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  1. Anyone that wants to swing like DJ needs way more yoga - than golf instruction.
  2. From the above link: "When Quinton suggested legal action would be the next step if Kaplan didn’t take the content back offline, that he was reportedly profiting from to the tune of $700,000 a year, Kaplan didn’t respond and forced Quinton to take legal action to protect his registered copyrighted material. " Wow! Who knew you could profit over $700K/year in golf instruction!
  3. So you are saying to preset weight on back foot - hang back and swing flatter with less effort and club up? I guess i am trying to fight the weight shift - trying to get it stacked forward too much and it backfires.
  4. Title says it all - no matter how much I practice the move and take a few swings before hitting the ball - when I actually make the swing - I always hang back and scoop or fat on this dreaded uphill lie! Drives me nuts. How do you even practice this off the course??? Sometimes it happens with a steep sidehill lie as well - though not as often. What are the drills?
  5. Maddeningly frustrating when this happens and I suspect it happens to everyone at some point. If you don’t have a mat and net to hit with at home it can prolong your fix. I suggest setting up a hitting station at home a la Cogorno (among others) and practice daily swinging and hitting to groove a proper swing. Then take that to the range after a week or so. Lots of great vids out there but you need daily deliberate practice to see improvements. Months of it sometimes.
  6. He says it at around the 4 minute mark. Bryson plays an adjustable driver - so talking about a fixed loft custom driver is not what was being discussed. I thought that was clear. I am aware you can build a driver to custom fit whatever your needs are.
  7. Exactly when did I ever say that it was impossible to have a neutral face angle at a low loft? I said that a lower lofted club has a naturally more open face angle than a higher lofted club - which means that you likely have to do something in setup or with wrist action (or other...) to get it to close or stay square through impact and not be open. And since a weak left hand grip promotes a naturally open club face (the bane of all slicers) - that FACT - paired with the lower lofted club - means that he must have some other mechanism for managing the club face as it comes through. Several oth
  8. Lower lofted clubs sit more open naturally. That is why your 9i is visibly more closed at address than your 5i. It is how adjustable hosels work too.
  9. Those grip pics show a very weak, thumb straight down top of club one knuckle grip. And with very little club face manipulation I would guess that this setup naturally adds loft with a natural open club face. So with the lower loft on the driver and hitting up, things must even it out a bit.
  10. I’d like to find a good picture or video of his hands at setup, particularly the left. I’m sure there will be all kinds of articles and vids about it with this major win. I’m assuming he’s using the exact same setup with all his clubs.
  11. The astonishing thing is that the loft on his driver is so low which opens the face, and the Jumbomax grips are so large which promotes a weak grip. all of which promotes an open club face, yet he manages to keep it square and still not shoot everything right. When I try that setup I feel like I am slapping across the ball and it either pushes or worse slices way right if I really go after it. Not sure how he gets the face closed to go left. tremendous win today.
  12. Did you read what he wrote? You're not doing the drill correctly - and your swing is proof. 1 - hands go to 7. 2 - BODY turns everything to 8. 3. CAST back and then through to 12. Do it slow and deliberate in a mirror. Like for a few days - even without a ball to get the feels right. Then add some speed and a ball - work some chips for a while. You'll likely see better results if you work it slow and deliberate over a week or so.
  13. You don’t need to spend a dime to figure out what Marcus is teaching if you pay attention. I made one of those foot see saw practice boards and it instantly helps force feel your weight shift and transition just by swinging a club with no ball like in the vids. Anyone with reverse pivot or who hangs back should try it. The video he posted at Zen yesterday was great, no student just Marcus talking about his basic concepts and how to feel and adjust feels into a natural swing. I dig it.
  14. I have this issue too - and it creeps into my swing out on the course when I have uneven lies to deal with. Very frustrating. I anticipate it - stand on the lie - make some swings where I move my weight properly - step into the ball - and then.... hang back as I try to hit it.... Grrrrrrrrrrr... There is literally no where to practice uneven lies. Drive me crazy.
  15. A weak grip makes you feel that the center of mass is in the hosel - not the club face - like a baseball bat or tennis racket. Ask me how I know this. You need to get a neutral grip and retrain your self to feel the club face so it will direct to the ball properly and close naturally. This video helped me with the "Sweet Spot Confusion" that Martin Hall explains. https://www.golfchannel.com/video/how-stop-hitting-golf-shots-heel
  16. Jake Hutt does a quickie vid on the throw it out the back move, Steve Pratt advocates an early throw as well, and the “motorcycle move” is practically ubiquitous to modern golf teaching vids. The value for me here is the step by step getting into the backswing properly elements as well as the detailed hand and wrist action paired with the downswing leg action that is demonstrated perfectly, then shown in action with the various students at the end. I am sure that the video has merit for nearly all players that suffer from inconsistency. If there is anything missing it would be showing this wit
  17. It's cheap - It's absolute GOLD - just go buy it. Maybe his best - which is a bold statement. The downswing parts alone are worth the price.
  18. Well I'm no expert - but the general idea is that wearing the apparatus gets you to visualize and feel what a full turn is as well as correcting for a number of downswing sequence issues - as in - if your sequence is off you will likely hit the box. So in that respect it is a decent self corrective tool that uses a ver large visual cue to get you into your turn properly. Turns out - I'm turning/sequencing fine - so I don't really need it. My big issue is 100% grip related - and this does nothing for a weak grip.
  19. I have a very lightly used Gankas G Box that I am selling. Used it a few times. Would like to sell it locally in So Cal if possible. $75
  20. So that is about where I am with speed - and you may just be maxed out or at a plateau. The best advice is to stick with the actual SS program for a few months and push yourself. You are going to have good days and slow days - think long term. Stretch, and stay loose.
  21. SWING FAST - simply means that you should be getting your speed through being limber, loose and feel minimal tension throughout the range of the swing. Some tension is obviously necessary or you would lose grip on the club and it would fly off - and of course there is core tension as you rotate - but overall - the big factors of speed are fast twitch muscles firing in your sequence with little actual flexing of your muscles - especially your arms and chest. You need to be loose. You need to be able to rip through your speed fast - but without muscle tension (as there is when swinging ia heavy
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