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  1. Same here. I can’t hit a hybrid to save my life.
  2. I haven’t Gamed a 3 iron in years. I recently got a set of 716MB 3-PW. I was very reluctant to play the 3 iron, but I put it in the bag anyway. After a couple of so-so shots, I pured one on long par 4 Into the wind. I gotta say it’s staying in the bag, at least for now. Anyone else gaming a 3 iron? Your thoughts?
  3. Any info on this bag folks? Some said it's Japanese? It's pretty shiny and heavy as s***. Looks cool though.
  4. Beauty. Is this still new condition? I try to keep it clean and covered when not in use.
  5. They Dubs HC was a gift from the wifey. She made it herself.
  6. I have a 915 3 wood that I parked in the garage. Doesn't have the same feel and consistency of the Sonartec
  7. If only the rain would stop in California. We can go out and enjoy some golf.
  8. Pulled the 690s from the garage and updated it with KBS C Taper 120 S shaft. Yes. That is a Sonartec 4 wood. Can't seem to get rid of the ol girl!
  9. Sonartec SS-07 4 wood. Can't get rid of this club.
  10. Hi. Can someone give me an idea on how to remove the Blemish on my GoLo? It's a light brown blemish on the top of the club that I cannot get rid off. Please help!
  11. This site is filled with amazingly competent people not only on the topic of golf. I learned and saved so much moola since joining this site. Just like everything else there are great members and there are some not so good members. Overall, I'm glad I stumbled upon this site as I was searching for answers in a club repair that I was working on a while back. Keep up the good work mods! I certainly will continue to be fan of this site and the people in it!!!
  12. Titleist 910 D2 - $100 Sonartec 3 wood - $20 Titleist 910h - $50 Adams MB2 3-PW - $250 Cobra Wedges 51, 55 - $80 GoLo - $100 $600 mix and match from local retailers and eBay.
  13. It's shows "OBO". I didn't know asking a question is frowned upon here. I'll take you on advice on the pm, thanks.
  14. Update. Gaming the GoLo this year. Also trying out the Adams fw. Gave the titleist 3 wood and hybrid a break.
  15. Ping Anser 2 BeCu since I started playing many moons ago. I tried a Cameron recently and did not like the look and feel.
  16. [quote name='duuuuuuce' timestamp='1436281195' post='11902906']I've never used rusted clubs, when you strike s ball well does it leave more of a mark on the ball then other irons, I feel like my ball would be brown by the end of the round.[/quote] It doesn't leave any marks on the ball. I played with the same ball for 9 holes today after work and I don't see any visible browning on the ball.
  17. [quote name='benclab' timestamp='1434914448' post='11801410']Nice bag. What's the distance gap between your 5 iron and 21*? How far do you hit them? I've been thinking of doing that myself.[/quote] I basically use it as a 200 yd club. Depending if course in a lot of things but generally that's how I play that club.
  18. [attachment=2816604:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1434912756.038430.jpg] I know this is a golf forum but I can't help myself!
  19. Thanks for the info guys. Still undecided on what route to go as far as refinishing. Got the putter really cheap so I may invest in the restoration. Or I may play as is, wrap it in a wet towel ala the old way to get the rust evenly on the old "RTG" wedge. I'll rock the rusty look to match my irons. � [attachment=2791620:ImageUploadedByGolfWRX Mobile1433471019.427768.jpg]
  20. mang_gustin

    Oil Can?

    Hey guys. Just want to ask the Scotty experts out there if this is the oil can model that I stumbled upon. Looks like the patina has been stripped off. Any info will be appreciated.
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