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  1. Agree. There is a lot of comradery between the players. Teaches the kids lessons far beyond golf.
  2. From my understanding, most states are this way. The exception will be if a school is 6-12. In Florida 6th graders can play, but only if they are part of the high school.
  3. Flags should be on flat ground on the greens. A good course set up should have 6 front, 6 middle, 6 back. Everyone has to play the same course. Unfortunately, girl's will have more of a difficult time with some flag placements than will boy's in certain situations. Nature of the beast when they set up the course.
  4. HS Golf is a blast. If kids pass on it they are missing an opportunity regardless of level of play.
  5. Ooofff... Lost a lot of respect for Wolff WDing this weekend. Grind through it and figure it out.
  6. A local store or course should have some kind of 7i for him to demo. Yeah, I would do the same thing for woods. You knowingly admit that your kid is little. It is the size of the heart, not the size of the man. Size is little to no factor in how fast you can swing the club. It is leg and chest strength. I have seen some little kids absolutely destroy balls.
  7. He probably should be in Adult Clubs with at least a senior Shaft. If he were around 83ish should probably look at Adult clubs with a graphite regular flex shaft. Maybe steel shafts depending on weight. He would definitely benefit from the technology in a GI iron over what he is swinging with USKG. Possibly even a SGI. Those irons are made for people with slow swing speeds and he would be able to hit them 10 yds further with better decent with more spin. Left Handed does complicate things. My kid swings em left handed as well. I would of made you a deal on a set my
  8. Height and Weight doesn't have much to do with it. How fast can he swing the club? My kids buddy is 15, 5'8" and 120 lbs soaking wet. Club head speed is 113 mph.
  9. At 12 they should be in Adult Clubs if they are a golfer.
  10. I just ordered Graphite Design Tour AD-XC-6-S
  11. Practice greens more often than not don't have the same speed as the greens on the course. Always better to hit two or 3 balls on the course. Doesn't have to be full routine.
  12. Honestly, I would never play a practice round for a local one day event. Just show up and play. When we play practice rounds we never keep score. On a few of the holes hit several tee shots to see which club makes the most sense. Will usually hit 2 or 3 approach shots from a couple of different places. Then will play all three balls and putt some around the greens. I think the longest it has ever taken to play a practice round and do this is 3.5 hours. I really don't care if we get paired with someone else or not. Going to play the round how we want to play it. S
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