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  1. He’s saying they are all the same? Regardless of price? But clearly there are differences in the units.
  2. I have very wide feet and FJ has wide in most styles and colors but they have X wide in most shoes but more limited colors. They are the widest shoes. I hear Sketchers are the same width and comfort but seem to be looks wise more eye of the beholder thing.
  3. I have the NX7 pro and same issue. But my partners who use Bushnell can pick up pins where the PP can’t. Even in light fog it struggles. If/when this one goes I’ll probably buy another brand. It’s just the specs of PP. In good weather it’s great, and their CS is great. But it’s unusable in even light fog or mist
  4. The SM 3.5 fits the bill as well. I’ve used that bag for years as I regularly use a push cart but also carry occasionally at home or on golf trips. Plenty of room in the golf pockets only downside to any of the lighter bags is more limited clothing pocket. I generally only carry minimal clothing when I walk and carry so never an issue. Well made bag too.
  5. I've never driven from Portland or Eugene to BD. But I live in N Calif and we drive regularly to BD rather than fly commercial. That United flight is the WORST. You might not get clubs/clothes or worse yet we had one of our party get left in SF. when you pencil it out it's just as fast to fly just less sitting in car rather than airport for us. But I digress, the drive from I-5 to Bandon is very pretty but I would fly private to North Bend everytime is there was no cost. I've only done that once at a reasonable amount and it was awesome.
  6. If I remember right, I believe you can get a cart if you are handicapped or medical condition that precludes walking. check with the resort.
  7. i wear FJ in any model with extra wide. No problems. I had a pair of Ecco Bioms that fit but I had to use a shoe stretcher on one side (i have one wider foot as I’ve gotten older). Sketchers I’ve not tried but I wear their shoes because they’re wide. Adidas even in wide are not that wide, especially if you are 2E or more. Nike is hit or miss depending on the last/style. True links knit are great since the knit gives on the side so can fit almost any width.
  8. I only buy lighter color hat as the sweat stains will discolor more easily and be visible. I use a hat washer (search hat washer rack), works really well can through it in the top rack of the dishwasher
  9. I would agree with buying used. Especially off you’re not getting fitted, and even if you do, likely may change as your swing changes with lessons. All the old Ping clubs are solid as well.
  10. Yeah, I started thinking about it more. It must take score and #putts to figure out on in reg or not. Thanks.
  11. So playing with the free version. Stat keeping only, but don’t see a place to enter GIR? But somehow it does generate a #/% GIR? It only shows Tee accuracy but nothing other than penalty type situations and putts. Can anyone explain if I’m using it wrong? I interpret Tee Accuracy as tee shot only...
  12. I've got 8-10 rounds in mine. Distances spot on compared to buddies Bushnell. Came from V2, case much better agree the carabiner is easily distracted i.e. The tensioner comes out and the arm flops free. Easy to use, a second or two slower to pick up but you get used to it. One thing I have noticed, and its occasional, is depending on what type or how much background objects it sometimes doesn't pick up the target. Have to shoot a couple of time but not always. All in all happy with it, very good value. My .02
  13. Little confused by their sizing. I'm more stocky so concerned about their standard cuts, but don't want the athletic cut to be ballon pants. Can anyone compare to say UA match play pants in terms of fit?
  14. Couple of questions. How do you use the TAG function on the NX7 pro? I only find one way to use the unit press the button and when you let go it vibrates and gives a #. Prior to letting go nothing happens, do you scan back and forth on the target prior to letting go? No scan function in the pro, those two things correct?
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