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  1. They don’t hate golf clubs. Obviously golf clubs hate them or they’d be scoring better for them. If they aren’t going to cooperate they gotta go.
  2. Excuse my last sentence. It should say. It always has you aimed the straightest line to the hole which a lot of the time is not the best way to hit the shot you have.
  3. I’ve played in an indoor league the last 2 years. I found for some reason if I move the weight to the front of the driver instead of keeping it in the back like I usually do I get better results with the driver. If your miss is consistent move where the computer has you aimed. One thing I learned that helped lower my score is always pay attention to where the simulation has you aimed. It always has you aimed the straightest line to the hole which a lot of times is not the best way the shot you may have.
  4. I agree not coming close on a putt of that distance I feels way worse than hitting a bad drive. You can always recover from a bad drive. I think most of us have an expectation that we can make that putt or just miss.
  5. Still using mine. Thought about replacing it this year but really didn’t find anything that wowed me. Doesn’t mean I won’t look again over the winter.
  6. Great write up. I had a similar experience with them last summer when I was buying irons. Jason was fantastic to work with. He even called me when I ordered my demo clubs to make sure I ordered the right iron to fit my game. I agree you can put their clubs against anyone one. I actually took one of the demos to the PGGSS to try against some other irons sets I was considered. Numbers were very similar so I bought from Sub 70 and haven’t been disappointed.
  7. Markrip

    Sub 70 Clubs

    I have 2 hats. One when I got my irons and one when I went to their facility for an adjustment.
  8. I have a set of Sub 70 739 irons that fit what your looking for. I have definitely had my most consistent iron play since I bought them. You can order demos off their website for $20.
  9. As another Sub 70 customer and fan welcome to the club. It keeps keeps getting bigger.
  10. Exactly my experience with them. I’m probably not considered a better player. I’m usually upper 80s low 90s so I play their GI irons the 739. I got the exact same treatment as anyone that ordered their better player clubs. The same return emails and phone calls( and they weren’t short calls). Jason spent about an hour fitting me at their facility and after I played the irons he spent just as much time a second time to make further adjustments. Not his fault I have some physical issues so my swing isn’t very consistent. My iron play is so much better. He never made me uncomfortable about my phy
  11. I feel for you. Last year I was playing well and had just gotten new irons when my retina detached. I was off for quite a while before I could play again. I was awful when I came back. Finally I started playing like myself again and the other retina detached. Season over. This year is ending early because the cataracts are bad in both eyes. Which affected my game a bit. Never fun to lose your game or time away from playing. Be patient and get healthy.
  12. My favorite is the Wilson 50/50 elite. I always pick up a couple off dozen each fall and use them early spring.
  13. I went through something similar a couple of years ago. I went for lessons. The pro saiid I had an extreme in to out swing and my weight shift wasn’t very good and that was causing my pull hooks. He got me less in to out and worked on my weight shift. That seemed to help.
  14. This a great little company. I’m glad to hear more people that have positive things to say about them.
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