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  1. I bought the 739s from Sub 70 when they first started selling. I took the demos that I had to the PGA SS and they let me compare them to other GI irons I was interested in. The numbers were so similar that it made no sense to pay $300 more for something that performed the same. My son has the 699s and they are really forgiving like someone posted earlier
  2. I use the Grint app. The paid version has a shot tracking feature. I used it to get a better idea of my club distances. I don’t use that feature much anymore but it was a pretty inexpensive way learn how far I hit each club.
  3. Sub 70 has a good demo program. Best way to find out is try it yourself.
  4. This is a good place to start.
  5. I had a guy playing in front of me. Jean shorts, Hawaiian shirt, Merrill hiking shoes and visor with his man bun sticking out. First tee his buddy and him walk back to the tips and he hits down the middle less tha 100y from the green. He also was 3 of 4 reaching par 5s in 2. Oh he had a Top Flite bag. Looks can be deceiving.
  6. You might want check out Sub 70. They will build you a quality set of irons to your specs for an excellent price. I would read the Sub 70 thread. It is filled with plenty of positive reviews. I have dealt with very few companies that have the level of service they provide to their customers. Their clubs are are right there with the big companies.
  7. Check the Sub 70 thread. I pretty sure that some photos are there.
  8. It has worked fine. Just make sure that the computer you use has the right specs. The one I’m using is 8/9 years old and works fine.
  9. Have you thought about Optishot. I have a similar space issue. The right side of my net is right next to the wall. No way I could use real balls unless I wanted to repair drywall all the time. When I found out the Skytrack which is what I was really hoping to buy didn’t work with foam or whiffle balls. I was disappointed. I wanted to do more than just hit into a net. I decided to give Optishot a try. It’s pretty easy to use. I feel it reads the path and how open or closed the club face is pretty well with irons/wedges and my hybrid. I took some aluminum tape that is used to seal the seems of ductwork and my driver readings became very similar to what happens on the course. Like the R-motion you do get away with thin shots but fat shots definitely seem to be penalized. I did have to make distance adjustments. Driver was about 20 yards longer and irons were about a club shorter. It’s definitely not the gold standard for simulators but it is only $400 compared to a couple of thousand for a Skytrak or similar I feel I have gotten some decent feedback that’s helped me on the course. I know a lot of people look down on the Optishot but if you’re in situation where using real balls is a non starter it is still better than just whacking balls into a net.
  10. Mostly water water and granola/energy bars. Every once in a while I will make a peanut butter sandwich. I don’t know why because I rarely ever have one at home but it tastes so good on the golf course.
  11. Check out Sub 70. They’re clubs stand up to the big OEMs and they’re customer service is excellent. They’ll be close to your price point and they are great at getting you the right set up for you. Check out the Sub 70 70 thread you’ll find a lot of satisfied customers.
  12. I find it very easy to hit off the fairway. I’m a 16 handicap and really have had no problem off the tee or the fairway.
  13. I picked up a Sub 70 699U for $99 earlier this year. Great club, forgiving and long. I’m far from a single handicap and this club is money for me. They also have a pro version.
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