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  1. Not sure where to begin so I’ll start with putter fitting – mental issues. I have enough scar tissue from just the dad of one of Today’s US Senior Women’s finalists that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. And that is drop in the bucket. I didn’t putt well enough to win a college tournament or get out the Western Regional PGA Tour Qualifying School. I have a lot of golf scar tissue I don’t think John Hatfield can help with. Putting was always an issue and I had a front row seat watching Bob Gilder and Peter Jacobson kept putting better when I didn’t. But I was good enough to win a few tournaments and after eighteen months of despair I’m back on the right track with a different stroke and Aim Point. So, I feel pretty good on the greens. Feeling confident will be the result of more success in tournaments nothing else. For me fitting is a process not an event. I need to putt well on Poa, bent grass, Bermuda, and Rye hard to do in one fitting. For example, I’ve had three shafts on my current putter all the same type just slightly different stiffness to get the right feel. I build and test, evaluate each spec. And I’ve experimented with how milling changes the sound in carbon steel and 303 stainless steel do I really need to do more? John Hatfield has a great resume with Ray Cook, Mike Taylor with Hogan and both with Nike so their talents are not in question. But basic question remains, how do you know what you are getting? Remember what Mark O’Meara said to Tiger after he beat him by a shot at the Masters? Now you know why it’s the backup. Tiger was using Mark’s backup Ping Anser 2. My current Classic Newport is essentially a backup, the sweet spot is just a little off for most of my slight misses toward the heel. I could pull out either of my 85020 Ping Anser putters and not have the issue, but I don’t like sound.
  2. Thanks, there is nothing on the top line I would find distracting. My Newport did so I had it copper plated.
  3. If I owned this putter I would put may favorite grip on it, bend it to my specs and game it.
  4. Very true but I still don't see artisan putters when I play in tournaments or organized games for that matter. So I wonder are the answers I seek in me, the putter or a combination of the two? After eighteen months of darkness on the greens, I'm getting closer to where I was before. What would make my putting better by hopping a quick flight to Dallas and a short drive to Ft Worth?
  5. Either the same or slightly lighter. I like the Dyanmic Gold 115 wedge shafts and they are a couple of grams lighter than my irons.
  6. I fill out his workorders and add see attqched. I have a saved copy of my own build sheet with his address. I've never asked the cost of his machine work but iti has always been fair.
  7. Sorry no, there aren't enough good 8802 putters out there to test your hypothesis. And I'm not lending out any of mine. I can roll the ball well with just about any putter, from the one in your avatar to some unususal mallets I own. The putter I've chosen to use is based on performance on 2% slopes. In Scotty Cameron's 20 foot flat putt test it came in fourth. Tournament results will ultimately decide the putter I use. Imagine a straight 12 foot putt for a birdie, you pull it and leave it short you have a six footer for par, if you pull it and it rolls past the hole the ball rolls off the green down a hill. Where do you hit it and with what find of a stroke?
  8. Or play organized comptetive games and tournaments. Where I keep my handicap in the Valley of the Sun has organized games every Wednesday and Sataurday on different courses. And I have a monthly Sunday group that does the same. Because how do you learn to putt well? Several people teach you and tournament play.
  9. Based on a tournament I recently played in yes I do.
  10. I would argue that the problem is technique if you can't roll it well with an Anser style. If you are having trouble with aim or alignment then consider other options.
  11. Ken is about to convert a Wilson 8813 to the Australian version without the aligment lines and a sight dot for me. Filling the sightlines and drilling a site dot. I've been using him for many years and I'm happy with the work.
  12. It is a versitle shape that has worked since it was introduced in the sixties for a large group of putters. I don't see how it culd be considered overated.
  13. I don't live in Oregon, I live in Scottsdale Arizona so about 1,000 miles a two day drive.
  14. The thing is with my old stroke I already owned the pieces of the putter I was searching for, the black 8813 in my avatar. Two of the 8802s in avatar were wands, I used one for 17 years, both have illegal grips. If my new stroke holds up, I may have the pieces already. One good tournament putting is not enough to make the decision. If not my first stop would be near me, Lamont Mann, he was very helpful restoring a Titleist Tour Model putter a few pages back.
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