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  1. Somehow missed this thread and these pictures of the Blueprint irons. These look absolutely perfect for a PING forged blade. I would love to have a set of these and combo them with the Anser forged irons from a few years ago. Those were an unbelievable set of irons and I played them for quite some time but they were literally too long in the short irons. Sounds crazy but they were high launch, low spin irons which didn’t really exist until then. I was hitting these sky high 7/8 irons that would fly 195-200/175-180 which was crazy. Anser Forged (3-5) Blueprint Forged (6-PW) That would
  2. When you ask this question— what are you referring to? Strictly ball speed? Maximizing launch conditions? Simply taking an older driver on the course with your brand new 2019 model that’s fully custom fit and having the old one keep up? No Trackman, no Flightscope, no simulators... just golf course results? I think the answer is yes, especially to the the latter of my hypothetical questions. For example, one driver that I never got rid of is (in my opinion) the best driver of all time and the one that truly paved the way for “tour issue” golf clubs. I was obsessed with golf clubs, t
  3. PING G400 MAX, 44.75” D2+ swingweight at PING factory $old
  4. Thats a hard no from me. The irony here is - my guess - some of the same people that love these would drill a company like TM if they released the same thing. My guess is some of the drilling that you speak of (if it was TM) would be because it’s TaylorMade’s 26th new iron set in the last 2 years and pretty much the exact club they’ve already put to market only with different badging... ...And a “cool new must-have attribute that will lead to better everything!!!!” that we’ve all seen over and over and over. RIBCOR, SpeedFoam, Twist-Face... it goes on and on and on... where they tel
  5. You know the funny thing about that... the original UDI came out like 4-5 years ago now when I was still in the golf business. They originally came with a C-Taper Lite and we literally could NOT give them away... even marked down to like $149. I remember looking at like 13 of them left at the end of the year after we got them netted down (we were a HUGE green grass TMag account) and had them for sale for $149. They would still NOT move... then DJ started mashing the 2 iron, Rory started mashing one and then TW signed with TMag and he started MASHING one too. Now if you go on eBay you can't
  6. This one is nice but his other custom Cameron is probably top 3 on the entire PGA TOUR.
  7. I love P-Reed's bag... just shows that he uses whatever he wants and thinks is the best for him. He does not care if the equipment is dated as long as it works. I'm pretty sure this is identical to the bag he was using for his win at The Masters aside from the TPT shaft in the driver... I think he was using the Rogue in the driver then... I love the old Nike 3-wood but with a much newer super $$$ Rogue 125 MSI shaft... LOL.
  8. More kick, higher flight, or wants more spin. That or its a wedge and the lofts are so high that the shaft impacts the flight/launch & spin almost nil... My guess... DJ playing a KBS Black Nickel 120S is just about feel and probably likes the black look of the shaft as well. I spent many years being a TrackMan club fitter before I got out of the business but I can promise you that once you get above say 50 degrees... so like his wedges being anywhere from 52 to 64 degrees that the loft and the quality of the strike on the ball dictate spin. The shaft will have almost no impact on l
  9. TW started with the Pingman Blackout... now DJ is gonna start the Titleist No Cord blackout.
  10. They are tipped to length... so they play much, much stiffer. I'm kidding.
  11. Man, when I got out of the golf business I sold my Tour Cameron collection that I never posted all of here... wow I should have held onto my T10 Select putters that Brooks has now won 3 majors with... The Button Back & its tour counterpart the T10 Select that was Made for the Tour were always my absolute favorite putters ever. I was a HUGE fan of the original TeI3, I had a Newport 2 that a local pro basically let me put on "layaway" with him at his shop. I had just started playing and I had a nice original Odyssey White Hot #1 that was super nice for a young kid's first putter. My mom
  12. vix!!!! What's up man? I seemed to miss your post too! How is your game these days? Actually, I think I golf now more than ever. At the end of my time in the golf business (the last 2 years or so) I wasn't really playing a whole lot of golf to be honest. I hurt my back in those two car accidents (neither of which were my fault & I totaled a brand new $35K car in the second one- only had 3500 miles on it at the time of the accident) and I ended up having two back surgeries so I had some time where I was not able to play or do anything more than hit chips & then finally able to hi
  13. What's up man? Do you still have any of my gamers from back in the day? I know there were quite a few fairways & hybrids/utility irons, of course all of them with exotic shafts!! LOL. There were a few drivers and some iron sets/wedges as well but if I remember correctly we both seemed to love to tinker with fairways, hybrids & utility/driving irons. Hope all is well man! How is your game these days? Playing any tourneys or golf league or anything?
  14. I missed all your guys' posts from several months ago... you last 3 guys that posted were some of the closest people I talked to on WRX about clubs on clubs on clubs... Do you still have any of the last set you got from me? I remember shipping FedEx Express Overnight (always overnight, LOL) to Canada... lots of times pretty big boxes too. That was a lot of fun working with you KG... love that you're back to the OG name kgeorge78 baby!! Hope all is well KG... the fam and the business.
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