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  1. Thats impressive numbers on the Ping and good dispersion. It's crazy the spin you are getting from the KE4.
  2. It took me quite a few trips to the range before I embraced the HYWAY. Almost gave up on it. But those high flying, soft landing results sold me. I think my biggest issue was how to orient the head at setup. I toe mine in a little and just let the club go with an easy swing. I fought with mine swinging it too hard. But yah it takes a while to be friends with it. I'm fine with the size though.
  3. Yuengling please, and thank you. Actually these might be my favorite sounding iron as well. Players will often remark just how pure the sound is.
  4. Super Stroke sells a ton of putter designs so that can be a vague question. But a thicker putter grip usually keep the hands very quiet during a putter swing. A good thing.
  5. It wouldn't be a bad idea to make sure the putter fits you properly. Putting on a nice fresh grip you like as well. On the greens is one of the best places to make up strokes. So put the practice in.
  6. That Adam's is a face fwd type of design and if you look at the 3 current Maltby heads none of them quite achieve that. In order. KE4 - Sti2 - M890. You will notice that left to right the crown grows further back. The M890 is meant for slower swing speeds and will get the ball up fairly quickly. But as with the driver they are not overly spinny. So the higher flight won't penalize and give you a shot that will flair out. I would have to say look to the M890 as an easier to hit replacement for those Adam's.
  7. I had an extra M890 14° head. I shafted it with an Avalon 5 which is a 50g shaft. S flex. I threw it together with a specific golfer in mind but was dying to hit it. First off the Matte Black is a great looking head. It sits well behind the ball. I kind of struggled with tee height where it had so much loft. But my buddy was smashing it all over the place. He struggles with launch out of the tee box and the club was perfect for him. It was a shortish course today and it played well. I took it to the range after we played 18. As i figured it carries about 10-13 yards short of
  8. As much Testing as I do I still couldn't justify the added cost of the Mevo +.
  9. No I have the regular Mevo. Outdoors only for this setup. No stickers needed. Winter I have unlimited access to a Flightscope booth setup. I might be getting a CG quad in a month or so. So that will change a lot of things. I'll build a dedicated outdoor setup. I don't like the data setup for the Mevo. Its not great for comparing heads or shafts. You just can't combine data at all. With the Big Flightscope I can.
  10. A KE4 TC 4w I built for a customer is actually longer than his Callaway 3w. And easier to hit. For a lot of players that added loft gives better carry and control. Where the 3w doesn't keep the ball in the air long enough to gain distance. Whether a lack of club head speed or skill.
  11. First attempt at stamping a TSW DRM wedge.... these things are pretty hard. I was doing good with spacing till I got the the E. I'll get better with practice.
  12. Someone said that the the Maltby FW would not perform as well as any OEM. I went to the range with the KE4 4w and the Sim Ti 3w. I turned the Sim 3w up to 16°. They had identical Pro TSL TS shafts. First off the consistency of the KE4 was far better to the eye. Straight as could be with a boring flight. Just as I've been seeing in play. The Sim felt like the ball was screaming off the face but it wasn't very consistent. Again just as I've seen on course. When I checked the Mevo data I was surprised at how much better distance wise I was getting with the KE4. Which
  13. Before you say that do your homework on the top DTC brands. Because that statement could not be further from the truth. Sure if you are buying from some offshore company you are buying junk. I have a set of Hogan Ptx Pros and Icons. They are amazing irons that at true decendants of the original Hogan 99 Apex Blades. Maltby are all origin designs and they have been copied in design and manufacturing process by a few OEMs. There are quite a few others who are making thier own designs.
  14. Golf Galaxy can carry Golfworks club making supplies but they Cannot carry the heads. Thier supplies are fairly extensive. Dicks on the other hand has bare minimum for Golfworks supplies in store.
  15. I have a Sim Ti 3w that has actually been kicked out of the bag by the KE4 TC 4w. Now the Sim is longer and may be the world's hottest 3w. But the KE4 TC is more versatile and about as straight as any FW I've ever hit. I've tried quite a few shafts in the Sim but just can't get it consistent enough.
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