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  1. Put a deposit on the clubs.... Then scour your area for a test club with the Modus 120. Take a few swings and see if you like it. Any club, fit to you or not will take a little adjustment to get comfortable with it. Unless you are very tall or really short, std loft lie and length is something that should work for you. Worst case scenario is someone adjusts the lie for you.
  2. Maybe its a North East thing. But every Golf course I play on offers 9 hole rates. I'm not at private clubs, I'm speaking of public and semi private. When I have other stuff to do during the day 9 holes is just right. I used to live on a 9 hole course. Getting out first thing in the am and back in my house before anyone woke up was my favorite thing to do. I could leave the house and be back to the house in 1 1/2 hours with an empty course... Loved It!!!
  3. Last night I was reshafting a set of irons. Customer was adamant about reusing his old Pure grips. They are the white ones with dimples. Grips were taped on. I was having a really tough time getting my solvent pressure gun to work. With the dimples I kept springing leaks and I could not build pressure under the grip. I was about to start cutting them off after the third grip. When it dawned on me. I use heat to get rid of old tape so why don't I heat the grip and blow it off. One I got the grip good and warm.. took a little bit but not too bad.. I used the airgun, carefully a
  4. Popeye64

    Sub 70 Clubs

    Just got introduced to the owner via email and he seems like a great guy. He will be offering Xcaliber shafts in his line. He is very down to earth and loves making sure the gear fits the player. He almost seems as if he will gladly pass up on a sale if the gear isn't a good fit.
  5. That would be very tough to nail down on definitive data from course conditions. You would have to camp out on a hole and hit from the fairway and the rough.. enough shots to come to a conclusion. Then you have to figure in specific head designs. Was it the design or the grooves that contributed more. I have seen the Maltby clubs spin marginally more than similar OEM designs when I tested heads with identical shafts. But again, was it head design or the grooves. What I do know is spin wise the Maltbys never fall short. The only Maltby head I have ever seen lose spin was an MG
  6. I don't think many believed he could maintain this swing as hard as you possibly can mentality. He is a results driver person. So if he can't keep the scores low I'm sure it won't be long for him to adjust. What was extremely impressive was his play from the US Open rough. How he was able to control distance from that cabbage was amazing.
  7. Anyone shipping USPS is simply rolling the dice. Delays are still taking weeks. The package only seems to move once you file a claim. And if you ship with out insurance you are really risking things. UPS has been spot on through this entire pandemic. FedEx a very close second. USPS has lost two of my packages and 6 have spent weeks in some unknown locations. I will never ship USPS again for any reason.
  8. The micro grooves have been on Maltby irons for quite some time now. They work as good as any groove setup. Hitting that 2 skip and stop chip is easy with the TSW wedges. Any shot you can think of works.
  9. I have all the Xcaliber shafts available. With your driver ss you should be better with an R flex maybe hard stepped. Later this week, next week at the latest, if I can find Sim time I will do some comparison of the Rapid Tapers and some Steel fibers. I will also throw in a KBS shaft and a Dynamic gold. I don't think I have a Recoil with that adapter. All with the same head swapping the shafts with adapters.
  10. I have hovered around a 2 cap for a long time and it's always a few wild shots that get me in trouble. Then it can snow ball a tad during recovery. I do make my share of birdies though so getting back those wild shots would be huge. Also the confidence that a bad shot won't kill me is an enormous mental boost. It would allow more risk reward. I have played in more than a few scrambles where someone doesn't show up. We are usually given the option to chose any one of us to take the fourth shot. When I get two cracks at a shot it has lead to some ridiculously low scores. So if i coul
  11. The 4 way radius sole has been on the last 3 releases. The TS-1, TS-2 and the PTM. It is a huge help for a digger yet does not have negative effects on a sweeper. That sole design on an MMB-17 would be a miracle club for me. Srixon was the first big OEM to go all V sole and others are gravitating toward them. The Hogan PTx Pro sole looks like it was taken right from a Maltby. While the Maltby design is a far more subtle V sole than a Srixon, it flat out works. The TSW is most definitely a V sole yet has a grind that allows you to lay it wide open. I personally love the versatility
  12. I'm not sure you will ever see another sole like the TE again. The 4 way radius is just so much more versatile. The effective bounce is far better
  13. There are two forgings that are being readied for production. Like everything else associated with getting work done overseas its been a logistical nightmare. The first one will be a cavity back styled iron with all the playability they have been producing lately. Should be very player friendly. The second is a 'muscle back style'. Think of along the lines of the MMB-17 but an evolution. Hopefully that 4 way sole grind makes it on that one as well. They continually are working on ways to evolve the DBM finish. It seems that the different versions of carbon steel all tak
  14. It has helped my game immensely was a separate sentence. Referring to being able to groove a new swing was in reference to someone working on their game. Using the simulators for MYSELF,, allows me to enter spring in mid season form. It has allowed me to dial in my short game being very precise with knowing shots under 60 yards. Half swings, three quarter swing. What will check and what runs out. It also has helped me with knowing full shot iron distances. These are things I could certainly Learn at an elite outdoor range or if I was out on a golf course by myself. But
  15. Over the past 4 years i have done a lot of time on a simulator. It has helped my game immensely. To completely dismiss it a useless is your own take. Its a great time to groove a new swing. Make better ball contact. Improve your short game. I do a ton of testing of shafts in the simulator and outdoors with a MEVO. They both offer valuable information. There is a lot to be learned indoors when we have no other choice to make Golf swings. Would we rather be outdoors for the 5 plus months we lose each year due to weather... ABSOLUTELY. But we don't have a choice.. maybe y
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