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  1. Last summer's forest fires severely hit Elkhorn Valley. They lost the clubhouse, maintenance buildings, irrigation system, and most of their greens keeping equipment. Hand watering greens trying to keep them alive. I believe they've sorta patched things together to keep the front 9 open at the moment, but it's a far cry from what it once was.
  2. A couple of your photos above are labeled Sheep Ranch when they're actually Old Macdonald.
  3. On some of the hollows in the fairways where balls collect, those areas get a lot of divots do they set nets across those areas to indicate free relief as the turf recovers.
  4. It’s summer. Every afternoon is going to see high winds. To maximize your enjoyment play your buddies in match play rather than stroke play. Compete against each other, not the scorecard.
  5. Having played at least 15 rounds on OM, I've grown to like it a lot. I have it below PD and BT in my personal resort ranking, but above BD and SR. Despite my affinity for it, it does have weaknesses. In particular, a few severe greens that are borderline unplayable in a strong wind. The par 4 11th (the homage to the Road Hole) and par 3 12th (homage to the Redan) are both virtually impossible to hold in Bandon's typical strong winds. Both are holes with long approach shots to greens that demand precision, and the surrounds on both green complexes are so severe that missed balls bounce well
  6. Find time late one afternoon to play the 9 hole Shorty’s course at the south end of the practice facility. Even better, do it carrying your putter and just two or three irons, manufacturing shots you normally wouldn’t try. Assuming you have your own car, drive down to the Pacific Ocean at sunrise and take a walk on the beach. While the resort and all the courses sit 100’ or so feet above the ocean, if you take Whisky Run Rd about 200 yards past the entrance to the Sheep Ranch, there’s a small parking area and easy access to a really pretty beach. You can even drive right onto it if
  7. If you want fine dining with a sunset view of the Pacific, your only real option (and it’s a very good one) is Lord Bennett’s in Bandon. The places others have mentioned are all nice, but they either have no view or are on the bay with no view of the ocean. Lord Bennett’s overlooks one of the most spectacular beaches on the west coast.
  8. You won't see any of the ocean cutting over to Florence from Eugene and then going south. What I'd HIGHLY recommend is to set your GPS to go PDX to Lincoln City on the coast, and then down 101 to Bandon. It only adds about 45 minutes to the trip, but there's stunning scenery on that stretch of the coast between Lincoln City and Florence. Cannot recommend this route highly enough for those that want a scenic drive.
  9. With COVID restrictions, restaurants statewide have closed off all bar seating entirely so I would not show up without a reservation expecting to just find a spot at the bar.
  10. If there is a God, the USGA will pair up Brooks and Bryson in the opening rounds of next month’s US Open.
  11. No, there's nothing worthwhile beyond Running Y. Harbor Links and Shield Crest are the only other options within 60+ minutes, and neither are particularly good. Reames Golf & CC was the only truly private option, but it closed down a couple of years ago. Running Y offers annual memberships, and the course is quite good. Orders of magnitude better than Harbor Links and Shield Crest. Condolences on the potential move to Klamath Falls.
  12. Those are your best Eugene options for publics, though neither are all that special. If you're a member of a private club, it's absolutely worth seeing if you can get on Eugene Country Club as an unaccompanied guest. Might be a little tight time-wise, but instead of Diamond Woods I'd suggest Tokatee up in the Cascade mountains. It's about an hour east on Hwy 126 from Eugene, so if you're able to get your rental car and hit the road by 4pm, you could be teeing off a little after 5pm. Presumably there'd be little play late in the day so you should be able to move around fairly fast and be do
  13. Regardless of Sheep Ranch condition, play BD (or BT or PD) a 3rd time. IMHO, all those other courses are significantly better than Sheep Ranch. Sheep Ranch has some nice views, but as a golf course it's just not as good as the others.
  14. After flying in the morning and then sitting in a car for the 4.5 hour drive from the airport, you're going to be stiff. Take it easy that first evening. Maybe take a few swings at the practice center to loosen up the back a bit......hit Shorty's, the par 3 course at the south end of the range if it's open. No charge for that, other than a requested $10 donation to Jr. golf at the honor box. You should have playable light until past 9:30pm in late June, so you have time to get a round in at the Preserve if you want, but I'd take it easy that first day. Get checked-in, scope out the resort
  15. Only you can answer the question as to whether your body can handle all that golf, but I think your itinerary is excellent. I wouldn't make a single change to that. However, I really would suggest trying to stick with one caddie for the entire trip. You're not there to meet people, you're there for an incredible golf experience, and that's really accentuated by forming a bond with a caddie who gets to know you and your game and can provide guidance based on that. All that said, bring extra socks and Moleskin for any blisters that arise! We look forward to your trip report when you get back
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