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  1. No one has hit both on the monitor with same shaft?
  2. On avg how much more does the sim max spin compared to the sim?
  3. Interested in a comparison to ad di too.
  4. What’s the spin like compared to bf?
  5. Any trackman numbers comparing both?
  6. Is this limited to certain items? If not heck of a deal if you wanted to buy a car or big ticket item.
  7. Is the m6 considered a low spin head say vs g400lst? With the m5 you have adjustability for spin to some degree but how does the m6 stack up?
  8. What’s a shaft similar to the kai’li 70 but lower spin?
  9. I know people are taking old detour Cameron’s and putting copper inserts so they are like a button back. But is anybody making copper or different inserts for the new models?
  10. Who mills the heads for Byron? I know he adds the finishing touches but who actually makes the heads? I’ve searched and found nothing just thought it would be interesting to know.
  11. Anybody hit these yet? Saw they won an award on another website.
  12. Can’t believe mizuno doesn’t put these on the classics list. If they did half of GolfWRX would prob by a set the first day.
  13. I know mizuno used to offer certain irons that were “classics” that you could order new from them. Anybody know if this possible with the mp64. The new stuff doesn’t feel or look as good imo.
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