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  1. Thanks Stu !. It was a sciatic nerve pinch that happened but it may not have been from lifting but when I fell over in a local supermarket a couple of weeks ago after some considerate shopper spilled some kind of oil over the floor and didn't tell anyone. Landed on my left hip. Currently on industrial strength codeine and anti-inflams. Anyone who has suffered sciatic pain will know what I mean. I'm now a couch golf tournament critic until it heals up again. cheers
  2. Update: Moved to new location Sunshine Coast Queensland and then buggered my back from lifting things I should not have. Managed to hit 20 practice balls the other day so I must be getting better. Sorry tolmij but I may not be playing this year. Nearby courses still have restrictions e.g. bring your own buggy or only 1 person per hire, distancing, limited service in clubhouse etc. While under repair I've picked up a pair of older Cobra Hyper Steel M woods, #5 & #7 to add to the collection. Watched the US Open right through and it was noticeably subdued due to few spectators - th
  3. You're on a roll James !. I'm in southern Queensland about an hour's drive north of Brisbane, which is (relatively) covid19 free. Victoria has been shut down for 6 weeks after an outbreak and border controls here are very strict.
  4. Bet you enjoyed that James & Scomac, good days do happen otherwise we wouldn't persevere. It's winter here in Australia but in the temperate zone that means going down to 10c at night and pleasant 20-22c during the day - ideal for golf. Unfortunately I've been a bit crook with gastro and haven't been out to play now that virtually all restrictions have been lifted on our courses here. However the golf pro shop is open and I can browse and today while getting a suction cap for my putter (back saver) I happened upon a PING G10 sand wedge with graphite shaft in the recycle bin. This was handy
  5. Spent a couple of bucks on a vintage bullseye putter at a junk shop. Needed an extra putter for mini golf until the real thing kicks in hopefully soon. Also have my eye on a rooster head cover for my driver, tickles me pink.
  6. Thanks for the info. I was brought up on blades so I'm quite comfortable using them. I had a set of Dunlops around 1975 but can't remember model or what they looked like.
  7. Will do. Arnie had thousands of clubs so he must have lent his name to Dunlop at some stage
  8. Hi tolmij, small world indeed. I usually play at Bribie Island GC (Woorim) which you will know about. We prob won't be here much longer before moving south but you never know. My game is like yours, I have trouble remembering which end of the club the head is on. I see you are about my vintage and also use a black glove. Good to hear from you. Cheers
  9. Big Stu, do you know anything about this putter I picked up in a junk shop (extra club for mini-golf). It's a silver bullseye, round leather bound grip, Dunlop brand with the following on the top of the head. Arnold Palmer (in script) then a red shield with red star at the bottom, followed by 3 horizontal lines , K65 and last the capital "L". It's in v good condition and I suspect it may be a vintage worth keeping. I can take a photo tomorrow to help. cheers
  10. I'll repost this at the bottom of the page where it should have gone in the first place. cheers
  11. No, that only makes them hopping mad. Several years ago at a town in NSW called Wellington I was playing on the local course and about the 9th tee I noticed a large male grey kangaroo feeding in the middle of the fairway about 40 metres away. His group of females were on the right hand side lying down in the shade. Roos don't respond to the word "shoo" so I teed off. I mishit the tee shot and hit a fast worm burner which missed his head by not much but got his attention. Not wanting to tangle with this big male who would have given me a hiding in under 10 seconds I sneaked around the left ha
  12. Social distancing Aussie style. Bribie Island Golf Club, Queensland
  13. Follow up to my last post of Jan 24, things have changed bigly since the arrival of the Wuhan virus, our house sitting job for friends across from the Caboolture GC has been cancelled so that's the end of that. Meanwhile here on Bribie Island where we are at the moment both courses are open with limitations. Woorim is open to members only with 2 allowed off the tee, one person per electric buggy and no flags. Better than nothing and the good thing is the greens and fairways are being maintained. Pacific Harbor resort at the other end of the island has similar restrictions. Conditions eased off
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