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  1. Seems like they’re similar profiles I get great numbers with the smoke green 6.5 non tx but looking for tighter dispersion so I picked up the ventus. I did not get the ventus tipped but I’m assuming the smoke green is since I got it directly from taylormade, hoping I don’t regret not getting ventus tipped as it’s already been butt cut.
  2. Currently playing 6.5 in the smoke green and looking for comparison to ventus 6x.
  3. No one with experience with these two shafts?
  4. Tried on the new fj traditions yesterday and the medium was a little tight right behind the toe box for me. Nothing that was too bad but wondering if I should go wide or if they’ll stretch a little. Anybody have measurements of medium vs wide?
  5. Anyone compare these two shafts ventus blue 7x vs ad iz 7x for a 3 wood. Also is there a real difference in the tx of the ad iz?
  6. No one has hit both on the monitor with same shaft?
  7. On avg how much more does the sim max spin compared to the sim?
  8. Interested in a comparison to ad di too.
  9. What’s the spin like compared to bf?
  10. Any trackman numbers comparing both?
  11. Is this limited to certain items? If not heck of a deal if you wanted to buy a car or big ticket item.
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