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  1. philt90

    2 ball ten

    Once I get mine the grip I will be adding is 20grams heavier and I have 2 20gram weights to added some total mass as I find the overall weight abit low.
  2. how much was the weight kit ??
  3. Im getting a TZ5 for driver and TZ6 for Fairway, I want to try the Ventus black but they carry a premium even on the used market. Everyone I speak to says the ACCRA are top quality, smooth feeling and flat out perform.. TZ5 Is typical Low/low shaft TZ6 is unique but has a active tip and is more Mid/low can help if you need to up launch angle. Ventus is obviously very well rated for being super stable
  4. Hopefully someone has some insight I fancy the RDX blue too
  5. J Zone didn't the TSI3 spin the most due to loft and shaft used though ??
  6. Be interesting to see what comes out no one has done a real fitted test vs the other top dogs.. I.e a fitted Ping vs a fitted TSi3.. TXG if your listening tomorrow please.. But Ping are PING they aren’t going to redesign and bring a totally new club out every year to sell more.. they look at the formula and make it better.. G410 won numerous awards because it gave so much.. Titleist and cobra have done the same with their lines made improvements to already good clubs.. I think when we get the reviews we have come to enjoy Ping will surprise after an always slow start.. for reference a 46” un
  7. Id love it id like my Ping Head around 204 with melt playing 45.5 inches. keep the same shaft weight and performance of the blue and black wow.. could be the ultimate distance forgiveness combo
  8. Whose going to be first to put an RDX blue in a G425 LST for me
  9. How have you got your G425 with Ventus black set up. Driver length headweight and any adjustments hot melt etc.. Im just fiddling with shaft choices and set ups in my head
  10. Need some head to heads.. so can make up my mind is the G425 LST as fast as TSi but more forgiving enough to make up for the sound it’s not bad but it’s not TSi or Sim worlds
  11. Yes got to wait for the properly fit TXG videos. I want the G425 Vs TSi3 in Matts hands
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