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  1. That is not correct and was supposed to be fixed by now. Uncut its in the high 70s. The Maltby sets i have been building with the 75g shafts have been right around D1 close to D2. The set of Hogans i did needed a lot of weight. I did a Mizuno and that just needed a few grams. No plans to make a taper tip. With Graphite shafts they are so very easy to convert over. Its not that much material to remove. Unless you are doing a huge production run its not worth it to make taper tips. No real advantage to them either, other than saving a few minutes of sanding.
  2. I didn't give them enough time.
  3. I have the Tour X 85g S shaft in an M Series + 52 Tour and a 56 Mid. They are deadly accurate and a setup I've played for over two years now with fresh heads. I cant miss with those and nothing has come close to these in overall performance. So they don't Match the rest of the set but I don't care. If I make up a new M+ 52 and 56 I'll do the 100g Spin wedges. I have that shaft in my TS-1 GW and its been spot on. But I'm not messing with what works. I tried the TSW 52 and 56 but quickly went back to the M+.
  4. Some quick data I grabbed on the Mevo. TS-1 8i with the Rapid Taper 95g S. Ball Speed 107 Club 90 carry 150.2 launch 21.2 spin 6515. Hogan Icon 8i DG S300. Built to same length as Rapid Taper. Ball Speed 102.3 Club 87 carry 142.1 launch 26.1 Spin 6229. The Hogan is 2 degrees weaker. This was only a 6 ball average for both On the PW for the Icon Ball Speed 90.5 Club 81.5 carry 116 Launch 32 Spin 8780 TS-1 Pw Ball Speed 92.4 Club 83 Carry 125.9 Launch 32 Spin 8679. The TS-1 is 1° Stronger than the Hogan. Finally the 9i Hogan Ball Speed 98.7 Club 85.9 Carry 130.7 Laun
  5. I do have an account with them if you need any help with any of the other shafts. Its about a 1/3 of retail. Their entire line is very high quality. Not sure why they are not more popular.
  6. I did try the TS Paderson shafts in the TS-2 heads. The ones sold exclusively by Golfworks. I found them to be very good in all aspect except it knocked down spin too much for me. Feel was superior and they went a country mile due to the lower spin. The 110 may play differently, not sure but its certainly a shaft very worthy of experimenting with.
  7. When I get home after my two week stint on the boat ill have an interesting head to head challenge for the TS-1s. For a return to my golf heydayI ordered the PTx Pros as some of you know. Well I hated and I mean hated how the 8-PW felt even when struck well. I from the get go wanted the Players Combo set but couldn't get them in black. Fairway Jockey started to carry the Hogans and you can buy single irons so I grabbed the Hogan Icon 8-Pw. The basic club build was sent with S300 S flex shafts no grips. As cheap as I could get them. Well I did a base line with those shafts installed
  8. It was the Rapid Taper 75g A flex.
  9. Had the TS-1 Rapid Tqper combo out again today and repeated the last time out. Birdie, birdie start. First shot was a 139y Pw to about 8". Next was an 8i 163y par three. 4' for birdie. These irons were money all day long and if I could putt better I would have been way way under today. I had far too many three putts today and a bunch of birdie putts left 1" away center cut. Drove my self crazy. I've really settled in with this set. Leaving the 75g full flex is perfect. The soft stepped 95g for me is also just right. Did a lot better with the 5 iron from the fairway today. Jus
  10. When I built the Hogan PTx Pros I needed a lot of weight. With the Maltby heads I need none with most builds. A few stragglers here and there but not like other OEMs. There is a bit of counter weighting but its not bad. L
  11. The feeling of load and release is unlike any other shaft. Control, higher ball speed near perfect spin. I set up a 78 yo with an A flex and the M890 he gained 10-12 yards and more importantly he restored a flight to his ball. Rather than running it up to the green he was actually flying to ball to the green. These have proven across the board to work for all golfers.
  12. Since my PTM Black's have turned into demo shafts I was looking to make up another set when I realized I almost had enough TS-1 heads to make a set. I grabbed the two I needed and losded them up with the Xcaliber Rapid Tapers 95g and a couple of 75g. I have 5-Gw. The Gw has a Spin Wedge shaft at 100g. If you haven't heard of these they are the first ever Rapid Tapers. They are awesome and have incredible feel and can spin like crazy , yet don't kill distance. I play the GW out to 115-118. The PW-7 has the 95g S soft stepped once. I find this is just about a perfect flex for me. My
  13. I check for FLO which is another way of pureing. (Flat Plane Oscillation) The official Pureing is done with a high dollar machine. The way I do it with a laser pointer attached to the end of the shaft. You weight the laser according to what shaft you are checking. The first time you twang a shaft and its out of FLO you can easily see how unstable the shaft is as its swinging back and forth. Its dramatic. It will oscillate and wobble like crazy.. in FLO the laser just makes a straight line back and through as its twanged. A shaft can have several FLO positions. Or you can go with P
  14. Go all brand new with Maltby. Even if she uses the custom shop she can completely outfit him with state of the art clubs. This is a no Brainer. They even have a return policy as well. Golfworks.com
  15. The stiffness of both shafts as well as CPM are built to the same specs. The taper moves down the shaft with the 95g as thats where it gains its weight. With the less mass of the 75 it plays with a little more flex. You are also right about perceived weight. Most players I hand this to as surprised its a 75g and even more surprised that they can crush it. If you asked everyone of them before hand, they all say a 75g is way too lite for them.
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