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  1. Callaway CS are sending me a brand new 4-7 in the MB and are taking back the Pro 21. At least they are making it right.
  2. Have a Pro/MB 21 combo set, (4-7 / 8-PW) and the 4 iron face just legit cracked in half and the 6 iron looks ready to go as well. Something is up with the Pro face construction. Anyone know if they'll allow me to switch out the entire Pro for either the TCB or MB 4-7? I'd prefer not to keep playing the Pro if this is where things are headed. They've barely been gamed. (Love the MB's, for the record.)
  3. One set up for sale today boys. PM for more info or additional pictures. Face pictures below are in order, 4-5-6, 7-8-9 and then PW. Paypal only. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. Titleist T100, 4-PW, AMT Tour White S300, all have brand new MCC Teams MS grips. Irons are an easy 9.5/10. Standard L/L/L. $OLD
  4. G'day folks: One item up for sale today. Please feel free to PM for any questions or more pictures. Serious inquiries only as I am selling this far below what I paid for it. Price reflected below is fully shipped regardless of your location in the US. Paypal only. Logan Olson Tri-Sole Plumbers Neck, 35 inches. Has a SS Flatso 1.0 installed, but will ship with customary leather Olson grip and leather headcover. Gamed for 23 holes maybe, I just need to go back to faced-balanced. PM's' will be responded to in order. $SOLD
  5. Couple items up for sale today boys. PM for more info or additional pictures. Paypal only. Prices include shipping to the lower 48. 1. 2021 Combo Set, Apex Pro (4-7), Apex MB (8-PW), Project X Rifle 6.0. All have the MCC Align (green) grips. Clubs are basically mint; 5 iron does have a ding on bottom of face from a pebble, put up individual picture of that iron. I am the original and only owner as of a month or two ago. I really don't want to sell these and will live to regret it, however, such is life I guess. 5 iron length of 38". $975 2. Like new Peacoat Cobra Radspeed 10.5*, with 6 and 16 gram weights in the bottom. Your choice of shafts; Graphite Design AD BB 6S or HZRDUS RDX Smoke Blue 70 gram. Each shaft is grip to tip 43.5. The AD BB is definitely used and the HZRDUS is essentially brand new. Not sure on tipping of either. ALL SOLD
  6. Just received this same set-up with PX Rifle 6.0. Amazing stick. GLWS
  7. Clubs are completely standard length, but could be 1* flat. Likely would need to get them on a lie/loft machine to confirm.
  8. Happy Opening Day boys! One item up for sale today. Price is OBO and includes shipping to the lower 48; add $5 west of the Miss. Paypal only. DM me for any additional pics needed. 1. Srixon 585 (4-5), 785 (6-8), Z-Forged (9-PW), Aerotech SF 110X, except the 5 iron - the previous owner had the 5 iron re-shafted with a 110S. All have the MCC+4 GP grips (except the 5 iron, which is an MCC) that are like new and cool custom ferrules. Face pics below are in order of iron (4-PW). I played three rounds with these sticks and the previous owner took immaculate care of them, so they are in really good condition. If it weren't for the Apex MB 21, I'd be keeping these. $550
  9. I will grab the shaft if someone wants the head!
  10. Two items to move today; PM with any questions. Prices are 'OBO' and including shipping wherever you may live in North America. Paypal only. 1. Ping G425 Max, 10.5*. Ping Tour 65-S. Used for one range session and 2 rounds. 45.25 inches. Golf Pride Arccos grip. My loss is your gain here. There are a couple of immaterial surface level scratches on the bottom of the head from when the driver slipped off the driving range mat and onto the concrete while I was leaning over to put a ball on the tee. Comes with OEM Headcover and wrench. See pic below. $OLD 2. New Level Utility Iron, 21*, Mitsubishi MMT 105 TX, new Z-Grip Align. 39.5 inches. Comes with a small headcover. Club is essentially brand new, is insanely long, and I am likely ordering another one, but this shaft is simply too much for me to handle (I'm the worst). $OLD
  11. One item up for sale today; price includes shipping to US/Canada and is OBO. Send me a PM. Brand new Ventus Velocore Red, 6S - shaft has been professionally tipped an inch, some say it'll play S+/X'ish with that tipping. Came out of a brand new Titleist TSi3. 43.75 inches, grip to tip. New Decade MCC, White/Black. $OLD
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