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  1. The soles are glossy, the tops are frosted a Ken Flanigan copy of the original 8802 finish in several cases.
  2. I won't worry about this one but I don't worry too much about these and BOS Golf's Aquamarine and Oil Can finish seem to come off just by looking at it. I'm fine with that. I have plating options if it matters. A classic Newport will get the same finish as my Vokey 10th Anniversaries, black nickel or black chrome depending on the mood of Ken Flanigan.
  3. I have no idea if it works, but I will find out. My avatar has nine Wilson AP, 8802 & 8813 putters, only five fall into the best of their breed class.
  4. It is a Wilson 8802 after all and will eventually be pretty but why not play it for awhile as is. Then let Ken Flanigan do his magic and BOS Golf put a satin Oil Can finish on it,
  5. My Tenth Anniversary Vokey wedges both have the same bounce and rounded leading edges because I use the 52 out of bunkers.
  6. I just bought this and think a pitted Napa shaft I own would be perfect.
  7. People want something special no harder than that. The current putter in my bag a Wilson 8813 can't be duplicated certainly not with a milling machine. The old forging are just better if the sweet spot is in the right place.
  8. Me too, a YSC is as stiff as I want to go. I had more than a little struggle finding a shaft for my Titleist Tour Model putter. More adventure as I try to find a stepped shaft shaft for an 8802 clone with a copper face.
  9. My two Cameron Newports of the era are getting Black Chrome/ Nickel and brushed copper because if I bought a classic Newport in 1995 it would have been plated before I used it and regripped. The black will be a tribute to Slim Thug's Caddy on Texas Metal and the Copper on a Pro Platinum Limited run will be a tribute to the Copper Caddy on Bitchin Rides. Whether it adds any value, I don't really care.
  10. In my case there are a lot of iron shafts I cannot hit so really important.
  11. My Vokey 10th Anniversary wedges in Black Nickel. Gloss black paint fill will give it a simple classic look.
  12. I certainly like Ping Anser Fs, Anser Alan Solheim hand grounds, early Anser 2s and some Tad Moore blades. For an 8802 type blade hunt down a Confidence ESP 5 Bob Williams Grind with the copper insert. Mine rolls the ball like dream.
  13. I've always tuned out the marketing. As for old tech in golf shafts, I just finished a year and half of testing "new" iron shaft technology, it lost to old Dynalite Gold (not XP). And I'm tempted to put a Titleist tip on an old Rapport Blue Velvet I have that is weaker than the one I used successfully with a holy grail Taylormade 300.
  14. I don't understand why this is a problem. A shaft either fits you or it doesn't.
  15. You could copy the concept of the Gauge Design Switcher putter easily enough.
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