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  1. I'm not home right now and I'm not exactly sure what the back badge is constructed of. But it should be just like the TS-2. A bit of acetone and a scuff pad may be able to remove all the paint from the back badge of the STi2. Even just using modeling paint to get rid of the penny would probably suit your eye. They are so damn cheap it's worth it to buy one and see what you can do with it.
  2. Recently I got away from my normal Pro V1. I was rolling a Callaway Super Soft on the green and discovered I putted exceptionally well with it. Being so soft if feels as it it's staying on the face longer. My made putts went up substantially. Where I felt I was losing far too much was off the driver. After a few rounds of being further back on my approach shots I hit two balls off the tee. The Pro V1 was continually longer. Nearly a full club difference into a green. So that puts a bit extra pressure on the iron game. It almost makes me feel as if I have to kill it out of the tee box. Which lead to getting out of sync. Long story short.. made up shots on the green were lost elsewhere. The Pro V1 while expensive does everything I need it to at a feel I can live with.
  3. I certainly can't respond to the science of why it works. But a midsize +4 grip for me allows to grip to be more in my palms. No need for a white knuckle grip on the club. For me it relieved grip pressure which allowed me to have a much more fluid, relaxed swing. The result was far straighter flight. It's a cheap experiment to regrip one of a few clubs in variations.
  4. These work very well as a wedge shaft if you want to maintain a weight or feel. I like to trim them in an 8 iron flex to keep them soft. The Spin Wedge shafts have a lower CPM which let's them play in a traditional wedge flex. I have a ton of time with both Spin Wedge and Rapid Tapers in Wedge heads. I also have been playing the Pro X which is now the Avalon i8/i9 in my wedges for as long as I can remember. Those are my gamer wedges, Avalon shafts. The Avalons play more like a steel shaft. I use them in my wedge game to limit the amount of spin I get. I prefer to roll a ball to a hole as much as possible. But I can still flop a ball when I absolutely must. It's rare when I try to fly a wedge right up to the hole. The Spin Wedge will produce the most Spin. Mike at TXG has been tinkering with a Spin Wedge and loves it. He has them in some Kirkland heads. In any wedge setup.. to me.. Its more dependent on what you are used to. It's almost like a putting technique for me around the green. Land the ball early and roll it in. So my use of the Avalon which is a graphite metallic weave mix is my go to. If I was going to be playing an elite golf course with tea cup greens I'll bring my wedges with the Spin Wedge shafts. Sorry that got long winded but it's not a simple question.
  5. What a great clean up on those. Timeless iron too. Have fun with them.
  6. I'm right in the middle. 4 wood for the win. Easier to hit than the 3. Digs the ball out of the rough. Easy to go long. Easy to lay off a bit.
  7. So glad you hear you love the clubs. We will have to get a round in together next spring.
  8. The M Series Max is the new edge coming out. It's based off of the M Series + which has been the best wedge for my game ever. They were a wedge that was damn near impossible to hit fat yet still gave me the performance on the green that I hope for. They are what may be considered a game improvement wedge. I believe it's a December release at the earliest. Factory close downs (covid) have been the reason. These new Max wedges will have adjustable weights but the sole is close to what the M Series + was. With two extended sole width choices they should be just what will help a golfer who strikes down on the ball and does not play in elite turf conditions.
  9. It's been done already by a few people. They work well!!
  10. I believe they will survive at least another year. If they keep selling I'm sure they will stick around....But if you want a set I wouldn't wait till the last minute.
  11. Well I've come nearly full circle on the TS-1/TS-2 mixed bag. I sold my beloved/hated Hogan PTx Pros. Awesome when I'm on. Punishing when I'm not. Back in the bag is a few options. 4-6 TS-2... 6-GW TS-1. I can swap in the 6 irons as conditions change. I'll keep the TS-2 6 iron in wet conditions. And visa versa. Today was the start of simulator league. First course was Oakmont. Shot a 66, no strokes. Hit all but 4 greens. One double bogey. Clubs were just amazing today. Setup gives me just enough forgiveness that when I'm off they help a bit. It's easy enough to deal with the loft gaps at the 6 iron spot. Mixed in are a few RTi 105g prototype shafts... which I love. I'm glad I took this photo because I realized how off the GW lie was.
  12. SOLD. 4-PW Hogan PTx Pro irons. Shafts are Rapid Taper 95g black finish... only set ever made. No rings on shaft minimal graphics. Grips are Super Stroke Tour midsize. Std loft and lie length In fantastic shape. Clubs are in rotation so they are not played all the time. No issues If you know anything about the Hogans you know how they perform with a good swing. I'm getting to old for tiny heads. But boy do I love these when I'm playing well. Almost addictive. These heads with the Rapid Tapers feel amazing. $375 shipped. If it's way west coast I may ask to split shipping
  13. I get Coles point about the Tour X 105 being a slow seller. But the Rapid Tapers are an iron that can legitimately make it on Tour. So the 105g version is a must.
  14. I'm just the opposite. Oncourse mid round shank. Sometimes two. Indoors I'm very solid with video. Actually better indoors. But it has to be video
  15. The 105g version is in prototype and is just as good as the rest of the weights. Another 10 will be sent out to various locations for testing. There has been a constant line of questions about a heavier weight. A 105g version will fit extremely well with the mixed weight option that has been very popular. In testing the data between 3 identically set up 7 irons, 85g 95g and 105g were virtually the same. But there is a noticeable difference in force to swing the clubs. I was sure the 105g shaft would be down on numbers because in my head i felt like I was laboring. To my surprise I couldn't tell which sheet belonged to what iron shaft.
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