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  1. Is epon 305 more forgiving than the 303?
  2. i have tested the EPON AF 705 and it is really a good iron. Really keen on either the 705 vs 706. Would appreciate feedback from you once you hit them.
  3. any actual feedback on these irons? I been hearing great stuff about them
  4. I was told by my fitter that deals with Shimada shaft that the Oban steel shaft are basically these shafts at a much higher cost. Do note, Ks n9 and ks 3001 are very similar. https://www.tourspecgolf.com/shimada-k-s-3001-steel-shaft-5-pw.html https://www.tourspecgolf.com/shimada-k-s-nine9-shaft-set.html
  5. i used to play modus 105 stiff. But after loads of experiment, i find that once graphite shaft weights hits 90g and above, they usually tend to play a lot stiffer. So now i always look for 90-100g graphite iron shaft with regular flex. Coming from a modus 105 stiff and project x lz 5.0 player, i am having an excellent time with paderson graphite iron shaft (the 99g with regular flex) and accra i90 built to regular flex. I tried the 95 ICWT but built it to stiff. Not sure why i prefer the original series of Accra compared to the ICWT. But my no.1 choice is paderson follow by accra. These are th
  6. bespoke> @RichieHunt said: > For leather headcovers, I find BeSpoke golf to be the very best. They do the headcovers for the Arnold Palmer Invitational and I have had the driver headcover for 3 years now and it shows no signs of wear, fits on nicely, etc. Dormie golf also makes some great headcovers that may be to your liking. > > > > > RH Bespoke golf cheat loads of money. I was one of the victim. Ordered a 5 wood cover, said its suppose to take 3 weeks. Took 6 months, came wrong order, send it back and never heard from them. Same thing happened to many pe
  7. thanks for the reply. But based on the feedbacks on this post, i think i would prefer to contact Byron straight.
  8. Am trying to place an order and sent emails to Steve and Byron directly. Just wondering, what is the wait time of their reply usually? Its been a week+...
  9. After seriously considering this, I think i am moving towards a 7iron - wedge set up. Starts with driver, 4w,7w, 4h, 5h, changing my 6i to 6 driving iron and than 7-wedge all blades. Think this will help my consistency in terms of scoring and improve my striking skills.
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