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  1. Based on skills it would have a starter. Still my dream retirement job.
  2. Markrip

    Sub 70 Clubs

    agree with this. I did this with Jason last time I ordered a club and it came out great. He really listens and knows his stuff.
  3. Definitely misunderstood cart path only.
  4. I have one of these and I have to agree.
  5. Adams Tight Lies 2. I’ve had mine since it came out. I haven’t found anything easier to get up in the air.
  6. No pictures. I believe it had a blue plastic head with yellow plastic shaft and it did a great job keeping my younger brother and sister in line. Occasionally I hit plastic balls with it.
  7. I picked up an Adams Tight Lies 2 a year after it was out for $40. I just haven’t found another 3w I like better.
  8. I have a Cobra F8. Easy club to hit.
  9. My son teed off once and hit toward an oak tree. Couldn’t find it on the ground. The tree was kind of weird about 5ft the trunk went off in two directions and there was a hallowed out section where it split off. Sure enough that’s where the ball ended up. Funny thing a few weeks later I’m playing the same hole and I see a broken driver sitting in the same spot. Guess whoever it was got tired of hitting driver into that tree.
  10. Markrip

    Driver Question

    I’m not the expert some people are here. My 2 cents though is most Tour models I’ve seen have a stiff shaft. You didn’t mention which shaft you have. My SS is between 85/93 range and I don’t get near the same distance out of a stiff shaft as a regular. I would go to someplace like the PGA Superstore and try different models and see if there is a difference in performance. The associates were very helpful letting me try different drivers they thought would be a good fit. It wasn’t an official fitting. He brought me 5 drivers he thought might work for me. There was one that performed really well
  11. I go through this at least 2/3 weeks every year. I get out of it by going to the range a few extra times and I can usually figure it out. When it’s really bad I take a lesson or 2 to get straightened out.
  12. Bruce Springsteen ( it’s rumored he’s taking up the game any day now) my friend who passed away a few years ago Charles Barkley ( I might be able to beat him and he’s entertaining)
  13. Markrip

    Sub 70 Clubs

    A little temptation is good for your golfing soul.
  14. I score the same as you. I picked up a Sub 70 699U and it works great for me. It is easy to hit off the tee or the fairway/rough. I had it shafted like my irons and it is very forgiving and long.
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