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  1. Yes, mine looks better now as it darkens.
  2. I have a June 15th post of the putter with copper plating. Please note I requested they save maximum weight so many small nicks are still present. I had Embrace Putters do the plating.
  3. Classic Newport first Oil Can Newport second
  4. Why not leave it as is. Put your favorite grip on it, bend it to your specs and play it?
  5. My Okatie feels just the way a raw carbon steel blade should feel. And the sound with a Pro V1 just what I expect. I can't ask for more. The sweet spots seems to be on the sight line. Something that never happens with my Wilson 8813 putters. They did their job well the rest is up to me.
  6. I have six at home, one in the office and about another fifty in storage.
  7. My Okatie came today. I'll post pictures tomorrow but it looks like the specs I ordered. And it looks and sits nice.
  8. I did buy up a few a couple years back. I put one in a copper plated classic Newport.
  9. True but people dump illeglly when legal means are cost prohibitive. I'm glad he's now close.
  10. I had a great putter fitting at Hot Stix a few years back. For my setup up to that time. A setup change in my swing about a month ago meant doing the same thing with my hips and legs for all shots including putting. I will get another fitting to match the setp but bending from hip more suddenly made one of the crticisms of my stoke make sense and explain why I had to work so hard in the past to not hit putts slightly thin.
  11. This type of putter has been around. Ping, MacGregor, TP Mills, Geo Low and Ray Cook all were making putters similar in the seventies and earlier.
  12. That looks good enough that I took a flyer on one of these. With a blackcyber30 discount it was about the same as modifying an existing head.
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