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  1. I don't necessarily prioritize spin around the green but that is an area im looking to improve on from 100 yards in is getting the ball to stop quicker and I normally don't to much spin on irons or full wedges into a green to get to spin back or check really quick and I have a higher ball flight already so its more that than spin to get the ball to stay on greens.
  2. I currently play the previous gen TP5 pix but I am almost out was hoping to get the buy 3 get 1 on the 2021 TP5s but the sale ended early and I missed out. instead I was able to get the Bridgestone player pack which 3 dozen balls after coupon for $90. I went with the Bridgestone XS cause Im looking for spin around on the greens and not sure the X at 98 compression will give me that but at 86 compression for XS Im worried it is to soft for me seeing im used to the TP5 and 90. I really liked the TP5 but couldn't pass up on the price I got for the Bridgestone Xs would I be better off keeping the Bridgestone's or paying more for the TP5's at $48/dozen any info would be appreciated I seem to do this every year when I need new golf balls
  3. Currently play the TP 5X prior gen need to get more golf balls running low and not sure to get the newer TP5X or TP5 cause played that a round and like the feel and didnt notice muchblost distance if any.. I also did the VFit for Bridgestone and have a 101 SS and got the RX felt real soft and not sure about it didnt play much with it cause group a head me i believe picked it up..but have been told i would get more distance than the TP's and better spin around greens
  4. I did that and was fitted for the RX didnt get much from the trial pack except they were soft.. I played them to early in year to get a good judgement of them and group in front of me picked it up.. Did play with the TP5 for 9 holes and found that just as good as the TP 5X and more spin on wedges so thats a possibilty now
  5. Every thing you said is my thinking to so I doubt I will go with the RX seeing it will always be in my head and probably will just stick with TP5X and get the newer generation than I play now cause I have no complaints with it maybe just a little more bite around the green
  6. My issue is my SS is just below 105 and BStone rep is convinced the RX is best over the X and said the X I would lose distance and the RX would reduce my fading over the TP5X .. My other issue is yes SS with Driver is like 101-103 but my club for 150 yds is a 9 iron so that puts me above a 101 SS
  7. I think I ruled out the BStone Tour X and now looking at the RX or the TM TP 5X cause SS is 101
  8. Did u find one straighter with Driver my shape is a fade and how about around the green
  9. The RX is 65 and X is 85 for the 2020 and that was told me from a Bridgestone gold ball fitting rep.. The RX was recommended for me but found it to soft and I was told id I went to tje X I would lose distance cause of my SS but the TP 5x I currently play has a higher compression so im totally confused
  10. Can you tell the difference with compression seeing the TM is 97 and Bridgestone is only 85.. What is your SS
  11. I currently play the prior version of the TP 5X and getting low so I need to but more .. Do I go with the newer TP 5X higher compression that current model or try the 2020 Bridgestone Tour X swing speed is 103-105 with driver ..7 iron distance is 170
  12. Currently play TM TP5X prior gen compression is like 90 and really like the ball but need to get more .. Do I get the newer TM TP5x with a compression of 97 that has me a little nervous of such a high compression. Or I did a Vfit for Bridgestone and was sent the newest RX for SS of 103 but found that compression of 65 to be to soft and thinking of trying the Bridgestone tour X compression 85 but the Bridgestone rep said i would lose distance with the X compared to RX with my SS even if my SS was 107.. Like both balls just dont know what fits best
  13. Im looking at these irons to replace my M1s I have hit them both and #s were similar but the AP3s had faster SS so a little longer and more spin and hit more centered..The 790s hit higher on clubface and my misses were better and my dispersion of shots were over a smaller area than the AP3s..My concern if i chosee the AP3s r the lofts of the long irons r not as strong as 790s and the M1s I have had..any help or info would be great
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