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  1. Dang, that's so nice of you to give the slighter headcover away. Wish I had a slighter but I don't so I'll let some other lucky wrxer snatch it up. Appreciate the kind gesture to the group though.
  2. Wow, this is certainly different in a really cool/fun way! GLWS!
  3. disregard, see others chimed in about this answer after reading more.
  4. It was Woot and that was like 8 or 9 years ago, haha. Was incredible. I found 1 lethal in my bag last week, switched to it on the 8th hole and went eagle, birdie, eagle on holes 9, 10 and 11. I credit the ball, haha!
  5. Purdy! Can't believe you have 2 of them. How does the La golf one differ from the stock shaft one in your opinion? lincoln: bb1-ln head weight is 353g.
  6. oh and there was another thread on here where a member has both the tsi and g425. Last i checked he hadn't compared them head to head yet though but that may have changed. you may search for it.
  7. I think your question should be G425 or TSi. The G410 would be a good option if you want to spend under $350.
  8. Just "no". don't agree with either of your reasons why.
  9. I have a 4 year old phone that allows me to record video including slow motion.
  10. I do light to moderate weight with higher reps and just focus on lots of stretching. I'm less focused on hitting the ball a mile and more focused on preventing injury.
  11. That's a great way to spend your lunch break!
  12. You might hang an old bed sheet in your hitting area to ease the burden on your net. Also, ditch the inferior Taylormade driver. Use a Cobra. So far Bryson's speedzone face hasn't melted yet.
  13. I recently updated from the F8+ to the Speedzone (not xtreme) and must say it's a world of difference in forgiveness on mishits. It almost feels like cheating. Seriously. If not for my back problems, I'd probably go back to a 48" driver with this head.
  14. That shouldn't be a major factor... You can either 1) have golf shop remove grip, install shaft extender, then reinstall grip for roughly $15 OR 2) install a new shaft like your KBS ct tour for roughly $40-60 depending on your color and grip choice. As much as I know you love Cobra, I don't think this is going to come close to competing with your current list of choices though. Should be able to get a good deal on one used down the road if you still have the itch.
  15. Oh dang, you gotta NCW on the way? Sweet! Pics?
  16. I think the important thing to take away here is there were 31 other designs that were considered worse than this...
  17. I know you guys are not crazy about this putter "right now" BUT wait until the flippers buy up all the limited stock and resale them for $700-$1000+ on BST, then you'll start to come around to wanting one....
  18. Man that's super cool they are coming out with 3d printed putters. National custom works has been doing it with a lot of success except theirs are $1000+ vs $400. That being said, it's funny they were working with Bryson and then come out with nothing like what he uses. Seriously why not make a duplicate/replica of his putter and sell that rather than another putter with 1-4* loft and 70* lie.
  19. The best newport 2 has to be the Lajosi Sensor. haha. Sorry couldn't help myself. Seriously though, when looking for a newport to try, think about what face milling preference you have if going with a 1 piece. If going with an insert, definitely the GSS insert newport is a great option. Skip the 2016-2019 models unless you like to putt with a top flite ball.
  20. If you like the c tapers, I'd stay with them. I love my c-tapers in my mp64's, I'd go to disagree with you and say they are very smooth and provide me a great ball flight. My mp32's have rifle 6.0 shafts in them, great shafts as well but I still slightly prefer the ctapers. If you go to a different shaft, you should consider researching the ei profiles of each so you don't get something with a totally different kick point and hate it. Reason I say that is I hit a friend's DG s300's and it was miles different than my c-tapers.
  21. Had one with a similar paint issue. it's common I think.
  22. Just a good reminder for all you kids out there....Go to school (college) so you don't end up as dead-beat losers like these guys: Christiaan Bezuidenhout, Rafa Cabrera-Bello, Jason Day, Tony Finau, Tommy Fleetwood, Abel Gallegos (a), Tyrrell Hatton, Im Sung-jae, Shugo Imahira, Jazz Janewattananond, Kang Sung-hoon, Kim Si-woo, Bernhard Langer, Marc Leishman, Shane Lowry, Sandy Lyle, Hideki Matsuyama, Rory McIlroy, Lukas Michel (a), Francesco Molinari, Kevin Na, José María Olazábal, Louis Oosthuizen, Ian Poulter, Justin Rose, Charl Schwartzel, Adam Scott, Vijay Singh, Cameron Smith,
  23. 1 key to face milling is your putting stroke. If you have a more aggressive putting stroke through the ball, you'll likely benefit more from a softer, more milled putter face. A slightly slower putting stroke through the ball might prefer a firmer feel. This isn't the be all say all but I have noticed that trend with my putters/experience. Grip pressure also plays a big role. From my experience I typically enjoyed milled face putters on slower greens because I could take that aggressive (almost compressed swing) without worry that the ball is going to go 10' by.
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