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  1. It is tough to go through. You and he have to be patient. If you want to PM me, feel free as we have gone through the same thing. It is a tough pill to swallow, but some kids just physically mature later.
  2. The issue with spring golf in Florida is teams can't get courses. It is basically season until Late April. Courses are full of paying customers/members.
  3. That is because Super Speed and others have a product to sell. It is about money. A lot of the pictures taken by SS and posted of Sticks in bags are because it is a way for the caddie to make some extra cash. The Tour Player isn't actually using them and the caddies ask to put in their bags. Of course this is not the case for everyone. Par4Sucess Studies have shown that in young juniors and females the most important tool for the kids to have is pushing (chest) and jumping muscles. Their studies also go on to say that if using Speed Sticks, juniors should only use the lightest. Their YouTube Channel is great and Chris often appears on SiriusXM PGA channel. A lot of juniors will benefit more by excising/weight training to increase swing speed than using a speed specific system because they don't have power. Also understand that I do think that Overspeed Training will work, but if the power/strength isn't there it will do little to nothing. Too many parents/people (me included) think/though that OverSpeed was the little red pill to swing the club faster. It is not. Below is a really cool video where these guys prescribe a program for this gentleman that just happens to be a speed program.
  4. We have only missed one match this year due to weather. I see you guys haven't played a match. We have played 2 36 hole matches, 1 18 hole match, and 3 9 hole matches. One match cancelled to rain and One match cancelled due to virus protocols at the other school.
  5. To me it is Speed and working backwards from putting to wedges. Speed: I am an opponent of speed programs until they have matured and have gone through puberty. I don't think they work if the strength isn't there and I am finding an abundance of overuse injuries in my son today from doing them when he was younger. I am talking back, hip, and knee injuries that can be avoided. Speed Programs in my opinion are for adults. Speed needs to be worked on by just swinging as hard as they can and working on Chest Pushes and Jumping Skills. Putting: distance control and getting the putter face square. Short Game: I watch a lot of junior golf. The difference at 15-18 in good players and underachieving is having the shots around the greens along with the understanding of when to use them. Wedges: I will start by saying how many kids have improper grinds, bounce, and degrees on their wedges. Wedges are key to understanding how to flight and control spin.
  6. My kid is a late bloomer. When it came to sports, physically my father and myself were both late bloomers. When he was 8-11ish he was above above average in scoring and above average in distance off the tee. The kids winning were all the biggest, strongest, and longest. 12ish-14ish there was little to no progression in driving distance which really hurt his score with the move up in yardages. I am talking about 92-93ish swing speed at 13 and around 98 tops at 14. Then boom at 15 he goes from around 99 mph club head speed to being able to swing it 119. Feels more comfortable at that 113 mph while on the course. He literally went from one of the shortest kids playing these tours at 14 years old to one of the longest at 15. It completely changed the way he plays the game. The difference in driving distance was two things. A) Increasing Strength in Chest Muscles and Jumping Muscles. B) Puberty.
  7. Our Coach is a PGA Professional and he doesn't even mess with the kids swings. Coach sounds like the typical weekend hacker.
  8. No one deserves to play. Playing is a privilege, not a right. JV teams are meant for development. Wins and Losses don't mean anything. Years ago when I was young and stupid coaching JV hoops I thought that wins meant something. One of the best teams I ever coached with 6 Freshman on the team and 6 sophomores. 4 of the Freshman started. Best Player on my team was a 6'5" SF that went on to play D1 hoops. His Uncle and Guardian came up to me about the 8th game of the season. He says "Why aren't the kids on the bench getting to play?" I looked at him oddly without saying a word. He looks at me and says "Wins don't mean any thing at this level. Your job is to develop talent for that guy sitting over there for next years team." He points to the Varsity Coach. I thought about it. Was angry at first. I then came to the conclusion that I was going to play everyone in the next game at some point. Every Kid was going to get at least 2 minutes in the game and just not at mop up time. The next game I did and we won. The Uncle looks at me after the game and smiled. Rest of my JV coaching career I did the same thing with two of those teams going to the Florida HS State Championship game when they advanced to Varsity. I could develop talent. What is the point? The job of the JV team and coach is to develop talent for the Varsity for NEXT Year. Seniors are gone the following year. If a Senior can't play varsity, cut them. If a junior can't contribute as one of the top 5 on JV, cut them.
  9. I know exactly what I wrote. I was a highly successful HS basketball coach at one point in my life. No, I wouldn't have necessarily brought the best JV player up to varsity. And no, the best player on JV is not necessarily the 13th best player on Varsity. If the JV player was going to come up and contribute, then bring them up. If they are going to ride the pine on Varsity, you leave them on JV to develop. Show me a coach that would bring a sophomore up to ride the bench on varsity and I will show you an unsuccessful coach.
  10. So without even knowing what he has, he put all the Juniors and Seniors on Varsity? The 9th and 10th graders have no shot to play on the varsity squad? 17 is entirely too many to have on a golf roster for High School. Personal feeling is there is no reason to have a JV team for HS golf as it is a complete waste of time. If I know my kid isn't going to play on varsity, there is no reason to play. There are too many other Junior Tours to even need to worry about it. Sounds like a hot mess to me with a coach that has no idea what he is doing.
  11. This argument doesn't hold much weight. If your BEST JV player is taking his place, why isn't that player on the Varsity Squad already? I don't want my best JV player taking his place unless he is going to get burn. I want my best JV player to continue competing on the JV level. From a coaching standpoint, there is no reason to have a Senior on JV. If he isn't good enough to be on the varsity squad, he should be cut. Show me a coach that would put a Senior on JV and I will show you a coach that isn't a good coach. @Gseahas a legitimate point. Putting a Senior on JV is useless.
  12. I agree with you @Gsea. If a Senior can't contribute on Varsity and takes away from a 9th/10th grader from playing JV they should be cut. If you need them to fill out a "B" Team roster that is a different case. Seems to me though this isn't the case in your situation. If I were coaching, I wouldn't keep more than 10 kids on the squad. Causes too many problems and very hard to build unity.
  13. I love the concept of PGA Jr. League. What PGA Jr. League has become ruins the Spirit of what the intentions were to be. This is what happens when you offer a National Championship to be televised on TV and allow programs to recruit players. When PGA Junior League started, there would be a single team from certain areas that would form a League in a region. In South Florida I believe there were a total of 4 teams from the Boca Area to the Treasure Coast. Each team was run by an Area Coach. They all played each other and the all-stars were chosen by how the teams finished in the league. It worked well until a coach thought "I want all my kids to go to the all-stars." Those teams then decided to form their own 4 team leagues in their perspective areas which began the recruitment of players. Personally, I would rather go back to the original concept and take All Star Teams based on players regionally rather than the recruited All-Star team.
  14. Sounds like in Cali they need to take a page out of the FJT book in Florida. They base open events on 70% (this is the max a field of 100 usually won't have 70 exempt players) of field as exempt and the rest are a random draw. In non-exempt events it is just a random draw. https://www.fsga.org/TournamentCategoryLink/Juniors---FJT/12/Policies#EntryProcedures To me it is insane waiting by a CPU just to sign a kid up for a Junior Tournament. To Tiger's point, the Girl's fields in Florida have gotten pretty weak. The Boy's Fields are as strong as wever.
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