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  1. We own a small business in the Sporting Goods Industry. We sell a couple of hundreds of these a year every year and we are in Florida.
  2. lol... seriously? You play a varsity sport you get a varsity letter to sew on a Letterman jacket.
  3. Question: if you make the Varsity Football or Basketball roster do you get a letter even if you are the last person off the bench with very little playing time? Playing time should not effect getting a Varsity letter. If they are on the active Varsity roster and played in at least one match, they should get a letter. I know some things get sticky if you don't have a B or JV team. Some Schools have Varsity only rosters with some kids kept for development. Our roster is that way with two kids that never qualified to play in a match. Those kids shouldn't get a letter in my opinion. Everyone that qualified to play in at least one match deserves a letter.
  4. Teams starting on a Par 3 are at a huge disadvantage, in my opinion. Courses are designed to play 1-9 and 10-18. Nothing like your first tee shot of the day being a 218 yd par 3 over water.
  5. Doing a shotgun for the State Championship is bush league.
  6. You are failing to miss one important point. Your kids are still in elementary school. My daughter didn't pick up a club until she was a 7th grader and played D1 golf. What they do at 8,9,10 means nothing. Comparing your kid to others is a huge mistake. Pour a cup of popcorn into a kettle and watch how many kernels go unpopped. Just because they look the same, doesn't mean they are the same.
  7. That is really strong. It is rare to have that kind of talent all on one team. I am sure it is exciting for the kids.
  8. Not to steal the thread, but at our invitational this weekend we did an alternate style of scoring. All the teams played together as the same unit. All 5 players played and we took the best 4 scores per hole. Makes things a little interesting, and all though you may not have the best team score (we didn't), you still have a chance to win. To me, it is more of a team effort with more team strategy rather than trying to shoot the best score. The downside is trying to name an individual Medalist because it does change your strategy from stroke play.
  9. This is interesting. I have often discussed with others a better way to move schools through the playoffs and onto states. Maybe a number cutoff. As an example, there are 16 teams going to the state tournament here. In girl's there is always a poor region where a team that can't shoot under 400 will get into the state tournament. Meanwhile a better region has a team sitting at home that can compete. The boy's side is never really a problem.
  10. This is an interesting statement. While there are plenty of events in the summer, a big bulk of a junior's schedule is February through May in Florida, Texas, and California. My kid is playing HS golf right now along with mixing in a couple of other events. He is an "A" student, so I don't care how much school he misses. As it stands right now for Golf outside of HS he will miss 5 days this semester. This semester for just HS golf he will miss a total of 10 days. That is 15 days of school for this semester. My daughter played D1 college golf over the past 4 years and they would miss at least 10 days a semester.
  11. The best bet in that case is a DIII school. When on Athletic Scholarship at a DI or DII school they own you and your time.
  12. Noles is in Pennsylvania. I think New Hampshire plays 8 and is coed. @cubuffscould tell more about it.
  13. You guys must be deep. Regular season we play 6 and take 5 for all except a couple of matched. Next week we start district and it is take 5 and keep 4. We should win our district. We are ranked 6 in the state in our division. #10 is in our district and we have beaten them 3 times this year. One match was closer than we would have liked when my boy was away playing an AJGA, but we still beat them. In 9 hole matches we haven't lost. We have played in 4 invitationals with 10 or more teams in each and three of them being 36 hole events and have won two. Districts are next Monday on our home course and the top 3 teams advance. There is a huge drop off after the top two teams. Regions are a week later and anything can happen. 3 teams advance from regional play and then there are 4 at larges from the 4 regions in the state. Technically, a strong region could end up with 7 teams advancing. I expect our region to get 4 teams, Region 1 will get 6 teams, Regions 2 and 4 will get only 3 teams.
  14. I was told recently by a College Coach I am close to that he passes on home schooled students. He also said many of the better schools pass over them. The PC answer most of the time is they don't care if they are home schooled, but I can tell you they do in their little world. They want kids that can handle time management between school, study, and practice. Traditional Students in college generally handle that rigorous load better, whereas a home schooled student can practice any time they want.
  15. I don't believe in sitting on the range and hitting balls equally as practicing short game and putting. If there is an hour to practice 20 minutes putting, 30 minutes short game, 10 minutes range. If it is 2 hours practice 45 minutes putting, 1 hour short game, 15 minutes range. Best place to practice full swing and wedge play is on the course, unless you are working on something specific. We are fortunate and will play 9 holes at the course we live on and hit Drivers on one 9 only. 3 each hole draw, fade, fairway finder and pick up. When practicing this was he is allowed to play the par 3's through. Second 9 will throw 3 balls from varying distances on each par 4 and par 5. He again hits draw, fade, and a cherry pie (easy 3/4 swing) using different clubs. He then plays all the balls to practice short game and putting. Fantastic way to practice and less stressful than playing and keeping a score.
  16. Some kids will never get it no matter how much they practice or what the priorities are. It is life. I suggest a book by Steven Yellin called Simplicity. Not for kids, but parents or teen golfers. It talks about great golfers having the ability to bypass the Pre Frontal Cortex of the brain to get into the zone. Very simple method and well written book. If a player, in any sport, can't achieve this then they will just be normal. Not everyone can do it, so enjoy the game, swing hard and have fun.
  17. John Rahm shot a 78 on the Euro Tour yesterday. #1 player in the world.
  18. Agreed. There are 3 aspects of the game (full swing, short game, putting) that all have an equal importance. Age of the junior is also is going to dictate what the priorities are.
  19. Honestly depends on the age of the kid. None of the above is my answer.
  20. Not sure where you are getting your info from. This is information is from American College Golf Guide. Purdue D1 and ranked 22nd in the country. Last years top 5 player averages with no seniors were 72.1,72.1,72.8,74.2,75.1 for a 73.26 team average. Lynn University D2 currently ranked 17th in the country. Last year top 5 player averages were 70.4,71.8,72.6,73.4,74.2 for a 72.48 team average. Emory University D3 and currently ranked 3rd in the country. Last year top 5 player averages were 71.7,71.9,72.3,72.7,74 for a 72.52 team average.
  21. From a pure coaching standpoint, if I can take a kid that is the same exact rank as you and a year younger, I am taking the kid that is a year younger. For what it is worth, the kid ranked 450 has an average per round of 75.
  22. Junior in Florida just committed to a D1 in the state. They were recruiting another kid on his HS team that is a shade better. Saw behavior in a tournament they didn't like and dropped him from their radar while offering the other kid.
  23. D1's are working on 2024 and late 2023 bloomers. Here is the thing. D1 isn't the end all be all. You don't have to play D1 to go pro. Often or not high level D2 and D3 will be better than D1 mid majors. Personally, I think a Gap year is a waste of time. Why would a D1 go after a Gap year when they can get a 2024/2025 that is just as good or better than the Gap year kids?
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