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  1. I fixed your member name! That putter is the bees knees.
  2. I actually think the putter looks cool that way. Patina is in.
  3. Anyone know how many of these Qb6 SBS putters Bettinardi will actually have for sale? A thousand, ten thousand? Do you think this is the type of unique Betti issue that will increase in price over time if left in the box? Asking for a friend ...
  4. I have a buddy who invites his buddy once in a while. He's the type of guy who rolls into the clubhouse 5 minutes to t time and says "whats up *ags" loudly in front of staff. Think Todd Packer from the office. He drinks in excess, talks about snorting, reminisces about the good old days in college, etc. I told my buddy when he invites him again that they are playing together at a different time than us. I have no time or patience for it. My advice is to tell your buddies that you'll still golf with them but not when dude is around. Chances are they feel the same way. How the heck did
  5. My buddies and I did some testing last year. We were in consensus that the yellow ball seemed closer to us, off the ground. It's kind of a weird observation but not all of us were bothered by that either. I've found personally that I don't seem to find the yellow balls on the course as much as I thought I would. Maybe it's because I'm used to white balls, maybe the yellow balls just don't stand out as much as you'd think they do. Either way, they're both hard to find when you hit them into the woods...
  6. Reviving this thread as discussion around the Corona Virus aka Covid 19 aka Wuhan virus. It has me wondering, what golf equipment is still made in America? And should we anticipate distribution issues since everything seems to be made in China? And why are clubs so expensive if they’re made in China? ?
  7. Looks like TaylorMade missed the boat on the ball/putter combo with this monstrosity unless there is something coming out next week that only pairs with the TP5 ball. We can only assume this putter has a great "personality".
  8. They misspelled maverick
  9. Yes, you got it. If it gives you confidence then it works even if it's fallacious. Like lucky shoes or keeping the ball marker always in your right pocket. Does this link work? If not, search my golf spy labs line vs no line ~
  10. I know I know, not a popular OPINION. Lining up your ball to putt is hot right now. So hot that all mfgr's are making special alignment balls and even putters to match (Triple Track). But that little line on the ball has no bearing on how you putt, it's all in your mind. Few things annoy me more than watching someone spend time lining up their ball line to the hole and then totally missing it. I think we should all be able to envision an imaginary line through the ball. I mean the putter has alignment on it. Isn't that enough? Do we want to draw a line from the ball to the hole? Is t
  11. The Betti wedges have worked well for me. Coming from rusted Vokeys which were also pretty good. I can say that people always ask about the wedges and comment on how nice they look.
  12. If you have to use the ball alignment line on the ball to line up your putt you probably don’t know what you’re doing. Just like, my opinion man. Doesn’t care a bit when my granola friends tell me how bad golf is for the environment. I like Ricky Fowler and I always root for him. I don’t see the greatness in Rory McIlroy and I think he’s over rated. The Ryder Cup is so much fun. If you’ve never been you may not understand. All should be allowed to wear shorts, but never jorts. If you think you’re playing too slow, you probably are.
  13. I always wanted to play golf as a kid, but golf was expensive. Neither my father or mother played golf. I played football, basketball, baseball and ran track. All of these sports were not expensive to play. Eventually my Dad's boss gave him some old hand me down snake killers and a 5 gallon bucket of balls. It helped me to get started but it wasn't until I was 21 that I played golf on an actual course. From there I didn't start golfing for real until I was 32 years old because in my circle of friends, nobody played golf. In my experience, money can certainly make the difference to get
  14. I think his wrists could start to give him trouble as he gets older, who knows. I still have no idea how he does that thingy with his wrists and manages to get the club face square.
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