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  1. No, those times are an hour late for some reason. I was out there.
  2. There was a pairings party Tuesday night with David Feherty and Nancy Lopez where the pairings were announced, but I don’t believe it was a random selection.
  3. Top level pro, towards the top of the world rankings. Very friendly and engaging with our group. I’ll PM you the name.
  4. There are a small number of multi-million dollar places on the first five holes, but they’re on acreage and set back quite a ways from the golf course.
  5. Yes, OGC is as hilly a golf course as I’ve ever played. Just to give you an idea, my Apple Watch credited me with 92 flights of stairs climbed while walking the pro-am round. Most members use carts. Cost to join, at least as of last summer, is $15k. No disrespect intended, but OGC is generally considered to be towards the lower end of the Portland area’s private courses. It has a beautiful clubhouse and wonderful views, but the golf course isn’t that good. I don’t think they’re struggling for members, but I’m sure hosting the LPGA is good for their reputation. OGC used to be owned by American Golf for many years, not sure what the ownership situation is currently.
  6. Oregon Golf Club doesn’t drain well at all. Even if they play tomorrow, it’ll be sloppy. I played the pro-am on Wednesday and neither the players or the caddies are big fans of the golf course. Better suited to mountain goats than golf.
  7. If you don't want to drive up to the resort and eat there, in Bandon I'd suggest Alloro, Lord Bennett's, or Edgewaters. Tony's Crab Shack is great too, but it's really small and closes pretty early.
  8. You likely already know this, but to play Crosswater you need to be guest of Sunriver Resort itself. Renting a house in Sunriver from a private party will not get you access to Crosswater.
  9. Both courses at Pronghorn are good, maybe a little bit better than Crosswater, but not by much. The Woodlands and Meadows courses at Sunriver are definitely worth playing. I'd probably lean towards Crosswater and the Sunriver courses for the reasons that others have said above, but you can't go wrong either way. If you're thinking fall of next year, Sunriver often runs some fantastic fall promotions where you can get lodging and unlimited golf for as low as $99 per person per night, including one round at Crosswater. See https://www.sunriverresort.com/offers/special-offer-unlimited-golf-stay-play-package for details.
  10. Bandon Crossings is very good. Not Bandon Dunes Resort good, but what is? If Preserve is completely booked, then Bandon Crossings is an easy choice.
  11. You’re correct, of course. What I was intending to convey was that unlike Bandon or even Port Orford, the town, lodging and restaurants in Coos Bay/North Bend are a bit inland enough to really have no direct access or views of the beach and ocean.
  12. You might try calling Southern Coos Hospital & Health Center in Bandon. Not sure if they do PCR tests or just rapid tests, but if you can get a PCR test locally they'll certainly know where to point you.
  13. Agreed, a 10 min blowup is uncalled for. That said, don’t judge a club by a single member. I’ve been a member of a couple private clubs over the years, and currently play public’s. Entitled douchebags can be found everywhere.
  14. I’m sorry, but if you’re capable of driving the green you had no business hitting your tee ball while the group ahead was putting.
  15. For those making their first trip, or for the rest of us looking forward to our next return, Golf Digest just posted their "Every Hole at Pacific Dunes" video, narrated by Tom Doak.
  16. Pine Valley. Even off the members tees at only 6500 yards, par 70 with a 72.7 rating and 153(!) slope.
  17. A number of years ago there was much discussion about a Tom Fazio-designed course for the University of Oregon south of Eugene in Creswell. The developers even had county land use permits in place, so it was more than just a pipe dream. The most recent news story I can find with a Google search is this 2014 article that says plans were still moving forward, but there's been no news since then. Anyone know if this project died completely before it could get off the ground?
  18. No, the larger town of Coos Bay (20 - 30 minutes from the resort) is not really worth consideration. It has its roots as a mill town, and it's still relatively gritty. There's really no beach/ocean access in Coos Bay either, though Shore Acres State Park in nearby Charleston is absolutely worth a visit. The only real attraction would be The Mill Casino, as you've got a little nightlife there and a decent hotel. Bandon would easily be my first choice, as it's really becoming a charming coastal town, with easy access to one of the most scenic beaches on the west coast. The 'Old Town' district down by the harbor has some quaint shops and restaurants. The presence of nearby Bandon Dunes Golf Resort, and the influx of visitor money it brings to town, has brought more upscale dining to Bandon than what you'll find in Coos Bay/North Bend. You'll also find better AirBNB/VRBO/Vacasa options, as much of that caters to resort visitors. Port Orford (40 minutes from the resort) is small, only about 1/3 the size of Bandon. Cute town, but I couldn't envision staying there unless everything in Bandon was booked solid already. One advantage Port Orford has is closer access to the incredibly scenic stretch of Hwy 101 between Port Orford and the California border. Not much in the way of civilization down that way, but one of the most spectacular drives you'll ever see and some
  19. Any reviews of the new Forge Steakhouse that just replaced the Gallery restaurant in the main lodge?
  20. Personally, I don't find much of a traction difference between the two, but with such firm ground I think you'll find spiked shoes far less comfortable for all the walking.
  21. Worth noting that each of the pro-shops usually has a decent rack of 50% off clothing items.
  22. 1. It'll be tight. Rounds at the resort often run 4.5 - 5 hours, so while probably doable, you won't have a ton of extra time. 2. Doubtful. I go to Bandon every Spring with a large group of guys ranging from 30s to 70s, and very few of our 65+ golfers will try for 36 a day. Your third day (Old Mac and Bandon Trails) combines the two hardest walks, so that'd be the toughest day to try 36. 3. Yeah, I think you've got a good mix. For a first trip, 2 rounds each at BD and PD is ideal. 4. As others have said, just a matter of the pros and cons. PDX is going to offer more flight options and likely cheaper rental cars, but it adds 1.5+ hours of driving each way when compared to EUG. If you fly into PDX anytime after about 2pm, add another 45 minutes for the commute traffic on the south end of town. 5. Very easy to fit in the Punchbowl, but you'll have to do it early morning before you tee off. With a 6pm sunset, you'll have no light after the 2nd round. 6. Expect some rain. The weather on the south coast turns downhill in late October. Hopefully you'll be ok, but I'd absolutely be prepared for wet conditions. 7. For your older guys (or others) that aren't up for 36, the Preserve is a great option, as is the free Shorty's 9-hole par 3 course at the south end of the practice facility. Also, make dinner reservations well in advance, especially with a group. Don't expect to just walk into the restaurants and get seated.
  23. Last summer's forest fires severely hit Elkhorn Valley. They lost the clubhouse, maintenance buildings, irrigation system, and most of their greens keeping equipment. Hand watering greens trying to keep them alive. I believe they've sorta patched things together to keep the front 9 open at the moment, but it's a far cry from what it once was.
  24. A couple of your photos above are labeled Sheep Ranch when they're actually Old Macdonald.
  25. On some of the hollows in the fairways where balls collect, those areas get a lot of divots do they set nets across those areas to indicate free relief as the turf recovers.
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