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  1. I disagree with most of this premise. AJGA events are not set up difficult. They are set up to score to keep kids returning and playing. The size of field has little to do with ranking and everything to do with what a college coach looks at. They do not care if you win an event with less than 18 kids. If you have female golfer A with a 1.0 scoring differential and a 70 in strength of tournament and the same exact class and scoring differential in a girl with a 90, 9 times out of 10 they are taking the person with the better strength of tournament. The argument of a course being easy or hard is meaningless. College coaches don't care. If it is easy then score better. If it is hard then score. It is about the course rating. Pick the courses that best fits the player. If my junior tells me he doesn't like such and such course then he isn't playing. Pick 10-14 events a year that you can show success in and play those events as long as the fields are decent. It is inevitable that a lower ranked junior will beat someone that is higher ranked. College coaches aren't looking at that either. They look at scoring differential and strength of field when looking at JGS.
  2. I think everything depends on Swing Speed. I certainly wouldn't buy Maltby's. I would probably lean towards USKG Tour Series, Flynn Alto, or a women's set.
  3. Coaches would rather see a kid shoot a 72-72 and not win in a good field than win with a 75-75 in a below average field. Just my opinion, guys should be playing in 48 or more player fields and girls 18 or more. Coaches will look at this and the value of strength of tournament on JGS is a big deal. Easy course, hard course, and set up don't matter.
  4. This guy on social media with the initials TH is wacko. You know exactly who I am talking about. He thinks he is royalty because his daughter is a Player. She is good, but man the stories from other parents about him. Just crazy and his social media comments prove it.
  5. Agreed. I rarely encounter that with guys. I might be able to name one and he isn't that bad. On the girl's side it is much more prevalent.
  6. Why is it that it seems most of the crazy parents/dads belong to Junior Female Golfers? Very rarely see it on the guys side, but for girl's there are some crazy mom's and dad's. Social Media is full of these guys. Helicopter parent's living vicariously through the child's success. The greatest are the "My daughter hit's it 280 yards" posts.
  7. Girl's is an entirely different ball of wax. I am paying attention to a girl's HS regional tournament today from 5500 yds. Out of the 70 player field, 10 might break 80 and none in red numbers. Girl's golf is a completely different game than guys and at times can be incredibly painful to watch.
  8. I heard it on PGA Network Sirius/XM years ago. It is pretty spot on for my kid through the years. He has no problem playing a 7200 yd course.
  9. Do they charge more if someone is a non-member?
  10. Agreed. No reason for a 9 year old to play from 5400 yards when their 5i carries 105. Talk about the definition of "Not having Fun". Playing 1500 yards longer than you should be playing does not teach a kid how to score. In fact, I would argue it does the exact opposite.
  11. You get an A+. Appropriate distance for a 9-10 year old is 4600-5000. No reason for a 9 year old to play 5400. It doesn't teach them anything.
  12. Our HS team just made states again. 296 at regions 71-72-73-80. Every one is playing for second in my opinion. Team up north shot -14 at districts and -8 at districts. Loaded with D1 talent.
  13. I just want to know where this person went.
  14. I think it is different for guys and girls.
  15. It doesn't make sense... at all, to home school to be a PGA/LPGA touring professional. Some parents will lead you to believe this, and it couldn't be further from the truth. The best D1 programs try to stay away from the Homeschooled kid. Patrick Reed is about the only one on tour that I can think of off the top of my head that was home schooled. Tiger? Flat No. DJ? Nope. Brooks, Bryson, JT, Spieth, Finau, Morikawa, Xander, Cantlay, Berger, English, Scottie? Nope, the entire US Ryder Cup team went to traditional school.
  16. Agreed. There are parents that do an outstanding job at homeschooling. If the primary reason is to home school to golf more, that parent is probably not going to do an outstanding job.
  17. Removing the weights changes the performance of the head.
  18. That junior cobra driver is actually heavier than some of the adult heads. Darter is the expert on these. My opinion is an 8-10 year old in a Sim head is just trying to keep up with the Jones'. There is no rhyme or reason to it. It is a want, not a need.
  19. It is simple. TSi1 driver. No way I would go Sim2 in that age group. And no way I would buy a Cobra Driver unless they made mass improvements.
  20. I meant 16. It is a shame they don't take more pride in putting together a good championship. The course Florida plays on is a really good course. The problem is all the kids play there within the tours going through the state. Those kids teams are also the ones playing in the state Championship on almost a yearly basis. It has grown stale. The excitement just isn't there. If we end up going this year, it will be 7 years in a row going with my daughter and now my son's team.
  21. 6150 is crazy short. Looks like at Heritage 4,6,10, and 15 are all close to driveable. All Par 5's reachable with driver/iron. What is even crazier is it is only a 1 day competition.
  22. We own a small business in the Sporting Goods Industry. We sell a couple of hundreds of these a year every year and we are in Florida.
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