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  1. We both know that depends on the type of rough you are in as well. If you take your normal Florida Course the rough isn't bad at all. Too many Seniors would never get it out, it makes play slower on muni's, members at private clubs don't like it. These kids aren't playing in rough that is damaging at all. Many of the tour events aren't damaging either. Mission Inn right now isn't going to penalize anyone right now unless you are in the trees.
  2. I used to think the same way as Tiger. I was wrong. A wedge will always beat a 7i whether playing from the fairway or the rough.
  3. You are wrong. Most of the kids that are the better players have always been the longest players. It doesn't matter if we are talking boy's or girl's. If we are talking about 5" of rough it is a problem. Most places it isn't a problem stopping the ball out of the rough.
  4. Not generally talking a major. If you look how golf is played today it is to hit it as far as you can with no recourse. The further down the fairway you make your mistake the easier it usually is to get it up and down for bogey.
  5. We have one. Used it when they were little. I know where it is but haven't used it in years. Good device to help with impact. Don't want to use everyday.
  6. Yep. Fairways mean nothing anymore. Hit it is far as you can. Make your mistake as far down the fairway as you can. Should only be concerned about two things. 1. How far you hit it. 2. If you can find it or not no matter where it is.
  7. Calling tee box colors is a pet peeve of mine. To me it is an indication of someone not understanding tournament golf. Not every course has blue, black, gold, etc. The only thing that matters is the yardage and course rating.
  8. Long and short courses are dictated by several other factors as well. A 6900 yard course in South Florida is longer than a 6900 yard course up north. No elevation changes and no more than 15 yards roll out any time of year. Right now there is NO roll out. Everything is carry. I can take you to 6600 yard courses in South Florida that play LONGGGGGGG.
  9. Blacks and Blues mean nothing. Tips mean nothing. What is the yardage?
  10. A 13 year old driving it 300 is off the spectrum. We play a lot of tournament golf and rarely even see a 15 year old driving it 300. There are some out there of course, but it is rare. 300 yards is definitely in the 90th percentile.
  11. What do blues and blacks mean? Distance of the tees is what is needed.
  12. I have read through the rule book several times. I still don't see where it says a participant not playing in Districts can't advance through Regional match.
  13. Their kids, for the most part, had 17 holes left. They should have gotten a warm up. To show up blind on Tuesday to stretch and play was Bush League.
  14. @GolfChannel Our Region got the shaft by FHSAA and what they did with region 4. All 3 of the region 4 teams advanced. I was worried about this the Day they cancelled Region 4 and blindly threw these teams into Region 3. FHSAA did a very poor job of thinking this through. Should have had 4 teams from each region and still the 4 at large teams. Although, only 5 teams still would have advanced from our Region. Region 1 would have gotten 3 at large.
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