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  1. I’m thinking someone on the assembly line wasn’t paying attention. Too many iron orders from GOLFwrx members and they’re under the gun and can’t handle the pressure Rox
  2. Thanks! I fought with it a few times again and same results so I am returning it but not giving up. I already have another one on the way direct from Rapsodo. Will have it in a week and will follow up. It’s a great unit and easy to use, but the fact it kept shutting down made me follow Frank’s advice above and get it replaced. I suspect it’s a one off and my new one will be just fine. Rox
  3. Will do Frank! Thanks for the help! I tried the unit on the same level and then on a 1” block to elevate it a bit and didn’t make a difference. Like I said, if I could get it to register reasonable data up to the 8-iron, that’s all I’m asking for. Rox
  4. Just received the MLM today and went through a session with all my irons in my garage mat and net. 16’ of distance to work with and 14’ ceiling. The unit began working on the 1st ball. 6.5’ from MLM to ball and then 8’ from ball to Net. Started with the wedges and all 4 showed reliable and repeatable data. That’s where it ended. 9-7 irons would not register distances more than 131(my PW distance). Longest 4-iron was 171 yards and my on course avg is 211 yards. Unit shut down the App numerous times and I had to open it again, re-connect and t
  5. I was having issues with my 4 iron consistency. Only club I was struggling with. My set is 5-PW in ZX7 and 4-iron in the ZX5. On the swing weight scale all ZX7 irons were D3. Perfect as per their specs online. The ZX5 4-iron was C9! Must have been a bad day on the Srixon assembly line. Pulled the head, and re-assembled at D2, thought I would start there. Today I hit it much better. That being said, I am considering adding the 4-iron and ZX Utility to the bag and playing my J15s again along with the Z585 5 & 6 irons. Th
  6. Could be he wants to free agent and see how it goes or maybe Rahm’s signing with Callaway left Berger out for the time being? Rox
  7. Am I mistaken or does Daniel Berger have a SIm in the bag in Hawaii? I thought he was a Callaway staffer? It looked certainly looked like a SIM/Ventus Black off the Tee on 16. Rox
  8. Lots of great feedback on the benefit of Graphite’s in the irons, both positive and negative. Another option might be the True Temper Elevates with the VSS. I navigate back and forth between the $-Taper 125 and Tour Elevates. Both similar flight(touch more spin on the Elevates for me) but definitely softer on the forearms and elbows when I was recovering from an injury. They do work. Another option would be to try the ProSoft Vibration inserts or something similar to dampen the vibration on your existing set. Try one in your practice club and see if it alleviates
  9. Appreciate the info Knudson! Im good with a higher ball flight. I’m one who could benefit from a little increase. Mainly for off the T on the shorter par 4s so not really looking for a lot of roll out. I’m very surprised at how the ZX blends into the ZX5 and ZX7s, TBH. I’m actually going to try my Z585 5&6 irons on the Flightscope as well as their top lines are so similar to the new ones and I think they felt great, not clicky for me and a slightly higher ball flight. And I know my yardages with them. I might bag them and bench the ZX7 5&
  10. Photos of ZX7 5-iron, ZX5. 4-iron amd ZX 3 utility. They all blend very well. Last photo is of the ZX5 4/iron-the back of the cavity is visible at address, but no more than my J15CB 4-iron. Rox
  11. Message sent! Seller was in Australia, but the Sponsors on GOLFwrx may be able to help you out as well, so check them out! Rox
  12. Just received the ZX5 4-iron and ZX 3 utility. These look real good and really similarOh in size! Here are comparison photos of the two fresh off the DHL truck. I will try to post photos of the ZX7 with these when I get the chance... ZX5 has the sticker on the face. Rox
  13. Yeah, V-sole will definitely help minimize digging-there a fair bit of bounce along the leading edge. Rox
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