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  1. They are Dri-tacs with a larger lower portion right? All I play is Winn. Just put on a new set of Dri-tac wraps a few weeks ago and think they are the best Winn yet I have tried. Years ago I played Winn mid sized and now only play oversized. It will be interesting how they wear. I have midsized from years ago still in good shape but have oversized dri-tacs that wore quickly. Even the Winn Excels wear quickly anymore.
  2. I switched out to Recoil 110 X-stiff in my wedges last month.(Actually all my irons) Previously had Steelfiber 95 S
  3. The ferrules I have been buying fit perfectly to the hosel so I don't find it necessary to finish them if they fit perfect and the shine is already there.
  4. https://www.harborfreight.com/search?q=letter%20punch
  5. Tackiest grips I have are The Grip Master signature grips Cabretta leather. The more your hands get wet or sweaty the tackier these get.
  6. Mikeski


    I thought To semi-retired years ago and sold his company to a UK company?
  7. I bought the Kyoei's raw blank iron heads and did all the shaping and grinding myself. These are the same heads but the difference is these were professionally done. These are stunning. There isn't another forged blade out there as soft and forgiving as these IMO. For the price the OP is selling them for is an absolute steal. These beat any OEM forged blade on the market.
  8. Look at gigagolf.com They sell clone clubs that you can "build" by specing what shaft you want, flex, grip, length and lie from their drop down menu for very cheap. Good site for cheap clubs. My son is also 10 and growing like a weed. He outgrew his Callaway kids clubs a client gave me and I have giga golf set in the closet I'll probably reshaft with a cheap lighter shaft for him.
  9. Install the grips to your feel not the squareness of the club. You've been doing it for years so you have been doing it how you want it.
  10. I put the same grips on a friends set of clubs a month ago and it sucked. Had to use a bunch of solvent and air to get the grips on. They were the worst grips I ever installed. Last week he asked if I can build up all the grips. Told him those grips only come off once and in the trash they go unless he wants someone else to do it.
  11. No social golf distancing here yet. Sunday I played and rode with my brother and tomorrow I'll ride with my league golf partner. A client of mine who is a member of Merion said they were told to take separate carts. My friend who belongs to another local country club said they "closed" and it's walking only to golf. The Gov of PA announced all non essential business to close for 2 weeks and that includes golf courses. The public course I belong to has yet to say anything about closing.
  12. Matrix radix hd SV stiff flex. No matter what driver head I put this thing on it works great for my swing.
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