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  1. You are assuming it is the father's needs. You are assuming he hasn't had a conversation with his kid. You are assuming it is the father's goals and not the kids. Lighten up Francis. It is a Golf forum. He isn't seeking psychological or parenting advice. He is looking for his kid to make the golf team.
  2. I understand what you are saying, but you are assuming too much. Hate it when a thread becomes "I am going to give you parental advice on the internet threads." There is no reason for you to be concerned. #notyourkid
  3. I care and I don't live there. Those prices are INSANE for a Local. One of my beefs with USKG is the cost of State's and Regional Competitions. Your State USGA as well as PGA Local chapters, for the most part, run better events with a price tag that is more affordable. I won't mind paying extra for an event on a quality course with 36 holes, but I wouldn't pay that for a USKG Local.
  4. In tennis you are battling an opponent. There is no time to think. It is a reaction sport with offense and defense where preparing reactions is crucial. Golf there is no opponent. The only opponent is what is inside of your head. Comparing the two isn't even close.
  5. If they don't like the pay, they are free to get a job elsewhere. No one is forcing them to stay at that job. Coaches in Football and Basketball get paid WAY too much. I know my Daughter's college coach got paid around $46,000 a year. She was a terrible D1 coach. The assistant made around $39,000 a year and he was worse than her. Her coach was forced to resign after 2.5 years after investigation of Racism, Mental, Abuse, and Sexual Harassment. The Assistants contract was not renewed. With that said, 46K is chump change. I don't believe any college coach should
  6. This is the most bizarre thread I have ever read in these forums.
  7. We have SFPGA Jr. Tour in South Florida. The better players are playing in in the SFPGA series. Some in both. Once kids hit 12, they really don't participate in USKG any more. The SFPGA events in South Florida are better run events with longer yardages. As you advance through the world of Junior Golf, you also advance to 36 and 54 hole tournaments for ranking purposes. This generally happens between the ages of 11 and 13. Just my opinion, but USKG regionals and states are extremely overpriced. Your Local PGA Section will be priced better and run better. That is one of the r
  8. PGA Jr League is not the same thing as USKG. PGA Jr. League is based on modified match play team scoring. Generally speaking, it is entry level golf unless the team is recruited as a POWER team for all-stars. All-Stars is when it gets fun. My kid never enjoyed the in season team play because of having to play with the entry level players. He loved All-Stars.
  9. Just my opinion, but a girl's division should never had been added. Either add stand alone dates, or don't do it at all. Girls become an after thought in events like these when added (ie 24 girl field), especially in the area of course set up. The Dixie is a great event at a horrible venue. Not to hard to get into without an exemption.
  10. I would say whatever you can get your hands on. The problem right now is finding equipment. Even USKG is having problems with inventory.
  11. Going to ask you three questions. 1. How old is he? 2. How far does he drive the ball? 3. Which set of tees did he play?
  12. Question: Was the Trackman indoors on a mat or outside on grass? The Cabal was discussing this same topic this morning in text exchange. Mats can give varying numbers because they will mess with spin, launch, etc. It won't mess with swing speed of course. It is tough but every kid is going through it. He will just have to be smart enough to adjust. Try gaining 10+ mph club head speed since February. Purchased $400 retail shafts for woods/driver and had to switch them out. Ended up replacing the entire bag last week. I feel the pain.
  13. He needs to play in Junior Tournaments in your area. My kid was paired in a tournament this weekend with a young man that I felt bad for. He told my son he plays the course they were playing all the time and shot in the 80's. The poor boy didn't drive the ball over 200 yards and was 17. He was +49 the first day, +37 second, and +52 last. Playing tournament golf from longer yardages is much different than going out and playing alone.
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