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  1. shell23: I'm a longtime lurker here in the Classic Golf and Golfers section. Because I too have only just a few GolfWRX posts to my name as yet, I cannot post a link. I'm going to have to describe a path for you instead. Hoping this helps...

    1) Search Google for "advanced ball striking learn about classic gear"

    2) Click the topmost link (entitled "Learn about Classic Gear - Advanced Ball Striking * View forum")

    3) Once there, scroll down to the "Classic Golf Clubs Price List and Information" post. (Apologies if you're already aware of it.) No further comments can be added, but it's well worth the viewing.

    The post contains a succession of scanned pages (about 70?) that together provide a breadth of information about MacGregor, Spalding, and Wilson clubs manufactured prior to 1978. The Retail Price Range figures that accompany the brief descriptions of the various sets of clubs are of course well out of date, but they might possibly still serve as a comparative measure as you hunt for these classic clubs in the present day.

    Navigation within the post is a bit clunky; just click on each page image to view it in full. You'll quickly get the hang of it.

    And this by no means is all the information that the ABS site offers. You can truly get deep into the woods there. (Maybe not the best of metaphors here...) I know I have.

  2. I’ve got a set of MacGregor Tourney M75 irons in which the yellow/red/yellow ferrule rings on a few of the irons have started to separate from one another. I first tried sparingly toothpicking some super glue into the gaps between the rings in an effort to keep the rings in place. That didn’t hold for more than a few rounds.

    Next I tried using a clear epoxy instead of super glue. And further, to help hold the rings in place from the outside too (belt-and-suspenders method), I wiped a thin coat of the clear epoxy over the rejoined rings. I’ve got a full season in with these irons since then, and all the rings are still holding together.

  3. Bella:

    Please forgive me for a slight threadjack, but your information about 693 serial numbers and likely vintage has me curious about the Tommy Armour 653s I’ve been playing now for the last few years. Inserts on my 1-4 set are red with four screws in diamond pattern, and that and the number of scoring lines match what I see in my Kaplan for 1949-1953. Would the silver-banded True Temper Tourney shafts then further suggest 1949 or 1950 for 653s just as they do for 693s?

    Because I bought these clubs to play, I have refinished them as best I could following the procedures outlined by Dave Wood and PersimmonStudio (using additional tips from several other experts who post here—you among them). I tried but failed to save the original white paint in the matching serial numbers, but I made sure to at least preserve the imprints of the numbers. Would a serial number of K6595 tell me anything more, date-wise?

    Many thanks.

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