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  1. I never had a problem with the swing weight honestly. The extender was steel, so it was heavier than the shaft, so in a sense, it was already counterbalanced. Just tinker with alternative weights or lead tape in the head and maybe a normal grip versus a slightly heavier one. Cheap, easy, simple.
  2. Wouldn't be surprised if top golf was in debt to their eye balls, especially with the pandemic killing sales for them this year. Callaway probably bit the bullet short term in hopes of long term growth.
  3. I noted on golfwrx several years ago when I "for fun" added an extender to my old Taylormade driver shaft, making it 48". I originally did it because I was playing a lot of scramble tournaments and thought it would be have to use since most holes, somebody is already in play and 5 yards further than I could hit my normal driver. Wound up loving it and played that driver for a year. Used a 60g low launch shaft. My back started to hurt though so went to a newer cobra driver and went down from 48" to 46.875". Fast forward, my back continued to hurt so finally broke down and got 1/
  4. Here's how it'd go for me.... sober: I'm just going to check it out. 1 beer in: this is kinda cool. 3 beers in: This is awesome, I should buy something, maybe a $50 hat. 6 beers in: So you say I can order a putter like this for $2200? Not bad. 8 beers in: I'll TAKE IT! Next day: Yes, hi, did I leave my credit card there by accident? Oh and I need to cancel my order as well.
  5. That sounds awesome. If they throw a massive putting green outside by the beer station, I'm going out of my way to stop by there. They could setup a $5 long putt for a new putter.
  6. Here's my guess for his business model.... The new shop with added machines is to ramp up production. But he'll probably try to do an introductory level and then a high end level. Now the high end level may be a "custom" build to the buyer's specs OR it may be 1 offs of really labor intensive work (like a lot of his current models). Either way, I would expect to see production of like 10 putters (like what Olson does for $650 on his IG flash sales) but in the $800-1300 (whatever he thinks he can get) and custom or high end putters for $1500 and up. As for the ball
  7. Luke, were you asleep at the wheel on this one?! haha. j/k I know it was a mistake.
  8. haha! Hilarious! Rule #1 don't talk about the Lamb brotherhood. #silenceofthelambs
  9. With occasional practice, your 8 iron-sand wedge would be great options around the green. Focus on light grip pressure and a super basic swing.
  10. It's always good to have goals set for yourself. I'd go opposite of your goals though and focus on practicing putting and chipping more than irons and long game. Obviously like the idea of setting a goal to shoot 68 next year as well. Best of luck to ya.
  11. Ok, last night I did my home superspeed project. Started with a Ping driver shaft, found a screw that would fit in the adapter, then went digging in my old stuff and found a brass weight (used as a desk paper holder). Used a washer to make sure the weight was flush with how far the screw was willing to go into the adapter, then put a bunch of lead tape on it before finishing by wrapping most of it in blue duct tape. Left a little brass showing so I easily see it and know where I am swinging (regarding hitting a imaginary target). Used this to aim at my rubber tee. Works great s
  12. couple things to kick around... Use whichever club you prefer more (pw or vokey). As far as distance, if you can get it to where it's evenly spread between your 9iron and 52* that would be ideal. Don't recommend you bent either more than 2 degrees though. Keep in mind, if your 52 or 9 iron are not much different than your 56 or 8 iron (distance-wise), you may consider adjusting those 1* to help even the gap.
  13. You can order it with a stiff shaft (think dynamic gold s300 is typical) but unless custom ordered, most retailers will offer wedge flex (S200).
  14. Was reading a consumer reports magazine 3 weeks ago at a relatives house and they tested the airpods and sumsung buds. They rated the airpods poorly at around a 55 and the sumsung buds at around an 84. Said among other things, sound quality was poor in the airpods. Apple people, don't go attacking me. I'm sure they are great, just relaying what the magazine found in their test.
  15. If I can't order a $500 putter while sitting on my couch in my boxers eating Cheetos, well then that's just not the right putter for me.
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