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  1. Yeah it’s crazy! the front tees are $10k and back tees are $20k depending on the day.
  2. If he made a hole in one on the 18th at Wynn, he would have got $20k.
  3. Played Wynn the day after the match and the caddie passed me Bryson’s lost ball. Can’t wait to use it this weekend
  4. Take less club and build up to driver during play.
  5. Heading out for a family trip and cart bags take up too much trunk space so just got this travel bag: gfore bags are sweet and super compact.
  6. Ok so the adams site itself is laughable, they advertise “same prices like you’ve seen on TV” and have very generic reviews from a bunch of random ppl who sound like they don’t golf often (nothing close to wrx reviews).. more in the lines of “I hit the best the ball in my life ever, can wait to hit another one very soon, wow!”. There is no adjustable head BUT you can adjust your purchase from a 3 wood or a 5 wood and their shaft options are stiff, reg, and m flex with their stock shaft. but don’t let the site fool you. really good head. They have this lip at the top the of face which adds to the size of the face/sweet spot…. Makes sense. (I’m a Titliest guy, tsi3 driver and 3) at address, the shape is really easy on the eyes and sits pretty neutral(which I love). Its no shock how easy it is to flight this 3 wood, the head performs the same as the tight lies 2 but feels a lot better at impact and slides through the turf. Easy off the tee and feels pure. the stock shaft is waaaaayyy too weak, I can’t control it so I can’t really speak on full performance yet. it previously came with a fujikura 60g which was a pretty solid combination, but this shaft is too whippy and light weight for my taste. I’m dropping my club off to switch to a hzrdus 6.5 smoke that was on my TSI3 3 wood or the original Fuji shaft the tight lies 2 came with which should be a solid match… the heads way too good not to tinker with, A LOT of potential. Adams ship fast, like lighting fast. I received my club in a few days of ordering which is really unexpected and that’s pretty awesome! After the shaft switch and a lot more miles with this head I shall return with a better review… till then, the saga continues.
  7. The DTLA stores hemming service is great. The store measured, fedex’d, and covered the shipping.
  8. this new series rocks! Really helped with my sequencing! My arms set before I plow my body through impact now. awesome combination of drills to really help you feel the proper movements in a 3D golf swing which is hard to understand from a video (for me). I’ve been using the slap shot or 2 Justin’s drills as a swing thought and produce some serious power off the tee box.
  9. Wow! That’s some serious change! Awesome guidance + serious hard work = great P6 through 8!! hope to see an update in the future!
  10. Is this still happening? wanted to trade some clubs in for a higher value than I would get now.
  11. had this driver for a while now and finally matched a shaft that controls the ball . new 3 #IYKYK- those who know what a tight lies can do, my tight lies 2 head cracked but just got the news release head: upside face is awesome easy to flight. shaft: weak… changing asap.
  12. Exact info I was looking for.. thank you so much good sir!
  13. Pros: Yes this is exactly how I felt when I hit a few balls at Roger dunn. hows the turf interaction during rounds from the 2019 to 2021? Are 2021 biting into to the turf like the TMBs type leading edge or is the new bounce design helping slide through like the 2019?
  14. Did anyone make a switch and confirm the difference to see if it’s worth an upgrade (shaft being equal)? mainly turf interaction- heard there was a bounce change to help
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