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  1. Slap Shot & Sledgehammer Drills for the win.
  2. I was really only commenting on #3 - I thought it was obvious. As I stated - some people here on this forum seem to have no problem at all incorporating new moves into their golf swing in a matter of days/weeks/hours. That has not been the case for me - any of my friends - or nearly anyone that I have ever met in person and talked golf swing with. Changing an ingrained and playable OTT swing to a somewhat comfortable and playable "proper" in to out swing is basically the entire lifeblood of golf instruction. I mean if it wasn't about fixing that main issue - and ALL the minutia that goes with it - why would you need golf instruction?
  3. You are not going to lose anything at age 52 if you're in good shape. I'm 52 - hit the ball as far as I did when I started playing at about your age. If you are healthy you will be fine. I have days when it all comes together and I shoot in mid 70's - but lose dumb points on things like missed putts and maybe a duffed chip or awkward lie. Things that are more mental than swing flaws. Then I have times when I have to reset entirely and go back to basics just in order to keep a round together - which I think is somewhat normal. But no joke - golf instruction is geared to keep you in a cycle of constant golf instruction. That is inherent in the game - but also something that people who are thinking about making a big swing change should consider. All things equal - it was a lot of work - it is ongoing - and I am not 100% sure that it was worth it since i am not playing for money or to win competitions. I win any time I play a round and the ball does what I wanted it to do - which for me is a great round of golf regardless of the end scorecard. I have managed to be more consistent - but it was and is a ton of work.
  4. OP, your talking about approximately a 2 year fix with constant practice, intermittent lessons, much video, and a game that will get much worse before it gets better. Once you go down that rabbit hole of “swinging like the pros” there will be a point of no return where your old swing with all the flaws will be gone and your new swing will just suck, but get progressively better over the long haul. Or you could be a secret golf miracle that instantly is able to fix your swing in a month with a simple Monte Video. Lots of those here on this forum. Probably not though. How much time are you willing to dedicate to relearning your bodies swing pattern? Oh, and then you need to relearn the weight shift, the back turn, the grip, the bowed to flat wrist, the proper release and all of that minutia as well. It is never a simple fix with this ridiculous sport. You fix one thing and throw five things you thought you knew out of whack. If you are playing to a 10 cap but hitting technically incorrect OTT, it will likely take you 2 years to get back to a 10 cap but hitting it comfortably on the course with a completely new but correct inside swing path. Guess how I know.... God speed.
  5. The only way I was able to stop the sway back was to do mirror work and set a physical barrier on my right hip that I would stop bumping into on the backswing. The weight goes into your right heel and your right leg braces on your insole as your butt cheek goes back and slightly toward the target. You are going to HATE it because it feels like you are moving ahead of the ball on the backswing. But in reality you are staying centered and shifting weight to the lead side earlier that you are used to - which is correct. You can also toss a wedge under your outside right foot that will immediately stop you from swaying back. It takes a while to get used to this.
  6. Why is this so difficult for many golfers to do correctly? I struggle with this same sway issue all the time. Especially when I try to add speed - my form just goes out the window.
  7. Or - some people have already tried swigging freely and playing like a kid. And the results were shanks, slices, missed balls and other general awfulness and sadness that usually comes with the average person realizing that golf is a near impossible game to figure out intuitively.
  8. I threw a 12x18 piece of plywood down and used it. Pretty cool. Really decent ball striking and no sway. Keeps you very centered and it seems to take a lot of excess motion out of the swing. Gonna have to check out this Brad Hughes guy. wondering if this squeeze the board with your feet does the same thing as the squeeze the ball between your legs drill?
  9. I have this exact issue with driver only. I feel like if I add tilt to the driver to get a fuller backswing - which helps me see the ball - it throws me off and makes me come in too steep - like falling over toes - too much like a baseball pitch. I can't seem to hit up this way. I'm off balance. But I swing faster and have a fuller backswing. Everything goes pull left. If I swing more flat and around me I can hit up pretty good with a draw - but it is technically not a correct swing and I know I am losing tons of speed. I can't see the ball without limiting the backswing in this flatter swing. But, I can hit fairways. Don't have this vision issue with other clubs.
  10. This is the stretch that I am doing to improve neck mobility. I do other stretches but this one is what I am working on daily as well.
  11. Good stuff. Yeah I think I am very similar to you in build and also where my backswing tops out. And I bet - if you didn't have to see the ball and could pull your head off it - you could swing back quite a bit more. Those stretches are great - but - the tightness for me is in the traps and neck muscles not being able to allow the rotation of the shoulder girdle without pulling the head off the ball - not so much the hips and lats. I've been working on forced neck stretches and holds - sort of rotating the neck around and lightly pushing the jawline with the opposite hand to get comfortable there. Sort of an owl rotation stretch.
  12. So is this shaft designed to be played at 48"? If that is the case then it needs to be measured up against ANY shaft that is cut longer.
  13. I'm talking about the ability to stretch your neck over your shoulder like the above pictures. You can pretty much place any top level swinger here and just note where their neck is rotated at the top of the backswing. Now, I can get into that position pretty easily if I didn't have to actually see the ball. Most people I watch golf have the hip turn and chest rotation - but lack the neck /flexibility rotation to still be on the ball at the top of their swing once that left arm gets straightened and your hips and shoulders rotate. Neck flexibility is definitely my limiting factor in my backswing. Probably too many shoulder and bench presses at the gym - but I am working on stretches for the neck to loosen up the turn. My point was that I see lots of hip turn discussion - but little to no mention of the neck as a prime limiting factor - especially when swinging for speed. https://www.mytpi.com/articles/fitness/why_neck_mobility_may_be_limiting_your_backswing
  14. So what should he have done? Tried that shaft with 5 different club heads in an environmentally controlled studio? I find the TXG videos are far more problematic and unrealistic. They need to get rid of that guy who swings 125+ and get a mortal in there. Or just use a swing robot.
  15. Not much talk about neck mobility and I think for me it is a huge limiting factor that I am working on. I always see videos and forum talk about how easy it is to make a better, fuller back turn through hip mobility - or by instructors showing people crossing their arms over their chest and demonstrating how far one can turn and get their bodies rotated fully (easy with folded arms of course). However, I never hear anyone talk about how neck rotation is a huge limiting factor in getting a bigger backswing. Once you extend that left arm out - as in a RH swing - you need to be able to fully rotate that shoulder girdle underneath your neck in order to not pull your eyes and head off the ball. When I see pros able to turn, rotate and peer down at the ball over their down shoulder - it is pure neck mobility that enables that turn. I see little kids that have very little muscular development able to do this full turn almost like an owl as well. I think this is overlooked for hip mobility - but I think that the hips are the easier part of the turn - at least for me - and the neck is what limits my backswing - especially with the longer clubs and especially the driver. If I didn't have to actually see the ball - I could swing back as far as I wanted to. Wondering what the GWRX thinks.
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