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  1. Thanks. I ended up calling myself and this time I told him where they were from. Said sometimes sets to large resellers never get invoiced and you need to know where to locate the serial number. Thanks again
  2. Hi guys, I purchased a set of Titleist 718 AP2s from Global Golf in the spring and sold them to someone on another forum. He recently called Titliest US and Canada and they can't verify the serial number. I couldn't notice anything to think they were counterfeit as they were new in plastic, left handed and performance seemed fine. Is this something that is common? The serial number on the 6 iron is 1237277 Any help would be appreciated
  3. I just put together a set of raw heads I had for awhile and was shocked how forgiving they were for a blade. Great soft feel too.
  4. I'm trying to decide between the 0211s and a 1st Gen Combo set of 0311 and 0311ts. Anyone here have an experience with each one? I have only ever hit the original. It's impossible to test out clubs right now where I am and this deal seems too good. I have read through most of this thread on no real comparisons between Gen1... Both are priced about the same right now.
  5. I played this set for close to 8 years before I joined GolfWrx haha. No idea what they used in the finish but mine still looked great the day I sold them (regretfully now)... Great find.
  6. Has anyone compared these performance with either the 0311 or 0311t 1st of 2 Gen? Some great deals on both sets at comparable prices with the 1st and 2nd generation having no charge upgrades. I have tried to read most of threat but couldn't see a comparison. Thanks
  7. Corrected. 5-PW can also sell with 4 if wanted for $50 additional. Thanks
  8. Up for sale is a set of Srixon Z585 5-PW with Nippon Modus105 Stiff Flex shafts. Clubs have been used for about 5-7 rounds outside and some time indoors on simulator. Very Good condition just some minor bag chatter. Standard length, loft and lie. $450 US shipped from Ontario, Canada I also have the matching 4 iron I can add for $50. Any questions please let me know.
  9. I have both sets currently and find them both very consistent in terms of dispersion with the i500s being stronger lofted so going a bit further. I don't experience any flyers that others will sometimes mention. Just if hit in the sweet spot they go! For me the launch is similar with the same shaft but the i210 spin about 300-500rpm more for me and about 5 yards less. I have no trouble holding greens with either. As others have mentioned the i500 have a more powerful feel when struck well. Off centre does feel a bit clingy and vibrating. The i210s feel wonderfully soft to me when struck w
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