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  1. All I can say is that I currently own 3 Vessel bags, they are by far the best carry bags I have ever owned. I have 2 black synthetic leather bags and 1 white actual leather bag. The white one has some color distortion from when I have used it on a cart but no rubbing de-lamination, the black ones I could deff see it making marks. But I figured that out when I saw the material, I could see and figure out before actual testing what would make marks and what would not.
  2. If you want an almost exact replica/copy of a 009 long neck, look for a Cleveland Ta 2 putter. They are AMAZING, I own one and will never ever get rid of it.
  3. Do what swgolf12 said, special expensive jewelry, golf clubs, guns, anything of significant value, have an addition put on your policy. Well worth it, I have my guns, clubs and some jewelry on mine. Its a whopping $3.91 a month more.
  4. I work at a Nissan dealership. We get shipped things in crazy looking boxes all the time. We also get TONS of boxes that would fit putters, iron sets, drivers, golf bags, entire sets, boxes that will fit a push cart that is stuck and will not fold, etc...... Go to a car dealership and go to the parts dept, ask them if they have any boxes you can have? You will probably leave with $300+ worth of boxes and shipping material for free. I kept saving them myself when they came in. My garage looked like a UPS hub during Christmas time. My wife finally had to get me to throw 90% away.
  5. WOW!!! Awesome putter, one of the hardest putters to find. As rare as a old barn find.
  6. > @toc said: > This is a great thread with two standouts. A guy topping a driver 75 yards describing his ball flight as penetrating, and the guy with the better than tour level wedge game. What can I say, I smoke a 75 yarder with a penetrating ball flight like a pro!!!
  7. This is a real question and the obvious answer is to know your chances or percentages, and are you a good chipper if you miss close to the green. When do "YOU" go for the long shot vs. taking your medicine? Last night I was playing and skulled my tee shot and it went 75 yards down the fairway. Now this left me about 240ish, slight dogleg left to the front of the green. I have a penetrating ball flight and I can get upwards of 20 yards role on this hole. So I would have a good chance of getting there in 2 with a 3 wood. Narrow front into the green, no real danger on right, a deep bunker on the left but can get out of it. I decided to hit a 7 iron and go for a distance I felt comfortable with, but I almost always think "go for it" and very rarely make the shot. If there is a 10% chance of pulling the shot off with no real danger front, back or sides is it worth the gamble? 20% chance, 30%, at what point DO YOU feel it is it worth it vs. hitting to a safe yardage? And yes I know "Layups are for Basketball"!!!!
  8. > @luke1333 said: > > @Glaze22 said: > > That thing looks like it is on FIRE!!!!! > > I guess that's a good thing? ??? Yea, thats a good thing!!! B)
  9. Well of course you cant put your finger on it!!!! You need to buy them from the small town seller and put all your fingers on them, great deal.... :#
  10. Just go and put a Super Stroke 2.0 counter core grip on your current putter, see if you like it. No point in going with something more expensive than you have to..... What the HELL am I saying???? THIS IS GOLFWRX.....go get a brand new tour proto counter balance blade NOW!!!!! but seriously, try a counter core in your current putter, you may like it? It may also feel to light for you after counter balancing the head. Thats when you can decide to go get a new putter or not.
  11. > @agoodmanmbk said: > > @Glaze22 said: > > I got my Las Vegas and LOVE IT so far!!! I was using a Bettinardi Rev 2.0, love the weight and look but it sits very very very open at address. I kept missing the hole on the high side. So I got a Scotty 6M, which sits very square, but just did not like the look of it. I got my Toulon Las Vegas, I have only played 27 holes with it, but it sits square, and it roles straight, point and shoot. I have left the stroke lab shaft in it and it is working great. The greens are super slow so that may be why I dont mind the shaft, but I can deff see why some people will want a heavier shaft in it. We will see on that later, but for now I am going to leave it alone and it is deff in my bag!!! > > Curious if you happened to roll the Spider X when testing for the Las Vegas? I have rolled both and am really starting to like the feel and looks of the Las Vegas I did go roll a Spider X at my course on the putting green for a good 50 balls. It felt nice and had a great weight to it, but to me it felt very tow heavy. Like it wanted to twist away from me. It also felt a little hollow to me. What does that mean? I dont really know how to describe it other than that, just not a solid piece of metal. But the X also has an incert, so that is most likely what I am feeling. Now I say this as someone who has used a large #7 style putter with a counter core in the grip for the last 2 years. I could deff get used to the Spider X, but the Las Vegas gave me the same feel, slightly smaller head and a true square face at set up. It was a no question for me.
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