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  1. Yeah, I see the difference now too. Duffer987's image screenshot of current pricing didn't include the lower Resort Guest pricing, so it appeared those had gone way up.
  2. Wow, prices are WAY up for 2022. Here's a snapshot of pricing as July 2020, captured from Archive.org. At least us fortunate Oregon residents aren't seeing much at all of a price increase, but you poor out-of-state saps are getting hit with big increases. In the past, Oregon residents paid the same as resort guests even if you weren't staying on-property (except July-Sept), but now there's a big differential.
  3. I completely agree with you, that’s inexcusable. I’m really surprised they’d even let play go out with that kind of work taking place.
  4. September's one of the best times of year to go, as the rains haven't started and the summer winds have generally let up. Rain is a bit more likely the latter half of October, but still much better weather than the winter months. Check the course cameras at times over the next few weeks to get a feel for weather. Cloudy here in Portland today, but nothing but glorious blue skies on the Bandon cameras.
  5. It's not that Sheep Ranch is *already* in horrible shape, it's just that the course opened before the turf had a chance to completely grow-in and properly establish itself. Conditions should be better next year with another growing season under its belt.
  6. I'm curious what time of year you played Crosswater. Crosswater is at a higher elevation, and I've found the greens can be rough in the Spring months before warmer weather has allowed the greens to recover from winter.
  7. Couldn't agree more. Like most Fazio courses, the Pronghorn-Fazio course is visually attractive, but the Nicklaus course is a better test of golf.
  8. No, those times are an hour late for some reason. I was out there.
  9. There was a pairings party Tuesday night with David Feherty and Nancy Lopez where the pairings were announced, but I don’t believe it was a random selection.
  10. Top level pro, towards the top of the world rankings. Very friendly and engaging with our group. I’ll PM you the name.
  11. There are a small number of multi-million dollar places on the first five holes, but they’re on acreage and set back quite a ways from the golf course.
  12. Yes, OGC is as hilly a golf course as I’ve ever played. Just to give you an idea, my Apple Watch credited me with 92 flights of stairs climbed while walking the pro-am round. Most members use carts. Cost to join, at least as of last summer, is $15k. No disrespect intended, but OGC is generally considered to be towards the lower end of the Portland area’s private courses. It has a beautiful clubhouse and wonderful views, but the golf course isn’t that good. I don’t think they’re struggling for members, but I’m sure hosting the LPGA is good for their reputation. OGC used to be owned by American Golf for many years, not sure what the ownership situation is currently.
  13. Oregon Golf Club doesn’t drain well at all. Even if they play tomorrow, it’ll be sloppy. I played the pro-am on Wednesday and neither the players or the caddies are big fans of the golf course. Better suited to mountain goats than golf.
  14. If you don't want to drive up to the resort and eat there, in Bandon I'd suggest Alloro, Lord Bennett's, or Edgewaters. Tony's Crab Shack is great too, but it's really small and closes pretty early.
  15. You likely already know this, but to play Crosswater you need to be guest of Sunriver Resort itself. Renting a house in Sunriver from a private party will not get you access to Crosswater.
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