb or craigs ads would be where I'd start. Anything that's used and doesn't need to be shipped will be your best price most of the time.
  11. I saw on a youtube where someone mentioned 10' being needed (in ball flight). I was hoping that wasn't accurate since I'm similar to your setup and have about 7 or 8' of ball flight in my garage.
  12. how many feet are needed between the ball and net (ball flight) for the gc3/BLM to accurately read the shot?
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