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  1. my ideal setup is 50-56-60. I have one GI set where the PW is 44 and the set I regularly use is 46. This is where I think the 50 degree gap wedge shines, as it can cover the gaps from PWs that are at the strong spectrum (43-44), up until semi-traditional (46-47). 48 might be pushing it, but you get the jist.
  2. I would go with TSi2 mainly for the shape. I like hybrids that look more rounded (like a half fairway wood, if you know what i mean). Somehow can't hit hybrids that are shaped like the TSi3
  3. personally i prefer the DG. Tried them both, albeit on different heads so perhaps not the best comparison (DG for Blueprints and Modus for Mp20), but I seem to get the thump I like with the DG more so than the modus. Modus actually went a little further for me (again, might be the issue of a different head). So just based on feel alone, its the DG105 for me.
  4. yeah understand that logic of the stop light... For me personally I would never get a red putter as well, but a putter is such a 'personal' thing, some of the color choices or custom finishes on putters that I have seen on the course is mind-blowing
  5. Dark oil can finishes are nice too, used to have one of the old scotty coronado oil can. Putted well with that one too for a short spell, but couldn't get on with the shape on shorter putts
  6. I've been playing for around 25 years, and I've used an Anser style putter all my life, though switch brands here and there. Would not play mallets as the shape just doesn't suit my eye.. Looking back up to now, I've just realized that I putt much, much better with a black putter. Bad putting spells were all from silver/grey putters somehow... Just a personal preference from my side I guess Do you have a color that you prefer?
  7. Would go out on a limb and say it's one of the Honma TR series? Based on the pic (with no reference) I think the blade length is a bit too longish for me
  8. I have a 64 wedge that I never use... last time I took it out was 4 years ago. When I took it out to play, I would always manage to screw up a shot or two. It's great for miracle shots, but that's a crapshoot on results. I'm a 4 hcp and I think it's difficult to hit it the way I want 99% of the time
  9. Yamaha RMX series - find that they blend ease of use and looks for the better player quite well
  10. fourteens.. i prefer the softer feel
  11. Hi all, looking for new irons this year, but due to COVID can't really go out and test. Currently use Legacy Blacks (Stenson) and want to switch to either Apex Pro 21s, ZX7 or T100(s).. Anyone have experience with these? And how do their sizes and overall playability compare with the Legacies? I have only seen the ZX7 in real life, and I feel the blade length might be a bit long-ish to my present preference..
  12. dont want to brag but my clubhead speed broke the sound barrier. Trackman couldn't take a reading of my unreal speed, so I have no proof to post. Sorry Oh and my epic sz did not break. so all good
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