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  1. Shot a career low 76 with 4 birdies last weekend. Cold putter on the front and went out in 40. Started making putts on the back to come in 36.
  2. I finish, but that is because I have two little kids at home and don't get to play enough golf. If I make the time for 18, I'll play 18. I have two matches this weekend and will definitely play all 36 regardless of outcome.
  3. My take on this is probably unpopular. I agree, based on the video, that the two-stroke penalty is appropriate, I agree that his explanation/excuse was not good. I also think its being blown out of proportion. The video, in real time vs closeup slo-mo, show two different things. Its the amount of sand moving in the latter that is damning and justifies the penalty. Because of that, the execution of Reed is a bridge to far for me. I always give the player the benefit of the doubt based on the situation at hand. A player can be focused on the wrong thing and not realize the totality of the
  4. I got a little worried when he stumbled after a great first round in the first Korn Ferry Playoff event. Very happy to see him earn the card the next week out. He is easy too root for and seems to always have a great attitude and demeanor on the course. If he keeps it up I think he will be a force on the PGA Tour and a monster with sponsors, seems like a phenomenal brand ambassador, as I think PING is finding out. Also, I would love to see him playing for the bad guys on the Ryder Cup.
  5. Is it oversimplifying to say the new rule counts strokes not "hits". Assuming intent and pureness of heart.
  6. Last night I had a 4 footer to win our club's par 3 challenge. (They set the front nine up as all par 3) Three putted to lose the playoff by a stroke. I didn't sleep last night and every time I close my eyes I see it slide by on the right side and hear the groans.
  7. > @Ty_Webb said: > > @Lepatrique said: > > Short game followed by putting, and it's not even close. The ability to consistently put it within 5 feet from bunkers/greenside and within 10-15 feet from anywhere under 100 yards is incredibly powerful. And then the consistency with which they make those putts is so impressive - at one point last week kaymer was 58/60 from under 10 feet...just doesn't compute. They just figure out how to get the ball ion the hole. > > > > For context, I don't feel like I'm a bad putter (by amateur standards) nor a poor wedge play
  8. > @golfandfishing said: > The distance anymore is untouchable. In the 90’s and earlier it wasn’t uncommon for a tour player to play in the pro am with someone that could hit it past them. Plenty of club level players had “tour length”. The rest of the game obviously lacked, but aside from a few players everyone had somebody at their club that could keep up with most of the tour in terms of distance off the tee and through the bag. That doesn’t happen anymore, the shortest hitter on tour now has plenty of length on any course and they aren’t seeing ams (top college players excepted) hit
  9. > @JaNelson38 said: > The mental game. It takes amazing mental toughness to play a professional sport like golf where you are going to fail far, far more times than you succeed. And other than in team events like the Ryder Cup, you are always on your own - there is no teammates there to bail you out if you have a bad day. Great answer. I hadn't considered the mental aspect. I certainly lack in this department. I was thinking in terms of their physical skills.
  10. What trait, or skill, of a Tour Pro's game would you most like to have or think would most help your game? Distance off the tee, ability to control the ball flight, ball striking, wedge game, chipping, sand game, putting? Feel free to add any more. I think about this too much. I think for me the trait I would most want is the putting speed of a tour pro. Much of my anxiety on the course comes from standing over a long putt and stressing about the speed and avoiding a three putt. The next one after that I think would be the sand game (greenside bunkers). Obviously I would love all the
  11. At 157 yards, its certainly a hole in one. In High School one of our assistant coaches aced a 165 yard par 3. The catch was that it was an absolute horrible golf shot that only flew about 90 yards before it bounced and rolled up and into the cup. Took the wind out of his celebration and he was almost embarrassed to describe it in the team room. I would much rather have your story than his.
  12. Missed a 2 footer uphill for the win on the third extra hole in the championship match of our Match Play tourney. I am sure there are worse shots, but that's the one that always comes to mind.
  13. OP: In the moment I would probably not think it was funny, but would chuckle after the fact. I hope. IMHO no need to be embarrassed. I think this is funny. Its ok to be childish once in a while, and it certainly didn't hurt anyone.
  14. I started playing in a winter indoor league on simulators 4 years ago (this winter will be my 4th) and I think it has been the key to my accelerated improvement. First it helped me by keeping the swing going over the winter months, but it also taught me a lot about my game. Learned my true carry distances and collected a lot of data on my swing. I dropped my handicap significantly since I started and once you get used to the sims I think its wicked fun.
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