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  1. I don't always have the problem in practice, but it is very common out on the course (maybe I should practice more out on the course...). Curious why you say pull less club. Wouldn't more club, 6i vice a 7i, 3/4 swing, be a better choice for thinking smooth it? But I can see that being a good way to essentially force oneself to bring their swing back. I have NEVER even thought about the backswing causing or compounding the problem. Definitely something I'll have to keep in the golf bag to remember, and try to focus on when this inevitably arises.
  2. I do not own a vise. Yes, I know I can get one for cheap from Craigslist or Harbor Freight…do you all have any tips for changing grips without a vise? Whether using air or using solvent, does anybody in here successfully change grips without securing their club down with a vise?
  3. How do you all go about maintaining your tempo? I find that I go in spurts between having a “steady” tempo and one that is really quick. When my tempo is steady I hit the ball really well, but then I have a tendency to start swinging harder and faster thinking I can hit it better or a little farther. Sometimes the harder swing pans out but normally it does not. Unfortunately, I will get in a rut and keep swinging harder and faster trying to “get my swing/round” back on track. When I do that it’s all over for me. So yeah. Do you all have any tips or tricks for maintaining your tempo, or for getting your tempo back before it’s lost for the rest of the round?
  4. As mentioned before, Admiral Baker North is a good track. Baker South has tiny greens if you’re looking for that type of challenge. Enagic in Chula Vista is really coming around, although I still think it is too expensive. In due time I think it will be worth the price of admission, just not yet. I’ve heard really good things of San Vicente Resort in Ramona, but haven’t been out there personally. I enjoyed Twin Oaks, but haven’t been there in a few years so not sure of it’s conditions. I’ve always enjoyed Native Oaks when I have played there. It’s definitely off the beaten path. Rams Hill is about 2 hours away, but worth every minute and every cent to play there. Such a fantastic course.
  5. My 4 and 5 iron are my weakness. I’m rarely at a distance to hit my 4, so I’m inconsistent with it. My 5 more times than not is a really nice pull, which usually comes at a very inopportune spot in my round
  6. Taylormade. I REALLY enjoyed the original Penta TP5, but couldn't bring myself to swing a white crowned driver. I have liked the look of their clubs recently, but I only look at them. They are really the only one's that I am just closed minded to
  7. Is Torrey the only course you have played here? How far are you willing to travel in SD, stick to city area or the county? Unless you already have a time at Torrey, good luck. Are you affiliated with the DoD at all? Miramar and North Island have decent courses for a great price. Miramar is open to the public, but it’s just easier to get on if you already have access
  8. Lamkin UTx for the wedges, and Lamkin Sonar Tour for the rest. Lamkin is a very underrated grip I think.
  9. 1. San Diego, CA 2. 7 3. Could be a good 3i replacement for me. Or depending on loft, could possibly replace my Super Hybrid. 4. To see if it is a good complement to my setup. I have heard it is a great long iron/hybrid replacement and would like to see if that is so. 5. I would love to partake in an on-going review
  10. How do you go about finding your gamer golf ball? Play multiple rounds with different ones, then choose based off of feel? Choose based off the one that scored the best? Do you look for the farthest ball, or the one that offers the best control? Personally I like to find which few feel the best for me with my putter first. Then I will judge feel with my wedges and irons. With wedges and irons I will start delve into how the ball responds from shot to shot to really start to narrow down my top contenders. I have a bit of a conundrum right now. I have it narrowed down to two golf balls that I love every aspect of for my game. The biggest differences for me is 10 yards distance on tee shots (which is really a non factor I feel), and one feels firmer when putting (more of a click). I just can’t bring myself to choose one over the other
  11. 1. Joined 2. Yes 3. Black Matte 4. I would like to compare the Tour One Step to my Stroke Lab and my Stability Tour. Having KBS in every other club from wedge to driver (and absolutely loving them), I can only imagine that their putter shafts are a phenomenal product as well.
  12. So to clarify, you are saying that anything: used, worn, held or carried by you or your caddie is considered equipment and not a device; correct? So then a yardage book and a green reading book are equipment? If they are both considered equipment, why only a clarification on green reading books and not yardage books? Is it because green reading books got so precise with showing the undulations of greens the governing bodies felt they needed to "reel it back" so to speak? And since most players just use your basic black and white outlines with information they aren't as worried with yardage books? I guess I am confused on the difference with the green reading book and yardage book. My understanding with yardage books is that they are using satellite technology as well to map a course, and get yardages to specific points on the course; to include elevation changes (from some yardage books that I have seen). So what would prevent someone from making a very detailed yardage book of a course? There isn't anything written that I have found for taking a satellite view of a hole and adding lines and marks on it with distances, elevations, ideal aiming points, precise yardage increments etc..
  13. I would agree with you in thinking of a yardage book as a "device", but then why do the RoG place green reading books under R4.3? So would you penalize someone if they had their own yardage book that they created that had a satellite image of the hole instead of what someone typically sees (the black and white "simple" view)? Am I wrong in my assumption that drawing aiming lines on a yardage is not allowed? As wouldn't that be using a device (a satellite image) to get a recommended line of play?
  14. Is there a rule that yardage books are not allowed to use a satellite image of a hole? I seem to keep being pointed to green reading material, but I am more curious on tee to green. Rule 4.3 states that: "Interpreting distance or directional information (such as using a device to get a recommended line of play or club selection based on the location of the player’s ball)" is Not Allowed. But isn't that what a yardage book does? Don't yardage books interpret (or give) a player distances as well as directional information?
  15. Well I’ll be. Sometimes they have thought of everything…but now a follow up question, I get that Callaway has the regular and the TT listed separately on the conforming list; does that mean they are different golf balls? I always thought they were the same just one is blank and one has TT. Why is it ok to take the blank and put the TT lines on it, but not just use a TT?
  16. Thanks all. I know I will probably NEVER come across this rule, but I still like to try to understand the different ones. I’ll bite, since I am sure you and a few others can give the reasoning..why does G-4 exist? Or what happened that caused the rule to be implemented?
  17. So I understand that if it applies, I can’t switch between a Callaway and a Titleist. Or from a Callaway Chrome Soft X to a Callaway Chrome Soft. But I’m confusing myself in trying to figure out if you could switch from Chrome Soft X to Chrome Soft X with Triple Track. I would think you could, but then I think that you couldn’t because they are registered separately?
  18. Thanks. I used Testors paint. Yeah…I kind of want to paint my irons, and change the colors on the bottom of my 2Ball Ten. I think they missed a great opportunity with red and white to match the SL shaft.
  19. I have one of those training aids. I have seen the chalk lines quite often lately, usually after a college or high school uses the course for practice and it just got me wondering how long it actually lasted. I haven’t seen someone use a sharpie, but I have seen the remains of one. I also recently saw a YouTube video where the instructor commented about using a sharpie to draw a straight line so you can verify your putter face was square. Made me wonder how long that would last. I have used the remnants of a chalk line before, and must say I like it better than the raised string line personally. The string line has a tendency to mess with my sight of the putter head/ball. Throws it off like those old Magic Eye books sometimes. It’s hard to explain it really.
  20. Finally decided I would paint fill my Toulon Las Vegas. Couple spots need a touch up, and then I need to clean off the last little bits that didn’t come off the first time. I’m really happy how this turned out. Might try it on some of my other clubs too.
  21. I know it is a lot easier to find a game or two at a private club. If only that were an affordable option for a military member. That is exactly what I am talking about when I say player. And while I agree that an 8 handicap has little to no business playing regularly with those better players, I also believe that one has to challenge themselves by playing with better players sometimes. I guess that is part of my question. How can I go about finding some local skins games, or is that more of a mens club type of find?
  22. Because the OP said a 240 yard dart gun basically. He didn’t expound from the title of the thread. My initial reaction was to his post, not the title. Based off the thread title? Driver. If going off his opening post? 4i
  23. I have bought two drivers in the past 11 years..and they were bought in the same year.
  24. This may come across as vain, and that is not my intention. I enjoy playing golf with anyone, however sometimes I would like more of a challenge. With that said..Other than coming to the forums, how would you go about finding other “players” to play with? A local men’s club, group, or course that has guys (or gals) in the single digit handicap that like to go out and play competitively? Even if it’s just one or two other people. The men’s club that I am apart of is mostly older gentlemen, and most all of them are double digit handicap. Again, I don’t have a problem with this. I would just like to be able to get with a group of other single digit handicappers to challenge myself a little more sometimes.
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