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  1. Another G20 Driver! Slipped into the bag after the F9 was sent to the penalty box. I have the original KK 60X on it and enjoyed 3 great driving rounds with it. I’m stupid so I’ll pull it and try the G410 this week tho Rox
  2. I like the moveable rear weight on the TSi3 driver and the moveable dole weight on the TSi3 Fairway-kinda like the M5 fairway sole plate. Rox
  3. I agree with this... I replaced my KBS $-Taper 125s for the Tour Elevate 120s in the X-flex SS once. Similar flight but the VSS really works and the shaff is smooth even on partial shots. Smoother than the $-Tapers, which is hard to believe. No problem holding greens and again similar to the $-Tapers. Not sure if there is much of a difference with the lighter Elevates like the Stock Callaways but I love my 120s. Rox
  4. Bridgestone J15CBs! Y’all have heard it for many years since their release and will continue to hear it for years to come. They are truly one of the greatest! Sooo soft, consistent and one of the best sole designs created. Rox
  5. Hmmm, never considered the ProV1x in yellow.... good alternative, thx for bringing that up! Rox
  6. I feel this way about the Bridgestone Tour B-XS yellow vs white. Yellow feels hard to me and the performance isn’t there-I seem to have less control with the yellow. Doesn’t seem to spin as much and honestly feels like a cheap distance ball to me.Not impressed at all. I used 2 Optic Yellow Balls and gave the rest away. Back to the white B-XS for good. Rox
  7. That’s what I stated in the initial reply..... ” Standard loft and standard loft draw settings remain the same...” Rox
  8. Yeah-an open faced head is better than too closed at standard. Hit it well! Rox
  9. [{"insert":{"embed-external":{"data":{"url":"https://us.v-cdn.net/6024507/uploads/S0L673PUBTH4/image.jpeg","name":"image.jpeg","type":"image/jpeg","size":2452961,"width":768,"height":1024,"mediaID":5524504,"dateInserted":"2020-08-02T18:16:22+00:00","insertUserID":3215,"foreignType":"embed","foreignID":3215,"embedType":"image"},"loaderData":{"type":"image"}}}},{"insert":"\n"}]

  10. The Settings will play opposite so Draw will Fade and a Fade will Draw. Standard loft and standard loft draw settings remain the same. Realize some heads will naturally sit open or close rather than square. Closing a naturally open head “might” only bring it back to square. Honestly, try the club in different settings on the range and see what works; we should all be trying different settings before committing to a particular one anyways. I don’t think players try the adjustment enough prior to bagging the club for full rounds. Rox
  11. Played the Tour Elevate X-flex in my irons the last 2 weeks. Compared to $-Taper 125 and Modus 120X, the Elevates peak the highest, but not by much, next would be $-Tapers and then the Modus sry close to the $-Tapers. Feel goes to the Elevates which is high praise from me considering I thought the $-Tapers felt superior to any other up until now. Spin appears more in the Elevates (more stopping control). The Elevates are in for the rest of the season. Consistancy is the best I’ve experienced in an iron shaft. IMHO these are not like the Pxi; I think a close comparision is the KBS FLT shaft. H
  12. Roxald’s WITB 2020 Cobra F9 9°Hzdus Smoke Green 6.0 75 gram; Hotmelted to D5 Cobra F7 Blue 14.5°/Hazrdus Red 6.5 75 grams; D5 Cobra F9 19° Hybrid stock Atmos Black 7s; D5 4-PW Bridgestone J15CB/Tour Elevate VSS X-Stiff:1/2” overlength; D5 Adams CMB 50° GW/KBS Tour Stiff Custom Black/Green Label; D6 SM7 Black 54°/KBS Tour Stiff Custom Black/Green Label; D6 RTX-4 59°/KBS Tour Stiff Custom Black/Green Label; D6 TM Spider-S Blue 36.25”; E5 with Extra-long Super Stroke Traxion with 50 gram counterbalance grip weight. Sun Mountain C-130 Stand Bag WINN Dri-Tac Oversized Grey on all clubs. Titleist Pr
  13. Ernie Els plays them. Rox
  14. if You have consistent swigweights I would try the Tour Elevate Stiff or $-Taper 115s or 120s. i think those two shafts offer a very smooth feel that the Modus 120 doesn’t . The Tour Elevates do not get much attention but should. I think most people would be surprised how well they perform. Rox
  15. J15CB’s since 2016.Strayed away and always came back to then. Mine have $-Taper 125’s since last year. Tgis is the first year I’ve used the 4-iron and for some reason it’s my most consistent club, so far. Great combo and improved decent angle are helping so much. The only other irons that intrigue me are the Miura tc-201s. Rox
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