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  1. It was fantastic to watch, hoping for a rematch.
  2. You’ll all be rooting for him during the Ryder cup; Captain America, don’t act like you won’t. (Unless you’re not American of coarse).
  3. I think this is a very smart looking version from PING and I like the classic black and grey/chrome accent. I'm still not very keen on the look of turbulators but I guess I could get used to them. This driver will perform great for sure but every reviewer mentions the sound and that concerns me. I've specifically passed on drivers just because of the sound (looking at you Cobra F6 and PING G) and I'm hoping that the sound of these isn't going to ruin it. I've been a Cobra guy for a long time but the Rad kind of looks like a clown show to me (I'm probably getting too old). Sin
  4. At some point do you envision the CNC milled infinity face encompassing the entire driver so that the whole driver is one single CNC milled piece of infinity face awesomeness?
  5. Shawn Paul

    Ping G425

    I am disappointed that Ping completely skipped over the G420. With Hzrdus smoke shaft? C’mon man.
  6. I’ve watched all the Cobra Rad videos and it seems like a lot of guys are leaving balls out to the right and that concerns me a bit. This is the cycle year I replace my Cobra driver. Should I be concerned?
  7. Hello. I purchased some Mizuno MP-33's a couple years ago so I could see what blades are like. I really like them and I pull them out when I want to dial in my tempo and square my hits. Sometimes I even game them if I'm feeling confident. They have Dynamic Gold S300 shafts and I don't like the feel or the flight of the Dynamic Golds and I want to replace them. In My JPX 900 forged (the gamers) I have KBS Tour 120 S and I really like them. They have the feel I like and the ball flight that works for me. For the MP33's I want a more responsive shaft, lighter feel
  8. I fixed your member name! That putter is the bees knees.
  9. I actually think the putter looks cool that way. Patina is in.
  10. Anyone know how many of these Qb6 SBS putters Bettinardi will actually have for sale? A thousand, ten thousand? Do you think this is the type of unique Betti issue that will increase in price over time if left in the box? Asking for a friend ...
  11. I have a buddy who invites his buddy once in a while. He's the type of guy who rolls into the clubhouse 5 minutes to t time and says "whats up *ags" loudly in front of staff. Think Todd Packer from the office. He drinks in excess, talks about snorting, reminisces about the good old days in college, etc. I told my buddy when he invites him again that they are playing together at a different time than us. I have no time or patience for it. My advice is to tell your buddies that you'll still golf with them but not when dude is around. Chances are they feel the same way. How the heck did
  12. My buddies and I did some testing last year. We were in consensus that the yellow ball seemed closer to us, off the ground. It's kind of a weird observation but not all of us were bothered by that either. I've found personally that I don't seem to find the yellow balls on the course as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's because I'm used to white balls, maybe the yellow balls just don't stand out as much as you'd think they do. Either way, they're both hard to find when you hit them into the woods...
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