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  1. Need to get used to it but my good what a good feeling good sounding driver
  2. Not been hit yet but WOW the TD LS is a stunning looking club
  3. Got a LS 8.5 TA serial head coming this week 8.3 actual loft 253 CT let’s hope I can hit it.. hopefully be bombs away ..
  4. I have found the PXGs really forgiving for the size and fast.. came from Miura TC201s and im a lot more consistent.
  5. Anyone tried these combos - speeder Evo 6, Tensei 1k or Ventus blue
  6. Thinking Ventus Blue or Evo VI 661 ??
  7. Nice what shaft options have people gone for
  8. How much will the face be open if I use the green dot adapter at -2
  9. Did you try the epic speed That is meant to be more neutral.. most find it sound the same too
  10. Anyone tested these vs TSI3.. I’m fancying a change currently got a TSI3 in 8 degree
  11. Also found felt easier to swing even though the weight was there feels and is faster
  12. I found when I was in X100 then spun a lot but could of been the heads I was playing.. currently testing $ taper and they keep spin in a lower window and feel easier to swing. Playing 130 X at 95 mph with a 6 iron don't know if I should be in the 125 S+
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