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  1. Somehow missed this thread and these pictures of the Blueprint irons. These look absolutely perfect for a PING forged blade. I would love to have a set of these and combo them with the Anser forged irons from a few years ago. Those were an unbelievable set of irons and I played them for quite some time but they were literally too long in the short irons. Sounds crazy but they were high launch, low spin irons which didn’t really exist until then. I was hitting these sky high 7/8 irons that would fly 195-200/175-180 which was crazy. Anser Forged (3-5) Blueprint Forged (6-PW) That would be an amazing set of irons. Even the 3-4-5 irons in that Anser forged set were super high launching and they produced crazy low spin relative to their loft. I remember hitting a few 3 irons on Trackman that would spin in the 3000-3500 range while still launching at like 13-15 degrees. Trackman showed me hitting the 3 iron in the 250-255 range which was insane.
  2. When you ask this question— what are you referring to? Strictly ball speed? Maximizing launch conditions? Simply taking an older driver on the course with your brand new 2019 model that’s fully custom fit and having the old one keep up? No Trackman, no Flightscope, no simulators... just golf course results? I think the answer is yes, especially to the the latter of my hypothetical questions. For example, one driver that I never got rid of is (in my opinion) the best driver of all time and the one that truly paved the way for “tour issue” golf clubs. I was obsessed with golf clubs, tinkering and trying to find the absolute best clubs for me even when I was in high school. BSG started selling the first tour issue TaylorMade clubs— it was the 300 Tour, some called the “holy grail” of clubs, especially for that era. I bought one of the first batch of 50 he got in, 9.5 degrees with a Mitsubishi Rayon shaft that I immediately reshafted with DG X-100 @ 43.75”. I found steel gave me the best results back then and I really swung at it hard as a 16-17-18 year old. I bet I was every bit of 120 club head speed... I hit PW 150 back then before I learned how to dial things in. I still own that driver and I hit it well... straight and it’s optimized as well on Trackman. It’s slightly slower than my current driver... 2 mph less ball speed or so and 10-12 total yards on Trackman. But on the course it’s negligible— more like 5-8 yards and I do find myself hitting more fairways with my misses being far less penal. So you ask yourself what’s most important in that situation? Heads that I also think can compete that are at least 8+ years old... TaylorMade R510DF / R510TP TaylorMade 500 Tour (tour issue only) PING G2 PING TiSi Tec Titleist 905S (with the right human being swinging the club) Titleist 905R I’m sure there are more that will come to me as I keep thinking— those are just from the top of my head. I don’t want to put anything on here that’s 5 years old as they should keep up!
  3. PING G400 MAX, 44.75” D2+ swingweight at PING factory $old
  4. Thats a hard no from me. The irony here is - my guess - some of the same people that love these would drill a company like TM if they released the same thing. My guess is some of the drilling that you speak of (if it was TM) would be because it’s TaylorMade’s 26th new iron set in the last 2 years and pretty much the exact club they’ve already put to market only with different badging... ...And a “cool new must-have attribute that will lead to better everything!!!!” that we’ve all seen over and over and over. RIBCOR, SpeedFoam, Twist-Face... it goes on and on and on... where they tell us this month it’s speedfoam that is a must have and next month it’s something else. With all that said— and everyone knowing that I’ve been a Titleist fan since I was 13 years old these look to be a “HARD NO” from me as well. They don’t look great from the parts you can see, I dislike the name— especially hate CNCPT, SLDR, etc where they shorten the name by taking out the vowels. It looks very tacky to me. These may end up being better playing than they look but as of now... NO.
  5. You know the funny thing about that... the original UDI came out like 4-5 years ago now when I was still in the golf business. They originally came with a C-Taper Lite and we literally could NOT give them away... even marked down to like $149. I remember looking at like 13 of them left at the end of the year after we got them netted down (we were a HUGE green grass TMag account) and had them for sale for $149. They would still NOT move... then DJ started mashing the 2 iron, Rory started mashing one and then TW signed with TMag and he started MASHING one too. Now if you go on eBay you can't find a new #2 iron-- 18 degree UDI even with the stock C-Taper Lite for less than $249 to $299.... sometimes more than that. It's amazing how much influence the pros, especially the bigger needle movers like TW can influence that... although it never did work for Nike did it?
  6. This one is nice but his other custom Cameron is probably top 3 on the entire PGA TOUR.
  7. I love P-Reed's bag... just shows that he uses whatever he wants and thinks is the best for him. He does not care if the equipment is dated as long as it works. I'm pretty sure this is identical to the bag he was using for his win at The Masters aside from the TPT shaft in the driver... I think he was using the Rogue in the driver then... I love the old Nike 3-wood but with a much newer super $$$ Rogue 125 MSI shaft... LOL.
  8. More kick, higher flight, or wants more spin. That or its a wedge and the lofts are so high that the shaft impacts the flight/launch & spin almost nil... My guess... DJ playing a KBS Black Nickel 120S is just about feel and probably likes the black look of the shaft as well. I spent many years being a TrackMan club fitter before I got out of the business but I can promise you that once you get above say 50 degrees... so like his wedges being anywhere from 52 to 64 degrees that the loft and the quality of the strike on the ball dictate spin. The shaft will have almost no impact on launch aka higher flight or increased spin... it just can't when the lofts are that high.
  9. TW started with the Pingman Blackout... now DJ is gonna start the Titleist No Cord blackout.
  10. They are tipped to length... so they play much, much stiffer. I'm kidding.
  11. Man, when I got out of the golf business I sold my Tour Cameron collection that I never posted all of here... wow I should have held onto my T10 Select putters that Brooks has now won 3 majors with... The Button Back & its tour counterpart the T10 Select that was Made for the Tour were always my absolute favorite putters ever. I was a HUGE fan of the original TeI3, I had a Newport 2 that a local pro basically let me put on "layaway" with him at his shop. I had just started playing and I had a nice original Odyssey White Hot #1 that was super nice for a young kid's first putter. My mom knew that I really wanted this Scotty Cameron TeI3 putter that had just come in at the local country club where I had my first job picking range balls and cleaning the members clubs. I don't think I was even old enough to work yet so I used to get paid cash after every shift. So anyway my mom called the pro shop and for my birthday she put a $100 deposit down on the TeI3 for me (which by the way were actually pretty high in demand because each pro shop only got 1-2 at a time and some young kid had just won the 1997 Masters by a million shots with one so everyone had to have one and Titleist couldn't fill orders fast enough after that) so he took it off the rack and put it in his office on hold for me. I'm surprised he did that for me knowing what I know now about sought after golf clubs and the way members act when they don't get what they want. Funny thing is, that pro & myself are actually very good friends to this day and he is still the Head Golf Professional at that same private club. Every single day I would get paid I would keep the absolute bare minimum I needed for lunch and stuff and used all the money until I got that putter paid off. I know the pro would have just given it to me and allowed me to pay it off while it was in my possession but my mom wanted me to learn to earn money and pay for something on my own... so she asked the pro to hold it in his office until I completely paid it off. It took me about 3-4 weeks to pay for it... and I remember he cheated for me just a little bit. I had my first far away tournament over the weekend coming up on a Saturday and my last day of work that week was a Thursday so when I got paid I gave him all the money I had and I ended up being lie $15 short of paying it off completely but he let me have it anyway so I could take it to my tournament. But I did finish the balance off when I got back the next week. When the Limited Edition Button Back putter came out in 2008 I knew I had to have them... both the Newport and Newport 2. I probably had 30 of them over the years that I tinkered with all the time but I always kept two brand new in plastic which were obviously all original... one of each Newport and Newport 2. Scotty was quoted as saying that the Limited Edition Button Back was a tour putter that was available to the public in the Limited Edition label. He said it was absolutely no different than a T10 Select expect for the Circle T logos on the head and the weights.... but literally it was a tour putter without the price tag. I even remember I went to ICC in Columbus a few years after they were released and someone asked how they should go about getting their first tour putter because he was worried about making the plunge-- Scotty told him to get a Limited Edition Button Back because he;d know whether or not a tour putter would make him happy or not. I had probably sent 12-15 of them to the Custom Shop to get customized over the years and I had one that I absolutely loved that I actually used as my gamer for years until I traded it + $$$ for my first T10 Select. It was a Newport that I had them make at 34.5" with heavier Circle T weights, a sight dot added, the paintfill done in Navy Blue with a little bit of gold touches (for Kent State, where I was at the time) with a tour issue Navy Cameron No Cord grip and aldo 2 degrees flat. When I got out of the business and moved to another city I decided to sell off all my Cameron putters and I had 6 Button Back or T10 putters. I had 4 Button Back putters, 2 brand new in bags and another Newport customized pretty much identical to the one above expect it had a topline instead of a dot and it was only 1 degree flat and then a Newport 2 that I didn't change the paint just pulled the grip and had them install a No Cord grip, bent 1 degree flat and changed the flange line to white instead of black. Then I had two T10 putters... one I custom ordered from a Tour Distributor that was Charcoal Mist Deep Milled, 34", Navy & Gold paintfill, Navy No Cord grip, 1 degree flat and then I had the black T10 that I also got brand new pretty much bone stock with the white paintfill and an all black original No Cord grip. I ended up selling them all and did a little better than break even but man after Brooks went crazy they seem to be selling about 30% higher than back then which doesnt seem normal. But maaaaaan I have always loved pretty much every putter that Cameron has put the Teryllium insert into...they are such beautiful putters that literally feel second to none.
  12. vix!!!! What's up man? I seemed to miss your post too! How is your game these days? Actually, I think I golf now more than ever. At the end of my time in the golf business (the last 2 years or so) I wasn't really playing a whole lot of golf to be honest. I hurt my back in those two car accidents (neither of which were my fault & I totaled a brand new $35K car in the second one- only had 3500 miles on it at the time of the accident) and I ended up having two back surgeries so I had some time where I was not able to play or do anything more than hit chips & then finally able to hit some pitch shots after what felt like FOREVER. Then it was over a year before I could swing and not flinch. Before all of that happened I was playing an average of one tournament per week which means during the main season I was playing 2-3 tournaments per week. When I was not in pain I routinely played or practiced every single day from March-November (weather in NE Ohio dependent)-- which basically meant if I had appointments or shop time early I would play after work and vice versa. After the surgeries I didn't have the energy to do that anymore mostly because if I did work and then play golf that means I'd be out there on my feet from 5 AM until 9-10 PM so I would just be in a tremendous amount of pain the next day. Now I am playing almost every single day... its usually just 9 holes before I start my day. I bought a pass at a local 9 hole municipal and I walk 9 holes as many times per week as I can stand without being in pain. I am still dealing with the low back pain but its definitely better than several years ago. I am actually really, really enjoying the game the way I play it these days. Its much simpler these days-- no worry about score, no worry about being "sponsored" or "on staff" with a company. Like the time I actually won long drive at the 2-Day tournament at Firestone North/South-- setup on the 18th at the South. The hole was playing ~480 yards I believe that day (it was literally 3 feet from the very back edge of the very back teeing ground) and I killed one and it landed in the perfect spot I guess and literally bounced higher than head-high... I had 59 yards into the hole and it was in the fairway by like an inch on the right hand side. There were actually spotters out there marking the drives too so there was not any cheating... and they told mine finished at 416 yards if I remember correctly and i was some 40 yards longer than any other ball they had seen rough or fairway combined... although they did tell me after I won that one guy got within 15 yards of me and he was in the fairway as well. Crazy thing is, I was actually good friends with the guy that got close and I fit him for his driver and he was a good 10-12 mph ball speed faster than me and had a great swing and was completely perfect numbers... he was an easy fit because his numbers were ALL about feel... I must have truly hit a perfect spot in the fairway for it to bounce so high. This event was in its first year and was pretty big-- all the big name PGA Teaching Professionals played including 2 that actually qualified for the PGA Championship that year & one that had qualified for like the 8th time. Anyway, the Titleist rep was super pumped that I won the long drive and then he saw the photos of the day that one of the employees for the Northern Ohio PGA Section posted on Twitter & Facebook... which showed me using a PING G20 driver. I took a lot of hell for that-- I was "Advisory Staff" at the time and got my 913 driver two weeks after the PGA Tour got their drivers and about 6-7 months before the public and I'm using a one year old PING driver... LOL. Our rep & his boss were actually on the first tee at the South course when we tee'd off and I had the Titleist headcover on the driver but I hit a Titleist 3-wood off the first tee... :cheesy: :busted_cop:... otherwise I might have gotten my rep in trouble or taken some heat right on the first tee. It was just kinda funny because I didn't come anywhere close to being in contention or anything but I won the freaking long drive prize/on course contest... with another OEM's driver. Imagine how NOT happy you'd be if you were hooking up this golf pro with tons of stuff completely custom'd out to the gills while getting everything super early and he can't even use the companies driver. Plus the contract I signed included a $$ (albeit small amount of $) and it said I was supposed to be playing AT LEAST 11 Titleist clubs & one HAD TO BE the driver. I know that only Advisory Staff members got actual cash in the contract.... Also-- when you're a PGA Professional you almost NEVER walk the course because usually you're in a cart for a tournament, trying to get in as many holes as possible before work or before dark whenever you have time so you'd be skipping to open holes and zipping around anywhere & everywhere you could play right away. So now when I play I WALK 9 holes & its so relaxing and enjoyable that I have fallen in love with the game again. These days I actually get just as much joy out of absolutely flushing a beautiful forged muscleback iron especially with Dynamic Gold steel shafts. I mean, there is literally nothing better, in my opinion, than absolutely flushing that combination of my current 716MB with Dynamic Gold steel shafts... although I am sure any nice sold set with several OEM's would work just as well but as most of you know I have always fancied the feel of Titleist clubs. So I carry the minimum of what I need in a Titleist Sunday bag and honestly have a blast... and I really enjoy traditional stuff even down to the putter. I've tinkered here and there with different hybrids & additional utility irons but I end up being content with just11 clubs. That might change someday when I am playing more golf at different courses too because at the muni that I am a "member" I just don't need anything longer than the ~225 yards or so that my UT carries. I just re-gripped them again with brand new Tour Velvet Cord .580 Round, logo down with 1+1 wraps of tape and they were SO PURE... the only one that's different is the driver which has the same exact grip & specs but without the cord... I hate cord on the driver for some odd reason. Although I am thinking about putting one of my fresh "tour issue" Victory Cord grips on the driver (I will do the whole set when these BCT wear out) Here they are... the "non-replaceables" LOL... PING G400 MAX (9)- HZRDUS Yellow 75, 6.5 Flex @ 44.75", Golf Pride Tour Velvet .580R logo down, D3+ Callaway X-Forged UT (#3-21)- Dynamic Gold X700 Tour Issue @ 39.25", Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord .580R logo down, D4 Titleist 716MB (5-PW)- Dynamic Gold S400, Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord .580R logo down, D4 Titleist Vokey SM7 TVD RAW 52.08F (bent to 53) & SM6 TVD RAW 58.12K- Dynamic Gold S400, Golf Pride Tour Velvet BCT Cord .580R logo down, D4 Scotty Cameron Napa California @ 34" re-gripped with a "tour issue" Navy Blue Cord No Cord grip Do you think you'd ever be interested in selling that club? Mannnnn, that Rombax P95 was a big time favorite of mine...
  13. What's up man? Do you still have any of my gamers from back in the day? I know there were quite a few fairways & hybrids/utility irons, of course all of them with exotic shafts!! LOL. There were a few drivers and some iron sets/wedges as well but if I remember correctly we both seemed to love to tinker with fairways, hybrids & utility/driving irons. Hope all is well man! How is your game these days? Playing any tourneys or golf league or anything?
  14. I missed all your guys' posts from several months ago... you last 3 guys that posted were some of the closest people I talked to on WRX about clubs on clubs on clubs... Do you still have any of the last set you got from me? I remember shipping FedEx Express Overnight (always overnight, LOL) to Canada... lots of times pretty big boxes too. That was a lot of fun working with you KG... love that you're back to the OG name kgeorge78 baby!! Hope all is well KG... the fam and the business.
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