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  1. Yeah! Skylinks and El dorado in LB are sweet. also rio Hondo oakmont in Glendale is fire!
  2. welcome to LA! 100% muni guy here and here are some course to try.. Brookside in Pasadena Whitter narrows in Rosemead montebello country club - short course Harding (next to Wilson) should be easier to get on. los amigos Monterey park golf course- Driving range with 9 hole for practice - if you can, take the hour drive to rustic canyon. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. are we going to receive the 2021 kit in 2021? I'm trying to use the cash bag while cash is still being used as currency.
  4. I forgot to mention the shops, they are so much fun! A lot of traditional gems but a lot of cool gear too. I’m more of a SnapBack, joggers or lululemon bottoms, and rock Nike AM1s or Jordan’s when I golf. I didn’t expect much love from the shops for my taste, but the shops at pebble definitely have something for everyone. some snap backs from the shops:
  5. The best sundae around! after I played spy I had the tap room for dinner. I was stuffed from the steak dinner, but waiter recommended the sundae. Wife and I got the half and wow- it was insanely delicious and the half is still huge! Walked PB the next morning with out breakfast to help digest.. I was flying with energy till the 17th.
  6. Yes, I stayed at the beautiful Spanish bay and it was a top of the line stay. The rooms were beautiful, my wife enjoyed just relaxing in the room enjoying room service while I was at PB. She said we are definitely staying at the lodge in our next stay and feel it will be a lot more convenient and well worth the up charge. thank you for the bag complement, the vokey site only has it up for a few days every year so I was glad to have got one.
  7. Yes have a new glove and balls ready... It’s $25 plus tax a sleeve(100 a box) there and they only carry TM gloves with a pebble ball marker which looks cool but the Velcro flaps open after every shot during play. def invest in a fore caddy the first round unless your text book study and have a gps print out of each hole. There’s way to many blind shots, force carry’s, and invisible bunkers to shoot your best the first time on. I caught my drive to the end of the fairway and was so happy till I walked up and didn’t know where to send the approach. from tee my approach
  8. Yes, we had a blast PB is another level and we can’t wait to get back. I have to admit the trip was way too short. we did visit Carmel and a pier with a lot of restaurants and food vendors, but didn’t really experience everywhere else and felt really rushed. The courses are AMAZING score wise I probably shot the worst I did in a long time, but I had the most fun ever playing golf- it’s just amazing to play out there. I will definitely leave a review ASAP. Yes, after seeing a lot of older couples there celebrating a special occasion or just enjoying time together, it really humble
  9. Roy's is a great time! I was just there today and it was so awesome!! my wife loved it so much she wants to go back in 2 months lol (better for me)!! here’s the angle coming in on 18 today- the best weather ever.
  10. I have both black and vokey- only complaint is the side pockets do not have much room. The zippers look like they are going to pop when a ping Norse jacket is inside. Besides that, best bag around for looks and function.
  11. Yes sir, I’ll be right back need to empty the phone to make room for pictures.
  12. Finally there next week op really helped our packing plans- don’t want to freeze to death up there coming from LA.
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