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  1. Hip clearance is more about creating room for the arms and club to swing through or alternatively as Monte has said It helps get the speed pointed in its ultimate direction
  2. Check out the book The Flexible Golf Swing by Roger Frederick
  3. Sam Snead's brother, Homer, seemed to think so: "No bowlegged man can swing at the ball the right way. Just no way. If you're bowlegged you might as well go fishing." But keep in mind he was very opinionated on the golf swing
  4. FWIW Hogan in Power Golf suggested setting up knock kneed and having the knees work toward each other during the swing, and Snead recommended similar.
  5. Took the words right out of my mouth. I'll add Mickey Wright right behind him though. Her swing was technically flawless but even by her own admission it was a bit on the manufactured side. My favorite current day swing is Hannah Green's. Can't beat the simplicity and efficiency.
  6. Hardly, it can be a valuable tool in setting the rhythm for the entire swing
  7. This Osaka drama is a bunch of BS. She didn’t want to face any difficult questions about her poor record on clay surfaces, so she withdrew while doing people with legitimate mental health issues a disservice.
  8. 100%. I've believed for a good while that she's the most talented player on the LPGA Tour. When she's playing at her best she can put on a show.
  9. You won’t find a bigger fan of Ariya than I. She’s got the firepower but It seems like she’d struggle to hit it in the middle of the face. Very very happy to see her win again. I hope this means she’s regularly contending again.
  10. Before Bianca arrived on the scene, I would have agreed 100% with you. What I would give to see an Ariya v Bianca pairing with Ariya pulling driver and able to hit it solid.
  11. How does gravity contribute to sucking it inside on the backswing?
  12. Not confidence inspiring. Back when Ariya won the USWO, she had a Trackman measured drive of about 158 mph ball speed with her 3 wood. If she ever had the courage to break out driver, that would put her just above 110 mph, just below the PGA Tour average.
  13. since I’m taking swing speed or ball speed how about trackman data?
  14. Where’s the data to support that?
  15. I was answering a question someone asked about Patty’s swing speed. Mentioning them is completely relevant seeing that they are two of the longest/fastest on the LPGA Tour, any opinions about their golfing ability or similar notwithstanding.
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