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  1. Do we know when these are coming out?
  2. How do you build a combo set when these are like 3.5-4.5 stronger than standard lofts. Can't go that weak on custom order on website, but assuming you could call it in or order through shop/club, wont altering lifts that much add a ton of bounce or something like that?
  3. [*]Where are you located (City, State -- U.S. Only Please)? Houston, TX #houstonstrong [*]How many rounds of golf do you play monthly? 6-8 [*]What’s your current shoe brand/model of choice? Why?. Tour 360 Boost and recently found some Adipower Boost 3 in my size finally. I am all about tour sauce and then comfort. I also have a hard time finding size 14 and adidas is great about size availability. I also like the stylish simplicity of adidas golf shoes. I hate that edgy try hard Nike bs and footjoy puts me to sleep. I like Ecco but they don't have the sizes for NFL sized athletes. [*]How
  4. If you look at the custom options download, it doesn't look like there are any upcharges on steel except px lz's or DG TI
  5. As a club ho that needs instant gratification, I hope very soon means earlier than November.
  6. Great info. That means we should be getting more info very soon! November release for the 730's JWF Sorry I have stopped following these threads about the irons for a bit. How certain are we on the November release suggestion? They are available in the Taylormade ordering module with a ship date of November 11th John I am assuming this is a dealer/distributor thing?
  7. Where'd that pic come from
  8. Really need to know when these are coming out. The mp18's are calling my name and I am scared I will end up buying both.
  9. This TM guy is savage on here. +1
  10. i thought the 70x copper was an option, but doesn't look like it on the site.
  11. What's the over/under on 1st one to show up on BST?
  12. Probably Will at The Peoples Clubs Correct
  13. Looking at specs, looks like Evo II is 2.5 torque and the 2.0 DJ Version is 2.8. Weights are the same.
  14. TPC has these. I thought I read on here that DJ's shaft was a proto made specifically for him. Anyone gamed one of these or know what the difference is vs the Evo 2.0 that's been out for a while?
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